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    Title (Japan)
       Christmas NiGHTS
    Title (USA)
       Christmas NiGHTS
    Title (Europe)
       Christmas NiGHTS
       Sega Saturn
       Sonic Team
    ESRB Rating

    -- Release Info --
       November 22, 1996
       December, 1996
       December, 1996

    -- Peripherals --
    Standard Controller
    3D Control Pad
    Backup RAM
    PC Desktop

    -- Game Credits --
    Executive Management
       Shoichiro Irimajiri
       Shinobu Toyoda
       Malcolm Miller
    Project Manager
       Hayao Nakayama
       Youji Ishii
       Yuji Naka
       Naoto Ohshima
       Takuya Matsumoto
       Akio Setsumasa
       Yasuhiro Watanabe
       Tetsu Katano
       Takahiro Hamano
       Yuji Naka
    Game Designers
       Takao Miyoshi
       Takashi Iizuka
    Visual Designers
       Naoto Ohshima
       Hideaki Moriya
       Tohru Watanuki
       Toshiko Okano
       Tomonori Dobashi
       Osamu Ogara
       You Nishiyama
       Kazuyuki Hoshino
    Visual Material Editors
       Masato Yoshioka
       Yuji Sawairi
       Ikuo Ishizaka
    Sound Director
       Yukifumi Makino
    Compose and Arrange
       Tomoko Sasaki
       Naofumi Hataya
    Sound Effects
       Tatsuya Kousaki
    Dreams Dreams A Capella Producer
       Atsushi Kosuji
    Special Thanks
       Kazuhiko Hattori

    -- Options --
    Sega Saturn
       Christmas NiGHTS

    -- Christmas NiGHTS --

    Notice: This page is out-of-date and is no longer being maintained. Some of the information may be erroneous and the writing may be embarrassingly bad. Proceed at your own risk.

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    -- Story --
       'Tis the season to be jolly in Twin Seeds, where the streets are decked out in lights and Twin Seeds tower is decorated to look like a giant Christmas Tree. But beneath the glitz and show, where is the real spirit of Christmas? Elliot and Claris wonder. Everyone is rushing around with their shopping, coldly going about their business. There is no Christmas here, it's all commercialism and meaningless pageant. (Sound familiar?) The situation is represented by Twin Seeds tower... although it is decorated to look like a giant Christmas tree, there is no star atop. Where is the Christmas star?

       That night, Elliot and Claris share the same dream. In the dream, Gillwing has hoarded the star in his lair. With the help of NiGHTS (all decked out in red & white holiday regalia), the two teens defeat Gillwing and take back the holiday star.

       The next day while walking through the crowded city streets, Elliot slips on a patch of ice... and slams headlong into Claris! (Oh yeah, I'm so sure it was just an "accident," that horndog.) A small crowd gathers around the scene to see if the children are alright. A warm laugh is shared by all as the teens get up unharmed. Can you feel the love? Wait a sec... could this be... Christmas spirit? Well by george, I believe it is! While admiring the fully-lit Twin Seeds Tower that night, the star on top seems to materialize before Elliot and Claris. The tree is complete. ...and God bless us, every one!

    -- Gameplay Info --
       At its very heart, Christmas NiGHTS is a demo disc. It contains Spring Valley in its entirety, Gillwing boss included. Gameplay is identical to the full version, but where Xmas NiGHTS shines is in the extras.

       Most notably, Elliot can now take a stroll through Spring Valley, which is Claris' Dream in NiGHTS. Everything in Elliot's version, though, is mirrored right down to the camera rotation. Take to the skies as NiGHTS and you're flying mirror courses of Claris' tracks.

       The options include a sound test, the ability to toggle between stereo or mono output, the ability to toggle between normal or wide screen settings, and the Dream Data selection which allows you to view your best times and Link chains. New to Xmas NiGHTS, though, is the Link Data option: after unlocking the Time Attack and Link Attack subgames, you can view your top scores in both here.

       Okay, so that stuff's all good and well, but the only time Xmas NiGHTS really shines is when a major holiday approaches. This little disc comes in five different flavors. If you wanna do it the right way, make sure your Saturn's internal clock is set correctly, then just sit around and wait. If you don't have all year to fart around, you can be dirty and just set the clock to your favorite flavor:

