Revenge of the nerds

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by Bo »

I just want to say that I finally read through this thread and endorse every aspect of it.

Good work; I expect some conclusions to be reached.

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by Dr. BUGMAN »

Did that damned tanuki build an engine that's powered by the power of team work, or am I nuts. Seems pretty blatant emotions are a fuel source in Sonic's reality, question mark??

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by Yami CJMErl »

Maybe it's following the same premise about how the Chaos Emeralds can be powered/re-powered by positive or negative emotions, a la Sonic Adventure?

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by Frieza2000 »




Random thoughts from a conversation with Chris:
  • SA1 was right on the heels of Chaotix, so it'd make sense that they were considering using it.
  • The concept artist was probably given some vague direction like "draw some ideas for Emerald shrines and Echidna ruins." So any one of these pictures is probably not a fully-fleshed out and finalized concept. There are similarities to what we saw in the final product of Sonic Adventure, but there are also similarities to what is described in Sonic 3 and perhaps Chaotix.
  • #3 could be an early version of the emerald shrine from the past, given the large Chaos/Super Emeralds surrounding it. However, it has echidna icons carved in the base, so either this is before they decided to retcon the legend (shifting possession of the shrine to the Chao), or this is actually on Angel Island in the present, in which case it could be an early version of the new altar that the Master Emerald was transported to between S&K and Chaotix (makes a lot more sense than the cheap one floating over the side of the island), or it could be a new area specific to the Pillar (probably directly beneath Hidden Palace, since Eggman was [almost certainly] transported to Hidden Palace in Chaotix and witnessed Pillar energy crystallize right there).
  • The bottom two pictures both have elements of the Chao shrine. The 4th one definitely appears underground similar to the description of the Pillar in Sonic 3. It's hard to tell if the 3rd one is also underground or just glowing at night (perhaps the night that the elders tried to direct the Emerald's power for themselves and caused an explosion).
  • It's possible that all or some of these are one building. 1 is the outside of the structure (doorway between its feet), 2 is a hallway leading to 4, which is the outer shell of the structure containing 3.
  • 4 definitely looks like...the most important thing we've ever seen. Very raw looking giant emerald floating over it, surrounded by floating emerald shards. From memory, the only time we've seen unpolished emerald pieces like that was the small bits of emerald that appeared to be growing around the Master Emerald in S&K.
    Maybe that chunk on top of the dome is still growing. Maybe that's crystallized Pillar energy. Food for my pet theory from page 8 about it being a horizontally oriented mono-directional portal.
  • It's clearly a nexus at the center of something. Those tubes could be anything, but given that it's Sonic I bet they're entrances that you roll in through.
  • There appear to be flowers growing on top of the dome, just outside the circle. And there are hourglasses with different amounts of sand carved around the sides.
  • The Pillar is described as sleeping in Sonic 3 and being controlled by the Chaos Emeralds, but in Chaotix it is active (Pillar energy is released, crystallizing into Chaos Rings) despite there being no Chaos Emeralds present. Did Sonic unknowingly reawaken the Pillar in S&K? Is this what transformed the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds?
  • Was the idea that, in the past, the Chaos Emeralds were brought to what would become Angel Island and they caused the Pillar to release it's energy, which crystallized into the Master Emerald and lifted the island? Like how that same energy caused Neutrogic High Zone to raise out of the ocean?
This is a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH. It's almost certainly not the Master Emerald because it looks nothing like it, but it's at the center of an emerald shrine so it's obviously important. The Pillar is the only pre-existing thing that fits the bill.

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by Locit »

Am I the only one who can't see the pillar images and has no idea what the hell Frieza is talking about?

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Re: Revenge of the nerds

Post by j-man »

Frieza2000 wrote:
Sun Nov 15, 2020 1:55 am
Take a look at the bottom left image in particular - definitely seems to be a crystal pillar, rather than an Emerald on a stone plinth like the final game.

It's all very exciting! I like perving over concept art at the best of times, especially Sonic stuff as it seems a lot harder to come by, but the story ramifications are quite significant. I'm not particularly enamoured with the idea of a Sonic Adventure remake, unlike most of these Discord fandom goblins, but I'd certainly love to see a new game with similar storytelling and visual style - maybe even something that fleshes out the world-building and Echidna/Emerald lore, although I realise that's probably pushing it at this point.

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