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    Title (Japan)
       Phantasy Star Online Ver.2
    Title (USA)
       Phantasy Star Online Ver.2
    Title (Europe)
       Phantasy Star Online Ver.2
       Sega Dreamcast
       PC (Windows)
       Sonic Team
       Network RPG
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    -- Release Info --
    PSO Ver.2 on Dreamcast
       June 7, 2001
       September 25, 2001
       February 26, 2002

    PSO for Windows
       December 20, 2001
       April 3, 2002

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    Sega Dreamcast
       Phantasy Star Online Ver.2
    PC (Windows)
       Phantasy Star Online

    Phantasy Star Online Ver.2

    Notice: This page is out-of-date and is no longer being maintained. Some of the information may be erroneous and the writing may be embarrassingly bad. Proceed at your own risk.

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    -- Gameplay Info --
       The first major PSO upgrade adds a few gameplay modes, a plethora of new weapons & armor, and a new Ultimate difficulty setting. The complete original PSO is part of the deal, so for a rundown of the basic mechanics and features, surf your obsessed little booty over to the Phantasy Star Online page.

       The only real addition to the main game is the Ultimate difficulty setting, the successor to Very Hard. To play Ultimate mode online, you must be at least level 80. To play it offline, you must clear Very Hard mode. Each of the four stages gets a graphical makeover for their Ultimate forms, but the level layouts themselves are unchanged. So if you know your way around on any of the other modes (and you should by this point), you won't have to stop to ask for directions. Which is good, because all of those friendly Boomas and Sharks have been replaced by horrible new Bartles and Melqueeks. Again, though, the new baddies all attack in the same patterns -- the only differences is that they're alot tougher and they look alot meaner. Here's the abridged Darwinian version of Ragol evolution:

    Bartle -- Evolved from Booma, except Bartles have a much more turtle-like appearance. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Barble -- A stronger version of Bartle. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Tollaw -- A stronger version of Barble, although they look like grasshopper creatures. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    El Rappy -- Evolved from Rag Rappy. They now have a more parrot-like appearance. Some of them are inexplicably large. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Gulgus -- Evolved from Savage Wolf. They have giant horns jutting out from their shoulders, and their leaping attacks can inflict Stun. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Gulgus-gue -- A stronger version of Gulgus. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Mothvist -- Evolved from Monest. They're immobile, but attack by spitting out droves of Mothverts. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Mothvert -- Evolved from Mothmant. Their attack can inflict Poison. Found only around Mothvists in Forest 1 and 2.
    Hildelt -- Evolved from Hildebear. They attack with Zonde. Found in Forest 2.
    Vulmer -- Evolved from Evil Shark, except Vulmers look like mutated moles with hooved feet. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Govulmer -- A stronger version of Vulmer. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Melqueek -- A stronger version of Govulmer, except (like Tollaw) they look completely different. Kind of alien-like with a long neck. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Crimson Assassin -- Evolved from Grass Assassin. Its special attack can inflict Freeze. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Pan Arms -- Unchanged from V1. Damage it enough and the two halves separate into Hidoom and Migium, which are also identical to their V1 counterparts. Found in Caves 1 and 3.
    Ob Lily -- Evolved from Poison Lily. Possibly the most irritating little enemies on all of Ragol, these bastards can actually cast Megid. At least they don't laugh at you anymore... Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Nano Dragon -- Unchanged from V1 except that they're now capable of attacking from the air. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.
    Pofuilly Slime -- Unchanged from V1. Found in Caves 2 and 3.
    Gillchich -- Evolved from Gillchic. Found in Mines 1 and 2.
    Canibin -- Evolved from Canadine. Found in Mines 1 and 2.
    Canun -- Evolved from Canane. Found in Mines 1 and 2.
    Sinow Blue -- Evolved from Sinow Beat. Can inflict confusion. Incidentally, they're not blue. Found in Mines 1 and 2.
    Sinow Red -- Evolved from Sinow Gold. Casts Shifta and Deband on itself. Found in Mines 1 and 2.
    Dubchich -- Evolved from Dubchic. Found in Mines 2.
    Dubchich Switch -- Evolved from Dubwitch. Found in Mines 2.
    Baranz -- Evolved from Garanz. Found in Mines 2.
    Claw -- Unchanged from V1. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Bull Claw -- Evolved from Bulclaw. Their HP-syphoning attack will reduce your HP to 1 regardless of how much you have. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Arlan -- Evolved from Dimenian. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Merlan -- A stronger version of Arlan. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Del D -- A stronger version of Merlan, but they're a bit thinner. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Delsaber -- Unchanged from V1. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Indi Belra -- Evolved from Dark Belra. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Grand Sorcerer -- Evolved from Chaos Sorcerer. Can cast Grants and Megid. Found in Ruins 1, 2, and 3.
    Death Gunner -- Unchanged from V1. Found in Ruins 2 and 3.
    Dark Bringer -- Evolved from Chaos Bringer. Its charge attack can now unequip your weapon, and its cannon attack fires five shots in succession. Found in Ruins 2 and 3.

       New rare enemies include:

    Pal Rappy -- The rarest Rappy form looks identical to El Rappy, except it's multi-colored like a parrot. Found in Forest 1 and 2.
    Hildetorr -- Even bigger than Hildelts, Hildetorr sports the stone golem look. Found in Forest 2.
    Mil Lily -- A blue version of Ob Lily, with all the same attacks. Found in Caves 1, 2, and 3.

       Bosses also take on slightly more dangerous implications. Dragon has become Sil Dragon: a faster, stronger, uglier, ice-based version of his old self. De Rol Le has evolved into Da Ral Lie, who attacks in a different pattern. Vol Opt is upgraded to Vol Opt Ver2.0, whose trap attack inflicts instant death regardless of HP. Dark Falz looks and attacks in most of the same ways, but he's got a couple of new additions. In the first phase, there are even more Darvants gunning you down; in the third phase, he has an attack that surrounds one unfortunate player with Darvants; and in the final phase, his orb attack will actually follow the unlucky target.

       With all of these irritable upgraded foes to make your travels more difficult, it's absolutely essential for the well-rounded adventurer to be properly equipped with new Ver2 weapons & armor. Here's a rundown of the weapons, in alphabetical order:

