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GHZ Art Contest

Post by Segaholic2 »

We received a lot of awesome entries for our contest. Now the polls are up and the contest really begins! Vote for the <a href="viewtopic.php?t=1996">best</a> and <a href="viewtopic.php?t=1995">worst</a> submissions!

You need a GHZ Forum account before you can vote. Also, make very sure you've selected who you intend to vote for, because you can't change your vote after it's cast. The polls will be closed one week from now, so make sure you get your vote in before then.

First prize in "best art" is a brand-new copy of Sonic and the Secret Rings! Two runners-up will receive a Sonic game of their choice from a selection. The winner of the "worst art" poll will receive a surprise prize.

Links to the poll threads and all the entries are below. (I would advise caution when viewing the "bad art" submissions...)

Good luck to everyone who entered!

<center><a href="viewtopic.php?t=1996">BEST ART</a>
<a href=" ... .png"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic fights Robotnik. WOW!"></a> <a href=" ... .png"><img src=" ..." alt="Tails's goggles are goofy."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic leaps out of the page because he's that fast or some shit."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Tails and Knuckles look pretty dumbfounded at the event."></a>
<a href=" ... .png"><img src=" ..." alt="I guess this guy likes Sonic the Fighters a lot."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="I hear this guy draws a comic."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="NAKA IS SATAN"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic looks really smug."></a>
<a href=" Lee-classickidnapping.jpg"><img src="" alt="This drawing has a watermark, so you know it's good."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="I don't know what this has to do with Sonic Rush."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="This entry was late. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="This entry kind of cheats because it's really two drawings but okay."></a>
<a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic is pretty blue."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic looks evil."></a>

<a href="viewtopic.php?t=1995">WORST ART</a>
<a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="I AM DANG EVIL!"></a> <a href=" Cara-GHZContestW.png"><img src="" alt="This entry probably took actual effort."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="I think they're high."></a> <a href=" Penguin-sonic.jpg"><img src="" alt="This probably took like ten seconds to make."></a>
<a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="There is a penis in this picture."></a> <a href=" Johnman-ContestEntry.jpg"><img src="" alt="This actually isn't what it looks like."></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="Sonic sure looks happy."></a> <a href=" Lee-badsonmetaldither.jpg"><img src="" alt="This is making my nipples hard."></a>
<a href=" ... .png"><img src=" ..." alt="I would play this game."></a> <a href=" ... .png"><img src=" ..." alt="mspaint lol"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="mspaint lol take two"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="How rude!"></a>
<a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="HOLY SHIT! FAP FAP FAP"></a> <a href=" ... .jpg"><img src=" ..." alt="I'm pretty sure this guy isn't in any of the games."></a></center>

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