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Last update: 08/10/09

   Sega's first brush with the mobile explosion came in late 2000 with a series of Java applets designed for Motorola wireless phones. Among the games offered were four with a Sonic theme:

  • Sonic J: A simple platform action game. The object is to get to the end of each course with as many Rings as possible.
  • Sonic's Bomb Squad: An overhead action game. Maneuver Sonic through a maze to locate all the bombs within the time limit.
  • Sonic Head On: A remake of the 1979 Sega coin-op. The player controls Sonic while the rival racecar is replaced with a missile. Dots are replaced with Rings.
  • Sonic Logic: A picture grid logic game with Sonic-related imagery.

   Being pleased with these limited offerings, the kids demanded more and Sega responded with a wider range of mobile content for a number of providers. Sonic Team introduced its own mobile line on January 26, 2001: the Sonic Café, a game service for DoCoMo i-mode customers. (i-mode, which had launched several years earlier, is DoCoMo's mobile internet platform.) The service officially closed in December 2007, though many Sonic Café games are still available through Sega's other mobile labels.

   Following is a list and brief synopsis of every Sonic-related game released as part of the Sonic Café and/or Sega Mobile services.

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog
Release: 06/18/01
Info: A simple platform action game based on Sonic J. The object is to reach the end of each stage with as many Rings as possible. Take damage and all your collected Rings are lost. The game was created as part of Sonic's 10th birthday celebration, and was a freebie download between June 18 and July 31, 2001.

Title: Sonic Tennis
Release: 12/10/01
Info: Sonic breaks from his usual run & jump gig for the first in an ongoing line of sports titles. The original game was later replaced with a graphically enhanced version for newer phone models and Yahoo's Keitai service (formerly Vodafone).

Title: Sonic Golf
Release: 01/28/02
Info: Completely oblivious to the lawsuit Camelot and Nintendo must surely be filing, Sonic puts away the Spin Dash and breaks out the 9 iron.

Title: Speed / Speed DX / Sonic Speed DX
Release: 02/18/02
Info: First in an ongoing series of Sonic-themed table games. The original version was soon replaced with a graphically enhanced and web compatible upgrade called Speed DX. In 2006 the game was upgraded yet again and renamed Sonic Speed DX.

Title: Sonic Fishing
Release: 03/25/02
Info: Unjustly forsaken fat cat Big stars in his own game doing what he does best. Japanese salarymen everywhere enjoy subdued thrill at the socially acceptable opportunity to practice their casting on the train to work.

Title: Sonic Billiards
Release: 04/22/02
Info: Sonic breaks out the cue for his rendition of pool. The original version was soon replaced with a graphically enhanced remake for Yahoo's Keitai service.

Title: Nakayoshi Chao! (なかよしチャオ!)
Release: 05/24/02
Info: It isn't always convenient to carry your Dreamcast VMS or Game Boy Advance with you, but now masochists can enjoy the companionship of a whiny Chao anytime, anywhere. ("Nakayoshi" is Japanese for good friend.)

Title: Sonic Bowling
Release: 07/22/02
Info: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow take their Spin Dash to the pins. Monkey Bowling it ain't, but it beats knocking over pedestrians at the bus stop. Actually it doesn't, but at least it won't get you arrested.

Title: Eggman no Kazuate Panic! (エッグマンのかずあてパニック!)
Release: 09/20/02
Info: Eggman's planted a bomb and there's only one man (or fox) with the skills to match wits with the mad Doc. The title literally translates into "Eggman's number expectation panic", which more or less describes how the game is played. Pop on your thinking cap and try to ascertain the secret number based on Eggman's hints.

Title: Sonic no Jirai Sagashi Game (ソニックの地雷探しゲーム)
Release: 10/21/02
Info: Eggman's fun with explosives continues with this Sonicified rendition of Minesweeper, perennial favorite of office slackers the world over. A grid of squares covers the screen, and mines are hidden randomly in the grid. The object is to locate and mark all the mines by uncovering number squares. The number on each square indicates how many mines are hidden in the 8 squares surrounding it.

