March 9:
    • Title: Sonic Shuffle
      Region: Europe
      Platform: Sega Dreamcast
      Developer: Sega Enterprises
      Publisher: Sega Europe
      PEGI Rating: n/a
      Retail: ???

      Producer: Shuji Utsumi
      Director: Hidenori Oikawa

    June 23:
    • Title: Sonic Adventure 2
      Region: Japan, North America, Europe
      Platform: Sega Dreamcast
      Developer: Sonic Team USA
      Publisher: Sega Corporation
      CERO/ESRB Rating: n/a, E
      Retail: 5,800, $49.99

      Producer: Yuji Naka
      Director: Takashi Iizuka
      Notes: Sega launched a "Sonic 10th Anniversary" campaign to coincide with the release of Sonic Adventure 2. A limited edition Birthday Pack version of the game includes a music CD containing classic Sonic tunes, a commemorative coin, and a pamphlet of Sonic history.
      1. Title Music (Sonic 1)
      2. Green Hill Zone
      3. Star Light Zone
      4. Special Stage (Sonic 1)
      5. Final Zone
      6. All Clear (Sonic 1)
      7. Emerald Hill Zone
      8. Casino Night Zone
      9. Special Stage (Sonic 2)
      10. All Clear (Sonic 2)
      11. Title Music (Sonic 3)
      12. Title Music (Sonic & Knuckles)
      13. Angel Island Zone
      14. Sky Sanctuary Zone
      15. Special Stage (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
      16. Sonic - You Can Do Anything
      17. Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself
      18. Super Sonic Racing
      19. Can You Feel the Sunshine?
      20. Number One
      21. Open Your Heart
      22. My Sweet Passion
      23. SA2 Vox Trax

    • The "Sonic Factory," a section of Sega Direct devoted to handling Sonic merchandise, opens at the Sonic Team website. The first items put on sale were a pair extremely high quality (and expensive) Sonic 10th anniversary collectibles: a sterling silver ring and a 210mm Polystone statue. In 2002, a crystal cube featuring a 3D Sonic laser-etched into the interior was added to the shop. All 3 items are limited to 500 in the world, and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

    August 22:
    • Title: Cuts Unleashed: SA2 Vocal Collection
      Source: Sonic Adventure 2
      Artist: Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani
      Vocals: Johnny Gioeli, Tony Harnell, Ted Poley, Kaz Silver, Marlon Saunders, Hunnid-P, Tabitha Fair, Todd Cooper, Everett Bradley, Paul Shortino
      Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment
      Retail: ???

      Notes: Contains the vocal songs from Sonic Adventure 2. Leave the disc running after the 8th track and you'll sit through about 6 minutes of silence before the instrumental versions kick in. The package includes a rectangular sticker featuring Sonic and Shadow.
      1. It Doesn't Matter
      2. Escape from the City
      3. Believe in Myself
      4. Unknown From M.E.
      5. Fly in the Freedom
      6. Throw it All Away
      7. E.G.G.M.A.N.
      8. Live & Learn
      9. Tracks 9-91 each contain four seconds of absolutely nothing.
      10. (92) It Doesn't Matter (karaoke)
      11. (93) Escape From the City (karaoke)
      12. (94) Believe in Myself (karaoke)
      13. (95) Unknown From M.E. (karaoke)
      14. (96) Fly in the Freedom (karaoke)
      15. (97) Throw it All Away (karaoke)
      16. (98) E.G.G.M.A.N. (karaoke)
      17. (99) Live & Learn (karaoke)

    September 5:
    • Title: Multi-Dimensional
      Source: Sonic Adventure 2
      Artist: Jun Senoue, Tomoya Ohtani, Fumie Kumatani, Kenichi Tokoi
      Publisher: Marvelous Entertainment
      Retail: ???

      Notes: Packaged in an oversized double jewel case along with 2 mini posters and a monochrome sticker of Sonic with the phrase: "You wanna be a hero?"
      Disc 1:
      1. SA2
      2. Event: Let's Make It!
      3. Escape From the City
      4. The Mad Convoy Race
      5. That's the Way I Like It
      6. Can't Stop, So What!?
      7. Won't Stop, Just Go!
      8. Keys the Ruin
      9. Unstable World
      10. Highway in the Sky
      11. Boss: -GUN- Mobile
      12. Advertise: SA2 in the Groove
      13. Event: Strategy
      14. This Way Out
      15. Rumbling HWY
      16. Chasing Drive
      17. Down in the Base
      18. On the Edge
      19. Advertise: SA2 ver.B
      20. Kick the Rock!
      21. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup
      22. Dive into the Mellow
      23. Deeper
      24. Space Trip Steps
      25. Boss: Masters of the Desert
      26. Event: Reunion
      27. Advertise: Prof. Omochao
      28. Chao Race Extended Mix (Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix)
      29. Chao Garden Extended Mix (Chao's Wack-Wack Up&Down the Ground Mix)
      Disc 2:
      1. Vengeance is Mine
      2. Rhythm and Balance
      3. Mr. Unsmiley
      4. The Supernatural
      5. For True Story
      6. Event: Conquest
      7. Hey You! It's Time to Speed Up Again!!!
      8. Still Invincible ...No Fear!
      9. Advertise: Rhythmic Passage
      10. Boss: Suitable Opponent
      11. Remember Me? - M.F.M.
      12. Way to the Base
      13. Trespasser
      14. Crush 'em All
      15. Soarin' Over the Space
      16. Event: 3 Black Noises (Revival... Chaos Control... Reflection)
      17. Advertise: SA2 ver.C
      18. Event: Sonic vs. Shadow
      19. Bright Sound
      20. Lovely Gate 3
      21. I'm a Spy
      22. 34N, 12E
      23. Event: The Base
      24. Boss: Shut Up Faker!
      25. Scramble for the Core
      26. Cooperation
      27. Deep Inside Of
      28. Supporting Me
      29. Event: Madness
      30. Event: The Last Scene
      31. Live & Learn

    December 20:
    • Title: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
      Region: Japan
      Platform: Nintendo GameCube
      Developer: Sonic Team USA
      Publisher: Sega Corporation
      CERO Rating: n/a
      Retail: 6,800

      Producer: Yuji Naka
      Director: Takashi Iizuka
      Notes: A port of the Dreamcast original with enhanced graphics and some additional versus modes.
    • Title: Sonic Advance
      Region: Japan
      Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
      Developer: Dimps
      Publisher: Sega Corporation
      CERO Rating: n/a
      Retail: 5,800

      Producer: Yuji Naka
      Director: Akinori Nishiyama

    December 28:
    • Corocoro Comics begins publishing "Dash & Spin: Chousoku Sonic" in Japan. The comic features story and art by Santa Harukaze. (Corocoro is a subsidiary of publishing giant Shogakukan, who had published the original Shogaku Yonensei Sonic comic nine years prior.)

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