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   Once upon a time not all that long ago, The GHZ wasn't a dedicated Sonic fansite, but an all-out Sonic Team fansite. From the creation of Sonic in 1991 to the release of the original Phantasy Star Online in 2000, the proud Sonic Team could do no wrong. Unfortunately, restructuring within Sega and the dilution of talent quickly cheapened the Sonic Team name. Out of inability for this one fanboy to keep up and also for his lack of desire to monitor the continuing flow of mediocrity, The GHZ will not be covering future Sonic Team titles that are unrelated to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. However, as a monument to the great Sonic Team that once was, I've retained the original museum pages for their late 90's releases, including such creative triumphs as NiGHTS into Dreams..., Burning Rangers, and Samba de Amigo.

   Please note that I haven't as of yet bothered updating these pages to fit the site's most recent format, so they're ugly and occasionally poorly written. Browse at your own risk.

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