    Akiko's Wok -- The ultimate weapon that was created from a wok...? Ancient Saber -- Legendary sword found in the ancient ruins. It absorbs enemy experience. Ano Rifle -- This rifle was used as the military Android's primary weapon in a certain country.
    Anti Android Rifle -- A government certified scientist created this high-performance rifle based on the A-35 rifle function. Baranz Launcher -- Baranz's parts were used to create this enemy weapon. Belra Cannon -- Indi Belra's right hand was remodeled into this enemy weapon. Its special attack is even more powerful...
    Berdysh -- A very powerful sword. Only Android Hunters can use it due to its stringent requirements. (HUcast only) Branch of PakuPaku -- It looks like its just a cane, but on the tip there is a gap that you may be able to place something in. (With a Chao Mag equipped, the Branch of PakuPaku can be converted to a Striker of Chao in the "Towards the Future" online quest.) Broom -- This is a cleaning tool that was found in the ancient ruins. Something is carved on it. It increases mental strength.
    Chameleon Scythe -- This scythe is considered a work of art because of its intricate design. Its special attack confuses enemies. Crazy Tune -- AUW 1985 model. Made by Kikoku. (Looks like an electric guitar.) Demonic Fork -- This evil fork brings bad luck to the person who equips it. Its special attack steals enemy experience.
    Double Cannon -- A mysterious ultimate weapon. Its abilites are unknown. Dragon's Claw -- A Dragon's claw was used to make this weapon. Its special attack is Foie. Drill Launcher -- This huge drill weapon can be attached to your hand. It is a very powerful, short-range weapon. (Androids only)
    Elysion -- The ancient characters on its blade produce magic. Its special attack is the fire bomb. Evil Curst -- The eyes on top of this cursed cane can kill enemies. Its special attack can also kill enemies. Flight Cutter -- This throwing weapon was based on the ancient ninja's weapon. (Male classes only)
    Flight Fan -- When thrown, this fan can kill several enemies at once. Its special attack steals 12% of the enemies experience. Flower Bouquet -- A beautiful flower bouquet. It smells very nice. (Apparently, this item was presented by Yuji Naka himself to two Japanese players, and was also given as a present at a wedding that took place online. Honeymoon in the Ruins, oh boy.) Flower Cane -- This magic cane was developed for female users. It's very popular and can be used as an accessory.
    Frozen Shooter -- The latest freeze gun uses latent heat energy to fire a freeze bomb. Its power to freeze is excellent. Game Magazine -- Secret technique Type "URAENDING" at the Title with the keyboard... (Looks like a giant issue of Famitsu magazine. Found in the download quest "Sunset by the Secret Base".) GULD MILLA -- A mysterious ultimate weapon. Its abilities are unknown.
    Handgun:GULD -- A small gun with "GULD" engraved on the right side of its barrel. Its special attack steals enemy TP. (Male classes only) Handgun:MILLA -- A small gun with "Milla" engraved on the right side of its barrel. Its special attack steals HP. (Female classes only) Harisen Battle Fan -- A special weapon created from the idea of traditional entertainment. Its special attack paralyzes enemies.
    Heart of Poumn -- A Laconiatask tempered with the Eclipse Torch's flame. Also known as "Alis' Claw". (HUnewearl only) Hildebear's Cane -- Hildebear's skull was used to make this weapon. Its special attack will shoot fire. Hildeblue's Cane -- Hildeblue's skull was used to make this weapon. Its special attack triggers Gibarta.
    Huge Battle Fan -- Only certain players can use this ultimate weapon. Don't be deceived by its looks. Imperial Pick -- The blades can kill an enemy with only one hit. Its special attack can take away half of an enemy's health. Lavis Blade -- A mysterious blade for use with both hands. It's very powerful, and if you use a certain item, it will become...
    Madam's Umbrella -- Owning this high quality item proves that you are a true high society lady. You don't have to be afraid of the rain. (Female classes only) Madam's Parasol -- Only high society ladies can use this special parasol. It can also protect against ultraviolet rays when outside. (Female classes only. Heals HP when equipped, and the special attack draws TP to deal heavy damage) Marina's Bag -- A first aid medical bag used in case of emergencies. It heals you if you own it. (Accessory can be converted to Marina's Bag in the Soul of Steel download quest.)
    Maser Beam -- A special gun that shoots lighting. Its accuracy is top class. Meteor Cudgel -- The crystals on both sides of the staff can inflict a lot of damage. Its special attack freezes enemies. Monkey King Bar -- The length of this staff can be changed. Its special attack can take away half of an enemy's health.
    Panther's Claw -- This is only available for female users. It's a very popular accessory, though it's not useful as a weapon. Panzer Faust -- It fires a very powerful rocket bomb. Its special attack can confuse enemies. Plantain Fan -- When you wave this magic fan once, it produces a stong wind, which blows enemies away.
    Plantain Huge Fan -- When you wave this magic fan once, it produces a very strong wind, which blows enemies away. Plantain Leaf -- A huge leaf. When equipped, it increases your mental strength by 20. Prophets of Motav -- An ancient document left by the developers of techniques. It increases mental strength.
    Psychogun -- This gun converts thought patterns into a laser beam to destroy enemies. Rabbit Wand -- The rabbit's head on the tip of this cane looks very cute. People often use this cane as an accessory. (FOmarls and FOnewearls only) Red Dagger -- This red blade is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "t," are carved on the hilt.
    Red Handgun -- This red gun is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "i," are carved on the barrel. Red Mechgun -- This red mechgun is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "ff," are carved on the grip. Red Partisan -- This red partisan is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "h," are carved on the grip.
    Red Saber -- This red saber is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "He," are carved on the hilt. Red Slicer -- This red slicer is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "cl," are carved on the grip. Red Sword -- This red sword is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete. Letters, which say "a," are carved on the hilt.
    Rocket Punch -- This weapon fires a punch bomb. It does great damage, but sequence attacks are not possible. Samba Maracas -- Shaking the maracas with a Latin rhythm produces shock waves to damage enemies. Sealed J-Sword -- An ancient sword. Its power is sealed by a mysterious mark, which paralyzes the person who has it.
    Summit Moon -- The stone on this cane increases your mental strength. Its special attack is lightning. S-Red's Blade -- Sinow Red's hands were remodeled into a weapon. Attack and defense are increased with its special attack. The Sigh Of A God -- This magic cane holds electric energy. Its special attack is Gizonde.
    Striker of Chao -- Chao, a very popular character in this world, is on the end of this cane. Its value is priceless. Toy Hammer -- Once a child's toy, it has been refined over the years to become the ultimate toy. Its power is devastating. Tsumikiri J-Sword -- Owned by Orochi Agito, the blade was made along the same lines as Agito, with a carved seal on the blade.
    Twin Blaze -- Flames from both ends of this magic cane will burn enemies. Its special flame attack is very powerful. Twin Chakram -- This round sword was built for short-range attack. The attack speed is very fast and it can kill with 1 hit. Twinkle Star -- The star-shaped design increases mental strength. Its special attack causes a large shock.
    Windmill -- The windmill-shape gives this cane its power. In order to execute its special attack, hold the wind energy, and... Wok Of Akiko's Shop -- The excellent combination of a wok and a ladle. It's very useful for both attack and defense. Yamigarasu -- This cursed sword sucks HP from the person who wields it. Its special attack can kill an enemy with 1 hit.
    Yasminkov 2000H -- An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans. The power is as strong as the new model. Yasminkov 3000R -- An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans. The power is as strong as the new model. Yasminkov 7000V -- An antique model that's popular among hardcore fans. The power is as strong as the new model.
    Yasminkov 9000M -- An antique model that's popular among hardcore fans. The power is as strong as the new model.

       And the armor, in alphabetical order:

    Aura Field -- Armor with a protective aura. It has high defensive power, but drains TP. Brightness Circle -- Photons encircle this armor to protect against Dark attack. (Androids cannot equip) Chu Chu Fever -- Interesting set of armor that sprays mice all over the place. Where do the mice come from?
    D-Parts ver2.10 -- Special defensive parts that can be equipped only by Androids. DF Field -- Armor that covers the person with a green membrane. Reduces damage from attacks. Electro Frame -- This android-only armor sends a current to the neural circuit to boost defense.
    Flame Garment -- The high-heated film on its surface protects its user from enemy attacks. Force Wall -- A protective screen equippable only by Forces. Boosts MST. Guard Wave -- High quality armor. Damage is dissipated in a wave-like effect across the armor.
    Hunter Wall -- A protective screen equippable only by Hunters. Boosts ATP. Love Heart -- Quality Armor for females only. It boosts evasive ability more so than defense. Luminous Field -- Special armor that converts drained HP to energy that increases defense.
    Ranger Wall -- A protective screen equippable only by Rangers. Boosts ATA. Sacred Cloth -- The particles of light on the surface of this modern style armor increases its defensive power. Smoking Plate -- This is a special armor, has a very high level of defensive ability. (FOnewm only)
    Virus Wear: Lafuteria -- Armor that infects its host with a virus, increasing defense.

       And accessories, also in alphabetical order:

    Black Ring -- Black ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors. Blue Ring -- Blue ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors. Gods Shield Byakko -- An old shield that was found in the ancient ruins.
    Gods Shield Genbu -- An old shield that was found in the ancient ruins. Gods Shield Seiryu -- An old shield that was found in the ancient ruins. (HUnewearl only) Gods Shield Suzaku -- An old shield that was found in the ancient ruins.
    Green Ring -- Green ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors. Hanter's Shell -- Special shield for HUmars. It boosts evasive ability significantly. (HUmar only) Kasami Bracer -- Mysterious bracer found in the ruins. It boosts movement with its strange powers.
    Purple Ring -- Purple ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors. Red Ring -- Red ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors. Rico's Earring -- Earrings for women. It seems identical to the ones Rico was wearing.
    Rico's Glasses -- Glasses with a red frame. It seems identical to the ones Rico was wearing. (FOmarl only) Safety Heart -- This is a special shield, which has high level defensive ability. (Female classes only) Secure Feet -- Armor for your feet. Evasion is boosted but defense isn't very good. (RAmar only)
    Standstill Shield -- This is a rare shield that doesn't use Photon energy. It's heavy, but its defensive power is very strong. Tripolic Shield -- Made of newly discovered Tripoli, this prized item has great defensive power that hasn't been seen before. White Ring -- White ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors.
    Yellow Ring -- Yellow ring. It looks like there are a total of 7 colors.