  • NiGHTS: Limited Edition -- March through October. This is the version you'll be getting for most of the year. The graphics, items, character models, music, and Gillwing boss are as normal.
  • Winter NiGHTS -- November, January (except the 1st), and February. Spring Valley is covered in snow, Claris and Elliot don their bright winter outfits, and the BGM become's "Jack Frost's Chime."
  • Christmas NiGHTS -- December 1 through 25. Hohoho, this is the real deal! The snow-capped Spring Valley is decorated with colored lights, Christmas trees, candles, giant candy canes, and similar yuletide paraphernalia. Blue Chips become Color Chips, Rings and Double Rings become Wreaths, Star Chips become Bells, Acro Rings become light rings, Chip Boxes become giant presents, Ideya Captures become Christmas Trees, and the Ideya Palace becomes a Christmas Cake! Elliot, Claris, and NiGHTS don their red & white Christmas garments, and even Gillwing gets into the holiday spirit. The BGM is "Dream Bells" (a hip take on Jingle Bells), and the "Dream" and "Presents" options change to "Christmas Dream" and "Christmas Presents." Only during the Christmas NiGHTS form will you be able to watch the opening and closing movies, but freak not: clear the game once in the Christmas setting and it becomes playable year round in the Presents menu.
  • New Year NiGHTS -- January 1 only. Ring in the New Year with style! It's identical to Winter NiGHTS except for the title screen.
  • You'll find a special treat on April 1. Hop into the Ideya Palace and instead of NiGHTS you'll assume control of everyone's favorite Nightmaren, Reala. After clearing the game as Reala, the option to play as him anytime appears as a Present.

       Ah, what would a Christmas celebration be without the customary exchanging of gifts? The good news is that you'll be doing all the receiving. ("Tis better to give" my ass.) After completing the game (as either Elliot or Claris), you'll be challenged to a little game of memory match-up. Match a pair of cards in the allotted number of moves, and that option becomes a feature under the "Presents" menu, accessible any time. Here's the gift list as it appears on the Presents menu:

    REALA -- Play as Reala year-round
    Karaoke -- Sing along to "Dreams Dreams" LINK ATTACK -- Go for the most Links in round 1 of Frozen Bell TIME ATTACK -- Go for the best time in round 1 of Frozen Bell Melody Box -- Mix music from the original NiGHTS Nightopian Collection -- View the A-Life SONIC -- Time Attack as Sonic in Spring Valley
    NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring NiGHTS NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuring NiGHTS NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring bosses NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuring bosses NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Nightmaren NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuring Nightmaren
    NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Elliot Edwards NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Nightopians NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuing Nightopians NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Twin Seeds NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuring NiGHTS NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Nightopia
    NiGHTS MUSEUM -- Art featuring Claris Sinclair NiGHTS GOODS -- Images of various NiGHTS swag Movie 1 -- Preview movie from Tokyo Toy Show '96 Movie 2 -- Preview movie from '96 Summer Special NiGHTS MUSEUM -- More art featuring NiGHTS Christmas NiGHTS -- Play Christmas NiGHTS year-round

    Limited Edition title Limited Edition Limited Edition Winter title Winter Winter Christmas title Christmas Christmas Christmas Gillwing New Year title Presents Sonic into Dreams... Sonic into Dreams... Reala

       The Christmas NiGHTS version of Spring Valley features its own set of Nightopians, all decked out in fluffy red and white holiday jammies. Jack Frost's Chime, like normal NiGHTS melodies, will change depending on the overall mood of the Pians in the stage. Dream Bells, however, has only one version regardless of how into the holiday spirit the resident Pians are.

    -- Codes --
    Singing 'Pians: You'll notice that in the Nightopian Collection, NiGHTS' popularity rating among the 'Pians is represented by a bar graph at the bottom. If the little NiGHTS head is all the way to the right (meaning NiGHTS' popularity is 100% with every Nightopian and Mepian in the level), the 'Pians will sing you their own cute version of Dreams Dreams.

    Secret Background Items: By setting the Saturn's internal clock (or just waiting for the appropriate time, if you've got that sort of patience), you can access special visual goodies. Set the clock to the following times for the indicated results:

    • 12:00 A.M. -- Snow becomes Hearts
    • 3:00 A.M. -- Lunar Eclipse in the background
    • 6:00 A.M. -- Auroras in the background
    • 7:00 A.M. -- Bright Sun in the background
    • 9:00 A.M. -- Snow becomes Crescent Moons
    • 12:00 P.M. -- Rainbows & Clouds in the background, snow becomes Red Crystals
    • 3:00 P.M. -- Snow becomes Candy
    • 6:00 P.M. -- Snow becomes Sparkles
    • 9:00 P.M. -- Snow becomes Stars

    -- Behind the Screens --
       Christmas NiGHTS was a holiday gift to fans of the game from Sonic Team, and you don't charge for gifts. Which means this excellent bonus game was a FREEBIE! Over in Japan, subscribers to Famitsu magazine got their copies with the Christmas '96 ish. Here in the states it was packaged with the holiday '96 issues of Next Generation and Game Players magazines (both now out-of-publication). In Europe, it was only available with a special Saturn bundle, or as a promotional item for buying two Sega games. The stand-alone game wasn't avaiable until a year later, when it was packaged with the December '97 issues of Sega Saturn Magazine (also now out-of-publication).
    -- Miscellanea --
    • The Eggman-Puffy music for the "Sonic into Dreams" mini-game is the final boss music from Sonic CD.

    Written content and original graphics copyright 1997-2005 Jared Matte. Screenshots thanks to Lucas Echeverria. Hosting and administration thanks to Nathan Tsui. NiGHTS characters, logos, and images are trademarks of
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