Title: Sonic Racing Shift Up (ソニックレーシング SHIFT UP)
Release: 11/18/02
Info: Sonic and Shadow, having been brutally crippled and paralyzed from the hips down, still can't end their vicious rivalry. No longer capable of running to settle their scores, they hop in go-karts and continue racing their vendettas away. Actually, that's not the real story, but it would explain alot.

Title: Sonic Putter (ソニックパター)
Release: 01/27/03
Info: Just in case Sonic Golf is a little too glitzy and complex for those early morning train rides, golf fans have the option of a little easygoing putt-putt to while away those dull pre-work hours. Not quite as efficient a relaxation method as groping schoolgirls, but at least it's free of legal repercussions.

Title: Sonic Darts
Release: 04/21/03
Info: Don't throw darts at people, even the ones who deserve it. Relieve your frustrations with Sonic and Shadow in a friendly game of Shenmue-style darts. In late 2004, the game was replaced with a graphically enhanced version. (In 2005, Sega of America released Sonic Darts in the US via T-Mobile. The US version is compatible with Motorola C650, Samsung X105, Samsung E715, Motorola V300, and Motorola V600 phones.)

Title: Sonic Racing Kart (ソニックレーシング KART)
Release: 07/28/03
Info: Once again, having completely forgotten that he possesses the innate ability to run at the speed of sound, Sonic hops in a go-kart to accommodate his volition for velocity. Go online to download and race against ghost data uploaded by other players.

Title: Sonic Reversi / Sonic Reversi Hyper
Release: 10/27/03
Info: The Sonic rendition of Reversi (aka Othello) is played just like the real thing. The object is to have your color dominate the board by strategically flanking your opponent's pieces with your own. In 2005, the original version was replaced with the graphically enhanced Sonic Reversi Hyper.

Title: Tails no Flying Get (テイルスのフライングゲット)
Release: ??/??/03
Info: Tails gets his turn on the small screen with this mobile rendition of the Sonic Battle minigame. Grab Rings and avoid mines.

Title: Sonic Hopping (ソニックホッピング)
Release: 02/23/04
Info: Sonic hits the pogo stick. The object is to collect all the Rings on the field without falling into pits. The catch is that Sonic can only move two spaces at a time. You get bonus points for finishing quickly and taking fewer steps, so look before you leap.

Title: Sonic Hopping 2 (ソニックホッピング2)
Release: 06/28/04
Info: Sonic hits the pogo stick again for another set of puzzles in the same vein as the original. This time he's in a factory, complete with trap floors.

Title: Sonic Hearts
Release: 07/26/04
Info: Having grown weary of Speed, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles shuffle the deck for a more slow-paced game of Hearts.

Title: Sonic Panel Puzzle
Release: 09/22/04
Info: With Eggman as your cursor, piece together various character portraits from Sonic Battle. Record times can be uploaded to a network ranking to determine the fastest panel-slinger around.

Title: Sonicgammon (ソニックギャモン)
Release: 10/25/04
Info: The game that is today known as backgammon is thought to have evolved from the traditional Indian pachisi, though variations exist throughout Asia. Sonic and Eggman have chosen this venerable board game as the battleground for their latest vendetta.

Title: Sonic no Daifugou (ソニックの大富豪)
Release: 01/24/05
Info: Sonic and company's next venture into the world of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades involves the Japanese card game Daifugou (great millionaire).

Title: Sonic Jump
Release: 02/21/05
Info: Sonic vaults ever upward on vertically oriented courses with plaforms, Rings, and enemies. Bonus points are earned based on the number of Rings Sonic has when he reaches the goal, and also how speedily he was able to get there. There are a total of 7 stages, each with a boss at the peak: Green Hill Zone, Blue Sky Zone, Mechanical Zone, Mountain Zone, Jungle Zone, Cosmic Zone, and the final Bonus Zone.

Title: Amy no Page One (エミーのページワン)
Release: ??/??/05
Info: Amy, Rouge, Cream, and a Hero Chao I guess we can assume to be female sit down for a 4-way game of Page One, a card game I've never heard of and can find no information on outside of Japanese websites, where it is, ironically, known as American Page One. Baffling.