       In addition to the new enemies, weapons, and armor, thirteen new Mag types join the existing 44. Acquiring most of the new Mags involves playing certain download quests (most of which are only accessible in Japanese copies of the game) and running back and forth between NPCs. The new Mag forms are: Hamburger, Chu Chu, Kapu Kapu, Mark III, Master System, Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Angel Wing, Devil Wing, Panzer Tail, Devil's Tail, and Elnoa (Androids only).

       Character data can be transferred right over from the original PSO, so there's no problem there except that once transferred, the character can no longer be used in the original game. PSO and PSOv2 players can play together provided it's in an area that is accessible to the former. Other changes, both minute and significant, are as follows:

    • Playing online now requires a Hunter's License even in the USA. Licenses can be purchased online and cost ¥1,200 ($10-$15) for 90 days. Initially, playing the original PSO online in the USA was still free, but a charge was later integrated and the fee to play Ver.2 was raised.
    • The US version also now supports the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter.
    • The opening cinema features the complete vocalized version of "The Whole New World", first heard in the PSO original soundtrack.
    • The level cap now exceeds 100 and maxes out at 200.
    • Stats for all classes can exceed the old limits.
    • Techniques now go up to level 30, although only Forces can use anything beyond level 15.
    • Androids have the ability to collect and set invisible damage/ailment inducing traps.
    • Dying and being revived no longer restores your HP and TP -- HP starts off at 1 and TP remains the same as at your death.
    • When online, saving occurs automatically every time you: use a transporter, die on the field, exit the Shopping District, use the Check Room, or soft reset the game.
    • If you've got at least 100,000 Meseta in your immediate possession, the "Dressing Room" option opens up at the character load screen. The Dressing Room allows you to alter the hair and costume of your character.
    • Players can now exchange Symbol Chat icons.
    • Each Ship Block now has 15 Lobbies, with 11-15 being special Go Go Ball rooms (see below for details on Go Go Ball).
    • The Shortcut Window, accessed by holding down the R trigger and pressing Y, allows for quick switching of weapons and easy inventory access.
    • When scoping out the company online, a Version 2 player's info is in yellow text as opposed to white. The info also includes that player's Battle record and Challenge mode rank.
    • The choice search allows for further customization in partner searches. You can search by class, age, level, etc.

       While there are no new offline quests included in the actual game, there are a handfull of new online and download quests. The online quests get quite interesting, involving cameos by Sonic and crew, shrinking your character down to Smurf size, playing as Dragon, etc. Here's a rundown of all the Ver2 quests, both old and new:

    Online Quests
    Title: Lost HEAT SWORD
    Client: Hopkins
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. A chunky FOnewm named Hopkins has just returned from fighting Dragon, but it seems he's lost his Heat Sword, a valuable weapon which was given to him by his father. The object is simply to clear the Forest and defeat Dragon to return the Heat Sword to Hopkins.
    Title: Lost ICE SPINNER
    Client: Hopkins
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. Hopkins, busybody that he is, has lost another valuable weapon given to him by his father. This time, he lost an Ice Spinner while fighting De Rol Le. The object of the quest is simply to clear the Caves and defeat De Rol Le to return the Ice Spinner to Hopkins.
    Title: Lost SOUL BLADE
    Client: Hopkins
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. Our boy Hopkins is at it again, this time dropping a Soul Blade while fighting Vol Opt. His old man would be pissed, but hey, more Meseta for us. Simply clear the Mines and defeat Vol Opt to return the Soul Blade to Hopkins.
    Title: Missing Maracas
    Client: Memory Hunter
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: Some hapless schnook wandering around Ragol apparently got knocked out and completely lost his memory. The only thing he can remember is that he was a maraca player, and he hopes that if his maracas are returned to him, his memory will come back. This is where you step in. Your journey is through portions of the Forest and Cave to fetch said monkey-favored instruments. Along the way, you'll find five discs, each containing a Sonic Team tune of lore. To play the discs, pop them into the appropriate terminal within the stage. The discs include: Vamos A Carnaval, Open Your Heart, Dreams Dreams, Burning Hearts, and the Chu² multiplayer mode theme.
    Title: The Tinkerbell's Dog 2
    Client: Neighborhood child
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: A little boy wants you to find his lost dog. Hey, you've already saved a marriage, so why not? Especially considering you get to work with his hedgehogness, SONIC himself. As you and Sonic head to Ragol to locate "Rocky", you have only this information to go on: Rocky is fat, likes sweets, and always has a hair up his big butt (...). So anyway... as you traverse through Forest 1 (with "It Doesn't Matter", SA1 version playing the whole way), you'll eventually encounter TAILS and KNUCKLES. Although there are no enemies, there are lots of colored barriers. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles can unlock two barriers a piece, but each can only handle a specific color. (They say they can unlock 3, but the minute a character unlocks his third barrier the game ends immediately.) The trick is to unlock barriers in the right sequence so that you can open the way to Cave 3, where you'll revisit the sweet shop first seen in the Addicting Food quest. Grab a cake and return to Forest 1 to lure the fat pup out of hiding. Now, if you go out of your way to obtain all five Small Rings sprinkled around the Forest, Sonic will ask you to hand them over once you've finished the quest. Refuse and his Blueness challenges you to a game of rock-paper-scissors: win all three rounds and you're rewarded with the Sonic Glove, which can be taken to our blacksmithing buddy Ozwald in the Central Dome Fire Swirl quest to be upgraded to a Sonic Knuckle. (Note that, throughout this quest, Sonic and the crew will frequently make references to Sonic Adventure 2, which was newly-released at the time.)
    Title: Mop-up Operation #1
    Client: lieutenant
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. The lieutenant (of the 32nd WORKS division of the Pioneer 2 outer space task force) is preparing to lead his troops into the Forest to collect data. Apparently, though, they have very little combat experience (...) so they're sending you in to clear out the monsters before the mission begins. Their mission begins in exactly five minutes, leaving you that much time to clear a pre-set number of monsters from the Forest.
    Title: Mop-up Operation #2
    Client: lieutenant
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. This time, the lieutenant wants you to clear out the Caves in 8 minutes. Clear this quest on Very Hard or Ultimate mode to obtain four Bone Badges. Collect 9 Bone Badges and they can be exchanged for a Panzer Tail mag in the online quest Towards the Future.
    Title: Mop-up Operation #3
    Client: lieutenant
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. This time, lieutenant wants you to clear out the Mines in 5 minutes. Yes, master. Would you like us to fetch the paper and bring you your slippers, too? Clear this quest on Very Hard or Ultimate mode to obtain four Aluminium Badges. Collect 9 Aluminium Badges and they can be exchanged for a Broom in the online quest Towards the Future.
    Title: Mop-up Operation #4
    Client: lieutenant
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. This time, the lieutenant (you'd think he'd have been promoted by now) wants you to clear out the Ruins in 8 minutes. And he better be damn thankful that there are no more levels in this game. Clear this quest on Very Hard or Ultimate mode to obtain four Steel Badges. Collect 9 Steel Badges and they can be exchanged for a Wok of Akiko's Shop in the online quest Towards the Future.
    Title: Endless Nightmare #1
    Client: soldier
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. An anonymous soldier who refuses to discuss his intentions hires you to clear out all the enemies in the Forest. They seem to be regenerating constantly, so your mission is to find the regen point and fight off the seemingly endless stream of baddies pouring out until they're all gone.
    Title: Endless Nightmare #2
    Client: soldier
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. Soldier boy is back, and this time he wants you to destroy all the enemies in the Caves. Fun, fun, fun.
    Title: Endless Nightmare #3
    Client: soldier
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. This time, G.I. Joe wants you to whack all the monsters in the Mines. (Are you beginning to understand this mission series' namesake?)
    Title: Endless Nightmare #4
    Client: soldier
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from V1. Soldier man wants you to clear out all the monsters in -- you guessed it -- the Ruins. Oh, why the hell not?
    Title: Today's Rate
    Client: A spy who infiltrated the lab
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: Research is being conducted on the ruins in the hopes of learning more about the past civilization that existed on Ragol. The research is apparently a touchy procedure due to the risk of information getting into the wrong hands. A spy who infilrated the research facility determined that information was being leaked from the computer, and suspects it is being collected for military use. His request to you: trash the system before anything else leaks out. This quest starts in Caves 2 and takes you through Mines 2. It's all pretty straightforward, but you'll notice that certain areas are blocked by laser fences and rock slides. You'll also run into alot of those ample blonde hotties with the short skirts. Maybe if you were just a little bit smaller... As you journey, you'll encounter several machines that reduce your character to a fraction of normal size. In your diminished state, you are incapable of using Techniques, which makes this a rough journey for a lone Force (like me). You are, however, capable of slipping under barriers and through small crevices, and getting into these otherwise blocked areas is the only way to finish the mission. (It is, however, still impossible to enjoy a bit of clean Guild chick upskirt. Damn.) The microchip which you seek is being guarded by an impressive computer security system... you're gonna have to reformat it (the old fashioned way) before you can proceed. Once you've acquired the chip, before you return to the Hunter's Guild, head over to the Check Room -- if you've encountered Dr. Montague offline, he'll be in the vicinity. If you have any rare monster parts, talk to the doc now and he'll convert them into useful weapons with photon percentages (the weapons he makes for you offline will not have percentages).
    Client: A gentleman
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: The only Famitsu quest open to non-Japanese players, the object is simply to clear out as many enemies as you can within the 20 minute time limit. There are three areas to mop: Forest 2, Caves 3, and Mines 2. The total number of monsters in the quest is 587, although some can't be accessed when playing alone. Clear out 500 or more and you'll be given access to a secret room which contains treasures and a few Weapons Badge Bronzes. Three Weapons Badge Bronzes equal one Weapons Badge Silver; every three Weapons Badge Silvers equal one Weapons Badge Gold. Talk to the fat WEAPONS member near the Check Room and you can trade three Weapons Badge Gold items for one of three rare weapons: Toy Hammer, Samba Maracas, or Chameleon Scythe.
    Title: Towards the Future
    Client: Principal
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: The basic goal of this quest is to kill as many enemies as you can within the time limit. You're given a grade based on your performance, and awarded items based on the grade you got. For Very Hard mode, an SS rank will earn you the formerly banned Nei's Claw or Eggblaster weapons. On Ultimate mode, an A or S rank will score you a Drill Launcher, Flight Fan, Maser Beam, or Plantain Fan. Earn an SS to procure an Ano Rifle, Plantain Huge Fan, Yamigarasu, or Blue Ring. The journey covers small segments of Forest 2, Caves 3, Mines 2, and Ruins 3, but the straightforward quest is only the tip of the iceberg. After you've cleared out all the enemies in Forest 2 but BEFORE you fight Dragon, warp back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the FOmarl. If you've got a team of more than two people (or two people of the same sex), the FOmarl will send you on a mission to procure some secret papers, which can be found at Irene's desk in the Principal's room. Bring the papers back to the FOmarl, and she'll entrust a secret code to you. Go to the computer panel in Forest 2 and input the code, then head to the boss chamber. Whoever input the code will now be playing as Dragon. Controls are as follows:
    A: Breath
    B: Tail Sweep
    X: Fly, Drill while flying, Rush Attack after drill
    Y: normal attack
    L: normal attack
    R: faint
    Stomp all over your teammates like the insignificant bugs they are to reduce their size again and again. Imagine going through this hundreds of times every day and maybe you'll be able to understand why Bob is so cranky all the time.

    More fun things to do on this quest: fall in love. Hey, why not? There's no alternative swinging though, this trick only works straight meaning one of the players needs to be a male class and the other a female. Speak with the FOmarl next to the Check Room and ask her to teach you the love code. Once both players have the code, go to the computer panel in Forest 2 and insert it to begin the love check. The object now is to stick as close to your partner as possible for the remainder of the quest, collecting any love hearts that appear. Aww. Finish the quest with a high enough love index and you're rewarded with an item simply known as "Accessory". This Accessory can be converted to Marina's Bag in the download quest Soul of Steel.

    If you have any weapons badges earned from the online Mop-up operations, talk to the WEAPONS member by the Medical Center and he'll trade them for some choice rare items: 9 Bone Badges for a Panzer Tail mag, 9 Aluminium Badges for a Broom, and 9 Steel Badges for a Wok of Akiko's Shop.

    There's one last thing to do on this quest, but you must first have a Branch of PakuPaku AND a Chao or Omochao Mag. You also must be playing in Ultimate mode and first finish the quest with an SS rank. Enter the Medical Center and hop into the teleporter on your left to warp to the Ruins waterfall area. With the Branch of PakuPaku and the Chao/Omochao Mag equipped, stand under the waterfall and wait. After a time, the Branch of PakuPaku will transform into the hyper-rare Striker of Chao. Stand under the waterfall with a Striker of Chao and the Chao will run away, reverting the item back to a Branch of PakuPaku.

    Title: St. Valentine's Day
    Client: n/a
    Type: Event
    Quest: This was a limited online quest only playable from February 8-15, 2002. It's only playable as female characters because preparing Valentine's chocolate is a "girls' secret". The only thing to do is run around a pleasantly male-less Pioneer 2 and work with the three Naura sisters to whip up some Valentine's chocolate. First get the Block Chocolate item from the sister standing by the Check Room. Take it to the sister in the Medical Center and perform the three operations in the right order to make a delicious chunk of chocolate love. Finally, run on down to the sister standing opposite the entrance to the Principal's room to have her package it up with her mad wrapping skillz. Your reward for the mission is Valentine's Chocolate, a completely useless item to give to your sweetheart. Aww.
    Title: White Day
    Client: n/a
    Type: Event
    Quest: The male counterpart to the female-only St. Valentine's Day quest, the White Day quest was only playable from March 8-15, 2002. In Japan, White Day is the other half of Valentine's Day, where it's the guy's turn to give his little chickadee a present. Whereas the females of PSO had it easy with just a quick romp around Pioneer 2, the males are (of course) expected to do some work. Your Y chromosome is your ticket to Ragol, as only characters of the masculine variety are being let off the ship, it seems. Warp on down to Caves 3 and fight your way through vicious Altered Beasts in search of three flowers: White, Gold, and Red. Two of the Naura sisters will help point you in the right directions. Once you've acquired the goods, head back up to Pioneer 2 where the third Naura sister will wrap the flowers up into a pretty bouqet to give your beloved. The reward for this mission is the Flower Bouquet, and like the Valentine's Chocolate, it's utterly useless except as a gesture of friendship.
    Title: Garon's Treachery
    Client: Garon
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: Garon, entrepreneurial HUmar from Magnitude of Metal, has decided to try his hand at movie-making, so he's arranged to film an action flick on Ragol starring real hunters. He's looking to fill 2-4 roles, and while you can take on the quest alone, it's impossible to complete unless there are at least two players on the team. The script: a band of fearless hunters braves a series of challenges in search of the legendary Shiva Stone. The location: Caves 3 and Ruins 1. The score: the lead player can toggle the BGM at will between "It Doesn't Matter" (SA1 version), "Dreams Dreams", "Burning Hearts", and the Chu² multiplayer music. The scenes:
  • Task 1 - Don't get caught by the flames. You're being chased by a wall of flames, which you can choose to outrun or be overcome by. It doesn't affect the outcome, so you can decide whether you're going to make an exciting action flick or a heartwrenching tragedy.
  • Task 2 - Overcome the three rooms. The first challenge is "Jet Black Room": players have ten minutes to find their way through a pitch black obstacle course with only neon lights to guide the way. The second challenge is the "Optical Illusion Room": a small area filled with monsters and a shifting camera. The object is to stay within the camera's sight while destroying the monsters. The third challenge is "Lava-Hot Room": advance forward while being chased by slow-moving lava. Large boulders block the path and will require teamwork to destroy.
  • Task 3 - Garon's true aim. Whether or not you completed any of the previous challenges, you'll advance to the final area in the Ruins. The pissed off souls of thieves who died trying to find the Shiva Stone guard this next area, and if they surround you and catch you moving, they'll drag your ass back to the start. If it looks like they're moving in on you, stop dead (no pun intended) in your tracks. If you're playing alone, you'll get the Shiva Stone and the quest will end. If there are at least two players in the party, you'll move forward to an area where you're being chased by a vengeful wall of ghosts: if any one of the team members falls prey to the undead wall, the quest ends. If all players make it to the exit, you're rewarded with the ??? stone. Take the ??? stone to the Tekker and he'll identify it as the Rakonia Stone, a rare jewel not supposed to be on the planet. Take the Rakonia Stone to the Rappy's Holiday quest to exchange it for a Heart of Poumn.
  • Title: Rappy's Holiday
    Client: n/a
    Type: Win Back
    Quest: Those fun-loving Rappies are having a party in Forest 1 and hunters are invited to partake in the festivities. The BGM for this quest is "Vamos a Carnaval". The Rappies have various mini-game booths set up around the Forest. Play the games to earn points which can be used to play more games or traded for prizes. Points can be bought with meseta, starting at 100 a piece but escalating based on how many points you have. The mini-games include:
  • Rappy Festival Switch Lottery: 3 points to play. Stand on one of three buttons to win a random item. Maybe something good, likely something crappy.
  • Glow Ball Race: 500 meseta to play. Move a glowing ball to the finish line before your opponent gets his there. The sphere of light is moved forward in an "I spy" manner. A small box will appear in the upper left hand corner of the screen containing any three of the following selections: "Advance", "Dash", "Back", or "???". Advance moves the ball forward a short distance. Dash moves the ball forward a long distance, but can only be used three times during any match. Back moves the ball backwards a short distance. ??? causes a random effect.
  • Chicken Race: 3 points to play. Ride the Rappy's "motorcyle" and stop as close to the cliff as possible. The motorcycle moves towards the edge of the cliff in a first-person view, steadily gaining speed as it approaches. Select "STOP!!!" to stop as close to the edge of the cliff as you can without falling over. Earn an SS rank on this to advance to a new portion of the Forest.
  • Find Rappy Game: 5 points to play. Marvin Rappy requests that you locate the Yancha brothers in a wandering group of identical Rappies. You must find the brothers in order of Calvin, Kevin, and Kolvin within two minutes. If you speak with the wrong Rappy any time the order is reset and you must find Calvin again. Doropi is your worst enemy, because if you run into him he'll chat with you for a while. Fukki asks you to deliver some fruit to his grandmother: if you've acquired the Rakonia Stone from Garon's Treachery, you'll be given a yellow fruit. If you haven't acquired the Rakonia Stone, you'll be given a red fruit.
  • Glow Catchball Game: 10 points to play. Glowing balls fall from the sky over a small area. The balls dissipate shortly after touching ground, so catch as many as you can within the time limit.
  • Stamp Rally: 20 points to play. This should be the last game you play. The coordinator is a Rappy named Porter. He wants you to find the four Rappies hidden around the Forest and acquire their individual stamps. Once all four stamps have been collected, return to Porter for your prize. The Rappies in question will only appear after all the events in this quest have been cleared.