Title: Sonic Kart 3DX
Release: ??/??/05
Info: A 3D sequel to previous Café entry, Sonic Racing Kart. Players race for the best times in a national ranking. Grand Prix mode consists of 5 courses, while Time Attack allows you to hone your skills on any one of those tracks.

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog
Release: ??/??/05
Info: A mobile rendition of the original Mega Drive Sonic 1. Early versions lack Special Stages and graphical features such as frolicking animals, though these technical limitations were surmounted in later releases. Cleared Zones can be replayed any time and high scores can be uploaded to a national ranking. (For more information, see the Sonic 1 museum page.)

Title: Shadow Shoot
Release: ??/??/06
Info: Dr. Eggman, in a shock move nobody could've predicted, has stolen a Chaos Emerald, and it's up to Shadow to retrieve the jewel. Players control the blackened hedgehog as he dashes through various stages and pummels assorted robots in his pursuit. The speed of Shadow's trot can be altered by running over the directional dash panels on the ground, and enemies can be taken out with a gun or the traditional Spin Dash. Rings serve their customary function as Shadow's lifebar. Spin Dash enemies in rapid succession to form combos for big points. When you're finished, go online to view the highest scores and perhaps upload your own.

Title: Sonic Golf 3D
Release: ??/??/06
Info: Sonic tackles a 9 hole course in this 3D sequel to one of the Café's earliest titles. Good shots earn Rings which can be used to purchase additional clubs, balls, accessories, special shots, and playable characters. In addition to the normal game, there's a training mode, online ranking, and download shop for swapping out courses.

Title: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Release: ??/??/06
Info: A mobile rendition of the original Mega Drive Sonic 2. A Stage Select option allows players to return to any previously accessed Zone while high scores are automatically uploaded to a national ranking. Later versions of the game feature a graphically enhanced title screen and a new Attack Mode, an endurance game of successive Special Stages or boss fights. (For more information, see the Sonic 2 museum page.)

Title: Sonic no 7narabe (ソニックの7ならべ)
Release: 06/26/06
Info: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy return to the card table for a rousing game of Shichinarabe (aka Fantan aka Sevens aka Parliament). Eggman represents the all-important joker.

Title: Sonic no Napoleon (ソニックのナポレオン)
Release: ??/??/06
Info: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman gather round the card table once again for a few hands of British card game Napoleon (aka Nap).

Title: Sonic no Jigen Ressha (ソニックの時限列車)
Release: 07/30/07
Info: Eggman's corralling helpless animals to rebuild Eggmanland via his new transport train, the Egg Liner. Naturally, Sonic's snuck aboard to gum up the works. The goal is to reach the end of each wagon within the time limit. There are a total of 7 Zones with high scores automatically uploaded to a national ranking.

Title: Sonic no Casino Poker (ソニックのCasino Poker)
Release: ??/??/07
Info: Customize an avatar and test your skill against the mighty blue swine and his posse in 7 card stud. (Nevermind that none of the cast are old enough to be legally gambling.) This was the last game released under the Sonic Café label.

Title: Sonic Jump 2
Release: 05/??/08
Info: Sequel to the orginal platform-springing Sonic Jump. Sonic raids Eggman's latest space satellite to retrieve the 7 Chaos Emeralds, but an explosion sends the jewels flying to all corners of the planet. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles search the globe for the gems. There are a total of 7 stages with the same names and themes from Sonic Jump 1, but with updated graphics.

Title: Sonic at the Olympic Games
Release: 07/??/08
Info: An Olympic-themed collection of minigames starring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. At the moment, this is only available in the US under the Sega Mobile label.

Title: Sonic Dash Quiz (ソニックダッシュクイズ)
Release: 04/??/09
Info: A quiz game with sprites from Sonic Advance / Battle and backdrops from older games in the series. Once the correct answer has been identified, players (as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Shadow) race to tag the colored ring with the matching answer.

Title: Sonic Unleashed
Release: 06/??/09
Info: A Sonic Rush-esque rendition of the console original from Gameloft.

Title: Sonic Bowling
Release: 12/16/09
Info: A graphically enhanced remake of the old Sonic Café title.

Title: Sonic Golf DX
Release: 02/01/10
Info: A graphically enhanced remake of the old Sonic Café title.

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