    Slope is worried about his fiancée, Flat, who is collecting flowers somewhere in the Forest. You must first clear the Chicken Race game with an SS ranking before you can reach Flat, who is being attacked by a group of irritable Hildebears. Clear the monsters and Flat will tell you about the Rajuenda, a flower said to be blessed by spirits.

    If you've met Fukki in the Find Rappy game, take the fruit to his grandmother (it spoils if you take too long). If you give grandma the red fruit, you're rewarded with a crappy Monomate. If you give her the yellow fruit (which can only be acquired if you possess the Rakonia Stone from Garon's Treachery), she'll give you a pendant. Go to the quest log and examine the pendant a few times to identify it as a screw. Take the screw to Gabbie, a Rappy who loves toying with machines. Trade the screw for a battery, then take the battery to the computer terminal in the Chicken Race area and call "the master". The beautiful woman (a FOmarl) being talked about on Pioneer 2 will appear and, in exchange for the Rakonia Stone, will bequeath you with a Heart of Poumn.

  • Download Quests
    Title: Letter from Lionel
    Client: Lionel
    Reward: 4500 Meseta
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from version 1. A HUcast named Lionel has found himself in a predicament that I can imagine is unique to androids: he's fallen to pieces, literally. After sustaining some damage, he went into sleep mode and was attacked by a vicious monster, or so he claims. Whatever happened, he now exists in five pieces scattered across the Forest and Caves. He's sent a message to the Hunter's Guild via the BEE system requesting help. In Forest 2, you'll encounter Doronbo from the Black Paper quest. As you remember, Doronbo was involved with the Black Paper organization, and he's found something valuable that he openly admits he's going to put on the black market. Ignore him for now and continue searching for Lionel's parts. First you need to find his head, so you can actually communicate with your client. Lionel's metallic cranium lies near the boss warp in Forest 2, after which you can find his right arm in the gut of a hungry Hildebear. His right leg's taking a swim in the stream of Forest 1, and his left leg somehow managed to get itself stuck in a pond in Caves 2. After you've located all the parts, return to Pioneer 2 and the cowardly Doronbo will relinquish Lionel's body and left arm as soon as you confront him.
    Title: Soul of a Blacksmith
    Client: Ozwald
    Reward: 2500 Meseta
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from version 1, but is playable for the first time in English in Ver.2 A blacksmith by the name of Ozwald got access to some secret Photon weapon research, and now he wants to make one. To do that, he'll need three items: a Miwontite, a Dragon's fang, and a mineral. All three materials can, conveniently enough, be found scattered around the Forest and Caves. The Miwontite can be found at two locations in Forest 1, both lying in the stream that weaves throughout the stage. You'll need to extract the Dragon's fang from Dragon, under the strong recommendation that you kill him first. The mineral comes in three flavors, all three of which can be found in the Caves. You'll find the red mineral early on in Caves 1, but if you traverse deeper you'll find rarer minerals which Ozwald can turn into better weapons. Venture into Caves 2 for the green mineral, and into Caves 3 for the blue mineral. Once you have everything you need, take the goods to Ozwald who will transform the materials into your weapon of choice (sword, gun, or cane) based on the kind of mineral you brought him and the difficulty mode you're playing on:

    SWORD Red mineral Green mineral Blue mineral
    Normal Fire Sword Frost Sword Havoc Partisan
    Hard Fire Sword Frost Sword Storm Cutter
    Very Hard Fire Sword Frost Sword Freeze Berdysh
    Ultimate Fire Sword Frost Sword God Hand

    GUN Red mineral Green mineral Blue mineral
    Normal Fire Rifle Frost Rifle Havoc Mechgun
    Hard Fire Rifle Frost Rifle Havoc Mechgun
    Very Hard Fire Rifle Frost Rifle Freeze Beam
    Ultimate Fire Rifle Frost Rifle Suppressed Gun

    CANE Red mineral Green mineral Blue mineral
    Normal Fire Rod Frost Rod Havoc Wand
    Hard Fire Rod Frost Rod Havoc Wand
    Very Hard Fire Rod Frost Rod Freeze Striker
    Ultimate Fire Rod Frost Rod Technical Crozier
    Title: Retired Hunter
    Client: Donoph
    Reward: 8000 Meseta (Normal)
    12,000 Meseta (Hard)
    18,000 Meseta (Very Hard)
    20,000 Meseta (Ultimate)
    Quest: This quest was ripped straight from version 1, but is playable for the first time in English in Ver.2 An aged HUmar by the name of Donoph has a lifelong dream: he wants to defeat 10,000 monsters before he dies. It was a dream he shared with a friend of his aboard Pioneer 1, a man named Heathcliff. Heathcliff is dead, and Donoph has only 30 minutes to live. The good news is that he's already killed 9901, so only 99 monsters stand between him and his dream. He could take the easy way out and go squash some mosquitoes in the forest, but no, he's got to be all manly and dish out his final 99 in Ruins 3. He's hired you to help him, and you've got 30 minutes to get the job done. Succeed, and as you approach the exit, Donoph instructs you to return to Pioneer 2 and collect your reward. Then he up and croaks, disappearing into the same mysterious puff of smoke that the victims of From the Depths vanished in. If you're playing in Normal or Hard, the quest is now over. But if you're in Very Hard or Ultimate mode, you have the option of playing a side quest that continues a thread from the offline Soul Eater quest: remember that "other rival" Kireek was talking about? Donoph's dark past is that he is a survivor from Pioneer 1, where he ruled the black market. Now he lives (or lived, rather) aboard Pioneer 2 as a retired Hunter. Talk to our FOmarl friend Alicia Baz (Native Research, Forest of Sorrow) on Pioneer 2, and she opens up Forest 2, which contains a locked door and a letter from the legendary Heathcliff Flowen. As for what comes next... beats me, I never made it this far.
    Title: Central Dome Fire Swirl
    Client: Pioneer 2
    Reward: 5000 Meseta
    Quest: Fire from an unknown source has exploded around the Central Dome, setting most of Forest 2 ablaze and trapping 10 survivors in the inferno. Your client is HUnewearl Chris Partn, who bears a striking resemblance to the Burning Ranger of the same name. Your job is to find the cause of the flames and rescue all the victims. Burning Hearts loops endlessly in the background to set the mood, so sprinkle a bit of goddess on your wings and get ready to sense that elusive spilit second. There's some BRing to be done! Chris, employee of the government public peace department, briefs you on the mission and gives you a set of Navitools. Select the Navitools from the Quest Board menu to contact Chris via the BEE system... she'll give you a quick report on your progress, the percentage of fires that remain, and the total number of survivors you've rescued. Once you're down in the flaming forest, you'll quickly learn that the best way to put out fires is with a long-distance weapon... get too close to a flame and it explodes, causing significant damage, and Techniques are banned for the whole first part of this quest. One other thing: to avoid serious injuries, make sure that you put out the flames near a fallen survivor before you try to rescue him. In the first area, you'll find Takuya (From the Depths) lying on the ground, then you'll encounter Valletta (Grave's Butler) behind a locked gate. Once they're saved, examine the computer and tubby HUmar Racton (Claiming a Stake) runs out from hiding. In area 2, you'll find Anna (Waterfall Tears) hiding behind a locked gate, but she refuses to come out until you rescue her beloved Bogarde, a RAmar lying on the ground not too far away. Another tubby HUmar named Hase is the last survivor in this area. In the final area, you'll encounter Nadja (From the Depths) cowering behind a wall of flame, while Mome (Unsealed Door) is lying on the ground nearby. Finally, Lionel (Letter from Lionel) has managed to defy most laws of physics and catch his metallic body on fire. Extinguish the android, put out any fires that remain, and return to Pioneer 2 to speak with Chris. If any of the survivors incurred serious injury, she'll subtly chastise you for it and the quest is over. If you were a good little Burning Ranger and all the victims emerged unscathed, Chris offers you an extended mission, which you can choose to accept or decline: another fire has exploded around the Central Dome, and the rescue crew hasn't returned. The good news is that you can now use Techniques. Walk toward the Medical Center to receive a Simple Mail from Nadja, who says she saw a suspicious person creeping around the Forest. Warp back into the inferno and locate Dr.D, a moustached FOnewm. He'll run from you the first time, but find him again and he babbles some miscellaneous paranoia about how he's being watched and "they" are after him. Walk away and return: four Hildebears appear, and they have Ultimate mode stats regardless of which difficulty setting you're playing on. Dr.D joins you in taking the rampaging beasts down... defeat them and he fills you in on the story: he's a researcher from a genetic life-form lab. The lab was conducting an experiment that was supposed to improve life-form evolution, so they injected primeval creatures with new drugs. The creatures reacted violently, and caused the uncontrollable fires around Central Dome. Return to Pioneer 2 and Burning Hearts, which you should be absolutely sick of by now, makes way for the soothing vocal stylings of Tomoko Sasaki in I Just Smile.

    If you're playing on Very Hard or Ultimate, talk to the kid in the center of town to receive an item called "Glory of the Past". Walk into the Medical Center with your new treasure and you'll receive a Simple Mail from Lionel about a Tekker. Take the Glory of the Past to the Tekker who randomly appears near the Check Room and he'll transform it into a Mark 3 Mag.

    Title: Sunset by Secret Base
    Client: ???
    Reward: ???
    Quest: (Note that this quest is available only in Japanese. I haven't played it extensively and I can't understand too much of anything, so the information here is rough, incomplete, and probably inaccurate. If you can provide detailed, accurate information regarding this quest, please do so. I bet you'll go to heaven.) The Famitsu logos all over the walls clue you in on the sponsor of this quest... in the Principal's room, talk to a couple of Famitsu reps to receive the Game Magazine (a jumbo issue of Famitsu). The actual quest is devoid of enemies and takes place in Forest 1 and 2. A special item you're given at the start of the quest allows you to play Dr. Dolittle and speak with the animals -- the Rappies, at least. The overall goal is to help Rappy Osu catch the girl of his dreams, Rappy Mesu. This requires alot of running around between Rappies and some timed puzzle solving, but if you're successful in bringing Osu and Mesu together, you're rewarded with the rare Hamburger Mag. Other rare mags to acquire in the quest include the Angel Wing Mag, Devil Wing Mag, or (if you're an Android) the Chu Chu Mag. Talk to the kid in the middle of town to receive the Chu Chu Mag, Kapu Kapu Mag, or Chu Chu Fever armor. Tsubabababa!
    Title: Soul of Steel
    Client: Dr. Montague
    Reward: 5000 Meseta
    Quest: (Note that this quest is only playable on Japanese copies of Ver.2.) This quest has two different endings. In order to see the extended "good" ending, you must first have completed the Sue/Bernie subplot from the offline quests. That sequence can only begin after you've told Sue your name in Dr. Osto's Research. Of course you forfeit your chances of getting a Soul Eater, but isn't it worth it to see mecha-cutie Elenor happy? Also, this is the longest and most story-driven quest yet, so make sure you've got a bit of time before you sit down to take it on.

    Our old friends Dr. Jean Carlo Montague and his cute RAcaseal helper Elenor are in a bit of a fluster, and with good reason. Ult, another of Montague's RAcaseal inventions and Elenor's "sister", has been kidnapped. It also just so happens that the Galactic Mobile Infantry 32nd Squadron, aka WORKS, is currently performing an operation underground and access is restricted except to military personnel. As you walk out the Hunter's Guild with Montague and Elenor, the three of you are stopped by an angry-looking HUmar named Sakon. Sakon recognizes Montague and Elenor, and it isn't too difficult to ascertain where they must be headed. He issues a warning, telling the three of you not to venture onto Ragol while the military operation is underway. When the Doc and Elenor confront this uppity HUmar with the issue of the missing Ult, Sakon plays dumb but is clearly taken aback. Sakon leaves, but Montague doesn't seem the least bit worried. He claims that all of WORKS' best men were lost on Pioneer 1, and the remaining dolts will be easy to outwit. The Doc walks off toward the warp, while Elenor pulls you aside to give you a special Mag Cell. She claims it's a baby Mag, and that Ult has one just like it... Disregarding Sakon's warning, the three of you depart for Ragol. Make well sure to stock up on items before you leave, because once you're down, you won't be able to come back up until the quest is finished.

    You start your mission in Mine 2, fighting off a wave of powerful enemies. In the next room, you'll encounter a WORKS goon, a chubby RAmar named Ukon. Ukon refuses to let you pass, going so far as to threaten revoking your Hunter's License if you don't leave. While you and Elenor gab with the irate guard, Montague sneaks off. Leave Ukon to wallow in his hatred of all things, and join Montague who has discovered a nearby transmission terminal which he says can be used to distract the guard. The Doc rigs the terminal and the three of you sneak away. When the terminal alarm goes off, Ukon goes to investigate, leaving the entrance to the Mines wide open. The three of you sneak in. In the next room, you encounter another computer terminal from which Montague is able to procure a bit of interesting information, although nothing that has any bearing on this particular quest: it seems that the whole facility was formerly monitored by three separate computers. Each kept an eye on the other, and balance was maintained in this way. The AI names of these computers were Calus, Vol Opt, and Olga. Of course you should remember Calus from Knowing One's Heart, and you're already abundantly familiar with Vol Opt. But what of Olga? No logs on Olga exist beyond the big explosion. Montague speculates that a similar lab must exist elsewhere... As soon as the Doc finishes his story, the mag cell Elenor gave you starts moving.

    Moving right along, you notice a tremor. Run back to see that Montague and Elenor have moved. Walk up to them and you'll overhear a conversation where Elenor whines about not being able to have a mag like other hunters. Montague explains to Elenor that she has, within her body, a very important baby mag that could possibly "change the world as we know it." Ult also has one, and they can't have any other mags as it might harm the special ones. Unbeknownst to the Doc, this "baby mag" is the one that Elenor bequeathed you with previously. The mag cell moves a second time.

    While the Doc and Elenor hang back, you move forward and encounter a red and gray RAcaseal. It can only be Ult. It doesn't seem as though she was kidnapped, because she's moving of her own will and delcares that neither the Doctor or Elenor will stop her. At this point, you play a mini-game where you have to follow Ult through a small obstacle course without falling too far behind. When the three of you catch up with the rogue RAcaseal, she doesn't respond well to Montague and Elenor. Montague orders Elenor to stop her, but Ult disappears into thin air. The Doc notes that there's something strange about the Photons in the area...

    In order to continue following Ult, you have to sneak by a very heavily guarded area. Put on your Metal Gear gloves, because you have to tip-toe through three rooms of patrolling Type:0 and Type:W RAcasts without being detected. Successfully complete this mini-game and you'll once again run into the elusive Ult. Ult refuses to go home with her creator and her sister, claiming that she longs to be free, to "evolve". She claims that someone is calling her and she must follow the voice. Montague and Elenor run after her, but you fall behind. After another tremor, you're cornered by Sakon along with a Type:0 and Type:W. Suddenly a group of Gillchics appears, and Sakon and his robot flunkies attack. Defeat them and the fallen Sakon proclaims that the operation will succeed no matter what, so he initiates a self-destruct sequence on the entire underground facility. The terminal for the self-destruct computer is in Ruins 1, and you've got exactly 20 minutes to get down there and shut off the program. Run into the next room.

    At this point, if you've cleared the Sue sub-plot and had the mag cell grow two times, you'll see a bonus cutscene. It looks like Sue has encountered Montague and Elenor at the entrance to the Ruins. Apparently they're old acquaintances, but haven't seen each other since the home world. After some small talk, Sue mentions to the Doc that she found his name in Osto's research on Pioneer 1, meaning that he must be a target as well. Montague says that Osto was a brilliant scientist, but tended to get too caught up in research, when he often made poor decisions. An amused Sue tells Montague he has the same bad habit. After a bit more chit-chat, Sue brings up your name and wonders aloud how much Montague has let you know. Elenor steps in to defend your good name, but Montague agrees that sometimes it's better not to know everything, and says he's using you as an accomplice because he's interested in an "objective opinion". Sue finishes up by recommending that Montague speak with "Leo Grahart" directly. As Sue approaches the warp, Montague stops her and mentions that Osto conducted no research on the premises. The facilities of the Mines and Ruins were used only for mining and refining. Sue makes it apparent that she is already aware of this, and warps off along her merry way. The mag cell that Elenor gave you moves a third time, and starts getting darker. Join back up with Montague and Elenor, and Montague speaks of an "Evolutionary Emotion Device" within Ult...

    After some running through the Ruins, the three of you reach the terminal and shut off the self-destruct program. Montague finds another interesting program and mumbles some gibberish to himself. He seems surprised that the order wasn't given by "Leo" (presumably the Leo Grahart that Sue spoke of). Suddenly it all becomes clear. The self-destruct bit was a setup, and the three of you fell right into their trap. WORKS' objective is to release Ult's true power by triggering the circuit Montague hid inside her. The Doc seems disgusted that the military thinks they could control such power, power enough to alter the entire Ragol infastructure. While the three of you throw a tantrum over your own collective stupidity, Sakon leads an antsy Ult to the "designated location". Ult starts losing control of herself, much to Sakon's horror, and causes an explosion. Sakon is out of the picture, but Ult continues moving forward.

    Soon the three of you look down at the platform below to see Ult walk by. Now is the time for action: the three of you split up, and in this final mini-game, you have to predict Ult's pattern and meet her head-on. When the three of you finally succeed in cornering the elusive mecha girl, she regains her conscience, but it's too late. She's already started fusing with the abnormal Photons. Montague commands Elenor to begin downloading Ult's data. Elenor is hesitant, but complies. With her last moments of sanity, Ult bears her soul, about how she hated being in the capsule at the lab and envied Elenor and the freedom she had. She says she received a telepathic call from Ragol, a call from something else that wanted to be freed from its prison. She gave in and followed, although she now realizes it was a huge mistake and asks for forgiveness. The touching scene is interrupted by another huge earthquake. Montague drops a Telepipe and demands that you make an emergency escape to Pioneer 2, and that there is no choice but to leave Ult behind.

    Here, the story can go one of two ways: if you did not finish the Sue sub-plot or let your mag cell evolve three times, you are helpless but to stand in awe as a bright light surrounds Ult. You awaken in the Medical Center. Talk to the nurse and she says you've been asleep for days, and that Elenor came to visit alot to see how you were doing. If you've acquired the Accessory item from the online quest Towards the Future, have it converted to a Marina's Bag and move on to the Hunter's Guild. Talk to the busty Guild girl by the entrance and she gives you a message from Dr. Montague, forwarded to your BEE system. The Doc assures you that Elenor is okay, and Ult may be as well. He's got some business to take care of and will already be gone by the time you check out of the hospital. He concludes by saying that there's going to be a "little trouble"... And that's the end of the quest.

    If you did complete the Sue sub-plot and your mag cell grew 3 times, the scene is extended. As Ult begins glowing, Elenor warps across to her despite Montague's protests. The two androids are surrounded by a glowing light, and Ult collapses. Elenor, as she is mourning Ult's demise, starts going through her own growing pains: both the mag cell in Ult's body and the one in your possession begin glowing. Elenor sprouts a rare Elnoa mag, and starts getting all schizophrenic as another voice within her begins babbling out strange computer commands that seem to be affecting all the terminals in the Ruins. Montague watches in awe at his work of art, "MOTHER". Scream in the Doc's face to rescue Elenor and he comes to his senses, explaining that the abnormal Photons he observed earlier were coming from the runes. Elenor panics some more, saying that she can't get away. But Montague isn't listening, because he's telling you the story of "MOTHER". It was a secret project devised by government officials who wanted to extend their control of the military. MOTHER is the name of a high-tech AI program capable of controlling any kind of computerized equipment, regardless of scale or complexity. Because of its sensitivity, the project was hidden away on Ragol. Montague had been involved with the project from the early stages, but it was more important now, as he views Elenor and Ult as his own daughters. He commands you to escape to Pioneer 2, as there's nothing more you can do to help. Refuse three times, and you'll witness Elenor give her final goodbye before exploding in your face.

    As with the bad ending, you awaken in the Medical Center. As you approach the exit, you'll see another cutscene from the Hunter's Guild. It looks like Sakon is giving instructions to Ash and Nadja, who are apparently about to embark on a quest. Enter the Guild and all three have gone. Go up to the counter to receive your reward and end the quest. Now, if you told Montague "no" all three times when he insisted that you escape to Pioneer 2, you can access a bonus ending by playing the same quest again. This time, you're greeted by one of the Guild girls who has a BEE message from some mysterious individual on Ragol who requests to meet you. Warp to Forest 1 and meet Elenor, who it seems is fine and dandy with her Elnoa mag. You can ask her about the mag, Ult, and Montague. It seems that Ult is also alive and well thanks to the backup data Elenor recorded back when things started getting ugly. As your conversation ends, Elenor mentions that she and Montague are about to leave, although she doesn't say where they're going. She goes on to say that, during the explosion of light, she was guided by a mysterious voice (either Ult, Montague, or you, she can't remember which) that kept her hanging on. Just before she leaves, she stops to make sure that you're still taking care of your mag. Return to the Guild and get your reward, an easy 5000 meseta, and end the quest.

       That's all the "add-on" stuff, but V2 also sports three completely new ways to play: Battle mode, Challenge mode, and Go Go Ball. Battle mode, as the name suggests, is where you go Fight Club on your partners. By starting an online game in Battle mode, you can play through the normal quest with player kill in effect -- I suppose some people must have a fetish for this, but it completely counterbalances everything that makes PSO so cool. Luckily for us Hunters of honor, there are four different battle-specific games to play which can be accessed from the Hunter's Guild. Within these special battle missions, the rules change slightly: the object is to cause as many kills as you can within the time limit. When killed, your character warps back to the "start" space sans his weapon, but with some additional levels added to his EXP. These laser tag-esque melees take place in one of two original arenas: the Space Ship (featuring the PS1 dungeon music) and the Temple (featuring a medley of classic PS battle tunes). When the battle is over, all player stats return to what they were before the battle began, and any lost items are automatically returned to their respective owners. There are eight different rule variations to play by:

    • Rule 1: Basic rules. Players start at current level with all items. Get points for each kill you make, but lose points each time you are killed. Points can also be gained from killing enemies. Spaceship is the arena.
    • Rule 2: Players start at level 1 with no items. Get points for each kill you make, but lose points each time you are killed. There are no enemies. Temple is the arena.
    • Rule 3: Players start at level 1 with no items. Maximum level is 35. Get points for each kill you make, but lose points each time you are killed. Points can also be gained from killing enemies. The only way to get from one room to another is by warping. Spaceship is the arena.
    • Rule 4: Make like the federal government and rob your fellow Hunters of their wealth. The player with the most Meseta at the end of the battle wins. Temple is the arena.
    • Rule 5: Meseta battle. Players start at current level with all items except mags. Temple is the arena.
    • Rule 6: Most kills wins. Players start at level 20 with no items. Maximum level is 50. Spaceship is the arena.
    • Rule 7: Meseta battle. The catch is that all the meseta is at the far end of the map, so players must race through the stage to be the first one to the meseta. Spaceship is the arena.
    • Rule 8: Most kills wins. The map is littered with traps and mines that explode at timed intervals. Spaceship is the arena.

       In addition to all the usual maneuvers, all combatants (not just androids) can set Traps. Damage Traps inflict varying amounts of hurt, Throat Trap slows its victim down temporarily, Freeze Trap inflicts Freeze on its unlucky recipient, and Chaos temporarily shuffles operation inputs. Players are also given an allotment of Sonar: by using a Sonar, you can determine the distance between you and the nearest opponent (your opponent, however, will also be alerted to your presence).

       And then there's the Challenge mode, to which only the most fanatically hardcore need apply. It's actually more of a survival mode: the object is to clear an area or areas within a time limit. The catch is that all players start at a base level with predetermined items, and you CANNOT return to Pioneer 2 during your adventure. Furthermore, the only way to revive a fallen player is with a Scape Doll. Should any one of the team die without any Scape Dolls equipped, the game automatically ends for the whole party (and being the weakest link is a great way to piss off friends, believe me). Furthermore, the spot where you died is forever marked in your save data with your character name and level. Rest in peace. There are nine different Challenges to play, although you can only advance to a new challenge by clearing the preceding one:

    • Challenge 1: Forest 1, Forest 2, Dragon (40 minutes) Clear title: Ra-GOU
    • Challenge 2: Caves 1 (1hr 20min) Clear title: Gi-GOU
    • Challenge 3: Caves 2 (1hr 20min) Clear title: Bu-GOU
    • Challenge 4: Caves 3, De Rol Le (1hr 40min) Clear title: Ra-ZAN
    • Challenge 5: Mines 1 (1hr 20min) Clear title: Gi-ZAN
    • Challenge 6: Mines 2, Vol Opt (1hr 40min) Clear title: Bu-ZAN
    • Challenge 7: Ruins 1 (1hr 30min) Clear title: Ra-EI
    • Challenge 8: Ruins 2 (1hr 30min) Clear title: Gi-EI
    • Challenge 9: Ruins 3, Dark Falz (2 hours) Clear title: Bu-EI
       After completing any challenge, you are given a rank and a grade. You get different items based on the grade you've earned, and players who can manage to clear all nine challenges with a total time of less than 7 hours are rewarded with an S-Rank. The prize for earning an S-Rank is your choice of one of 25 hyper-rare S-Rank weapons. S-Rank weapons are powerful tools that can be grinded to +99, and each one is embued with a special attack that causes random effects. Best of all, you get to name the item whatever your little heart desires (ie VEAL CANE, GIBBON SCYTHE, GANIGANI CLAW, etc.) The weapons for the taking include: Bazooka, Blade, Cane, Claw, Gun, Hammer, Harisen, J-Blade, J-Cutter, Mechgun, Moon, Needle, Partisan, Psychogun, Punch, Rifle, Rod, Saber, Scythe, Shot, Slicer, Sword, Twin, Wand, and Windmill. Choose wisely.

       There's only one thing left to talk about: Go Go Ball. Lobbies 11-15 on any Ship are jumbo-sized soccer fields. Up to 12 people can enter at the same time for a bit of lobby soccer, or Go Go Ball. The rules of Go Go Ball are simple: in the middle of the field, one of several different balls will pop out. At either end of the arena is a goal: one red and one blue. Players are left to choose their own sides, at which point the object becomes simply to kick the ball into the opponents' goal. Simply walking into the ball will give it a light kick, and pressing the X button upon impact will give it a more powerful scoot. After a certain amount of time, the ball on the field will disappear and will momentarily be replaced with a new one. There are seven different types of balls: blue & red "regular" balls, black bomb balls, light blue beach balls (float really high), ChuChu balls, giant ChuChu balls, KapuKapu balls, and giant KapuKapu balls. If you're having trouble keeping track of teams, you can always talk to the guy behind the counter to mark each player with a little colored triangle that floats above the recipient's head.

    -- Comparison --
       Following the massive success of the Dreamcast version, Sonic Team introduced the PC crowd to the PSO world. The PC release found its fanbase among Asian players, but was never released in the US or Europe, probably due to the intense competition already swamping the online PC markets in those territories.

       Essentially a direct port of Dreamcast's PSO Ver.2, the PC version of Sonic Team's first network RPG adds a few new odds and ends. Most notably, the translation system now offers support for Chinese and Korean languages. Servers are set up in Japan and Korea, tapping into the rapidly expanding PC market of the latter. Ships this time are named after constellations. For Japan: Lynx, Cancer, Leo Minor, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Leo, and Sextans. For Korea: Lynx, Cancer, Leo Minor, and Ursa Minor.

       At the outset, the PC version didn't have all the Battle and Challenge rules of its DC counterpart... those modes were offered bit by bit as patches during the months following the PC version's release. Additional patches offered tweaks to the problematic Chinese language option as well as the camera control feature introduced in Version 2. All in all there's nothing substantial enough to make Dreamcast players switch over, although PC players were blessed with a handfull of their own exclusive online events:

    Online Quests
    Title: Dreams of the 3 professors
    Client: ???
    Type: ???
    Quest: A minimum of two players is required to play this quest. A trio of Rappy scientists is working on a rocket experiment, and they need fuel. As long as there's Meseta involved, you don't question the ethics of putting highly combustible chemicals under the care of sub-human lifeforms, so have at it. This quest has numerous endings, but the best ending can only be seen after completing the puzzle from the Asia Campaign event.
    Title: Asia Campaign
    Client: n/a
    Type: Event
    Quest: This event ran from July 19 through August 31, 2002. Players from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea interact in the Lobbies to exchange Symbol Chat puzzle pieces. Each territory has a different set, so players must get international of they intend to collect the whole puzzle. As pieces are collected, the puzzle is put together automatically, unlocking the hidden ending to the "Dreams of the 3 professors" online quest.
    Title: Asia Campaign 2
    Client: n/a
    Type: ???
    Quest: Sequel, as the title may suggest, to the popular Asia Campaign event. The goal is the same: players exchange Symbol Chat pieces to form pre-determined symbols. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are involved this time, and this one ran from December 16, 2002 to January 17, 2003.
    Title: Towards the Future
    Client: Principal
    Type: Defeat
    Quest: This quest is ripped straight from the Dreamcast version. Information can be found above on this very page.

    -- Codes --
  • Change the Camera Angle -- Plug a controller into the Dreamcast's second port. At anytime during gameplay, hold down the L trigger on controller 2 to change the camera angle: D-pad rotates, A zooms in, Y zooms out, and R trigger gives you a pseudo first-person view.

  • See the Ending -- No need to go through all the hassle of actually playing through the game to see the ending: just type URAENDING at the title screen.
    -- Cultural Notes --
    Monkey See: The rare Monkey King Bar item is derived from the legend of the Monkey King, a classical Chinese novel by Wu Ch'eng-en. The legend of the Monkey King, or "The Journey West", chronicles the journey of Son Goku, the monkey king, west to India. In addition to Son Goku's arsenal of magic tricks and superhuman abilities, he also possesses an iron bar that expands or retracts at his command. (The novel was loosely based on the true story of a monk named Xuan Zang, who travelled to India supposedly on foot and translated the Buddhist sutras into Chinese.)

    Oh My Gods: Gods Shield Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku -- Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, and Suzaku are the four gods representing the cardinal directions of the Chinese zodiac. Byakko, the white tiger, represents the eastern quadrant; Suzaku, the red bird, represents the southern quadrant; Seiryu, the blue dragon, represents the western quadrant; and Genbu, the black turtle, represents the northern quadrant.

    Ai Ai Ai: Valentine's Day has only been celebrated in Japan since the late 1950's. The holiday was apparently introduced by a candy manufacturer, who promoted Valentine's as a day for women to confess their love to a man with chocolate. The company began selling heart-shaped chocolates, and while it started slowly, the practice gained popularity with each passing year. But unlike western Valentine's Day where both parties are expected to get involved, Japanese V-Day is only for girls to give chocolate to their sweethearts. In order for men to repay the gesture, chocolate manufacturers invented White Day, which takes place one month later on March 14. Ain't capitalism grand?

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