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    Title (Japan)
    Title (Europe)
       Tails Adventure
    Title (USA)
       Tails Adventure
       Sega Game Gear
       4M cartridge
       CERO: 全年齢
       ESRB: K-A

    :: Release Info ::
       September 22, 1995
       September, 1995
       November, 1995

    :: Game Credits ::
       Katsuhiro Hasegawa
       Katsuhiro Hasegawa
       M. Shimamura
       O. Kodera
       N. Honda
       S. Higashi
       K. Oikawa
       H. Saigusa
       Y. Makishima
    Sound Producer
       "K. Mixa"

    :: Platforms ::
    Sega Game Gear
       Tails Adventure
    Sony PlayStation 2
       Sonic Gems Collection
    Nintendo GameCube
       Sonic Adventure DX
       Sonic Gems Collection

    Windows PC
       Sonic Adventure DX
       TBS GameTap

    :: Tails Adventure ::
    Last update: 09/03/06

    :: Quick Jump ::
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    :: Story ::
       Far away in the southern Pacific there exists a tiny island that can't be found on any map. In ancient times, this island was part of a coral reef that was pulled to the surface by the power of the Chaos Emeralds. It's here on this beautiful oasis, Cocoa Island, that Tails resided in the years prior to his first encounter with Sonic. One day while snoozing in the shade next to his jungle workshop, Tails is rudely awakened by a huge explosion from the island's interior. A frantic Flicky explains to the stunned fox that the island has just been invaded by the Battle Kukku empire, an army of belligerent bird warriors intent on world domination. Great Battle Kukku 15th has learned that the legendary Chaos Emeralds sleep on Cocoa Island, and he's launched a large-scale mining operation to unearth the mystic gems. If the Battle Kukku empire obtains the Emeralds, it will only be a matter of time before their wicked ambitions are realized. Tails, being the heroic type, abandons his repose and heads into his workshop to gear up for combat.
    :: Gameplay Info ::
       Young Prower's second handheld excursion bears (thankfully) little resemblance to his first, and proves to be a surprisingly playable nugget of platform adventure. Tails doesn't run so fast in these early days prior to his liaison with a certain hedgehog of blue, but he makes up for it with a sizable armory of explosives and other useful gadgets. As new power-ups are unearthed from the nooks and crannies of the island, additional areas of the map become accessible. As with most games of the sort, the ongoing quest to fortify Tails' atelier and ultimately progress through the island entails plenty of backtracking, making the whole affair a bit less straightforward than other games in the series.

       Tails begins the game with a 10 point health meter, about 3 seconds on the flight gauge, and an arsenal consisting solely of Normal Bombs. Health can be replenished by grabbing Rings, which randomly drop from shattered stones and defeated enemies (or, rarely, lie right out in the open). If the life Ring gauge hits 0, the proverbial gig is up. Both health and flight gauges can be extended by collecting Chaos Emeralds.

    walk -- Tails' basic movement. Press left or right on the D-pad to have Tails march in either direction.
    look up -- While standing still, press up on the D-pad to make Tails gaze to the heavens. As you hold up, the camera pans upward, giving you a view of Tails' overhead surroundings.
    crouch -- While standing still, press down on the D-pad to make Tails duck. As you hold down, the camera pans downward, giving you a view of the stage beneath where Tails stands.
    jump -- Press button 2 to have Tails leap into the air. The height of the jump is proportional to how long you hold the button down.
    action -- Press button 1 to have Tails activate the currently equipped item (ie, toss a bomb).
    fly -- Press up and button 2 or jump then tap button 2 while in midair to have Tails take to the sky. His trajectory can be controlled with the D-pad. Tap button 1 while airborne to drop bombs (if equipped) or button 2 to cut the flight short and fall back to the ground. Tails' air time is measured by a gauge on the left side of the screen: when it hits empty, Tails gets exhausted and falls into whatever dangers may lurk below. (The gauge can be extended by collecting Chaos Emeralds.)
    push -- Walk up to a wall or heavy object and Tails will attempt to push the offending block out of his path.
    climb -- Walk up to a low wall to have Tails grab onto the ledge and pull himself up. While standing on a ledge, press down to have Tails lower himself in the same manner.

       Tails begins the game with his cupboard rather bare: only Normal Bombs are available for immediate withdrawal. Additional weapons must be acquired from Item Boxes hidden in each stage. Once an item has been picked up, it can be equipped at any time in Tails' workshop (Tails House). Most items are necessary to proceed, but a few are only around for novelty's sake.

    Normal Bomb (ノーマルボム) -- Tails begins the game with these in his inventory. They'll blow up enemies and basic stone barriers.
    Great Bomb (グレートボム) -- This powerful bomb kills all enemies on screen and is the only way to destroy strong barriers, but it takes several seconds to detonate after being placed.
    Remocon Bomb (リモコンボム) -- This bomb will not detonate until you will it to do so by tapping button 1 (it explodes automatically if it hits an enemy).
    Napalm Dan (ナパームだん) -- Toss this bomb on the ground to create a wave of flame that destroys everything in its path, including objects above. It's the only way to clear through tall grass.
    Combo Bomb (コンボボム) -- An enhanced version of the Normal Bomb with a wider explosion radius. They shake the screen upon impact (which gets annoying).
    Pikkon Hammer (ピッコンハンマー) -- Make like a certain girl hedgehog and take out your frustrations on enemies and stone barriers with this fine mallet.
    Boots (ブーツ) -- Hold down button 1 with this item equipped to make Tails run.
    Helmet (ヘルメット) -- Hold down button 1 with this item equipped and Tails will cower under a giant helmet, making him invulnerable. Unfortunately, movement is impossible while the helmet is active.
    Radio (ラジオ) -- At any time during any stage, press button 1 to change the BGM.
    Item Radar (アイテムレーダー) -- This convenient piece of equipment will let you know if there are any unacquired items remaining in a stage.
    Spanner (スパナ) -- This wrench will reverse the direction of the conveyor belts in Battle Kukku 2.
    Tebukuro (てぶくろ) -- With the glove equipped, press button 1 next to a rock to lift it into the air. Press button 1 again to place it down, or press button 2 to throw it.
    Night Scope (ナイトスコープ) -- With the infrared goggles equipped, tap button 1 to light up the pitch dark passages of Pori Pori mountain 2.
    Tensouki (てんそうき) -- With the teleport item equipped, tap button 1 at any time during any stage to warp back to Tails House.
    Sonic (ソニック) -- Tap button 1 to roll into a stationary spin and release to zip forward with a sort of pseudo Spin Dash. It can also be used to destroy blocks.
    Knuckles (ナックルズ) -- Press button 1 to launch a risky close range (and altogether useless) punch attack.
    Fang (ファング) -- Carry this item along with you into any stage to increase the chances that a destroyed enemy will drop a Ring.
    Mecha Tails (メカテイルス) -- This tiny all-terrain robot can squeeze into tight passages that Tails himself can't. With the robot equipped, press button 1 to switch control from Tails to Mecha Tails. The robo fox can walk, jump, and fly, but has no offensive techniques and will warp back to Tails upon taking damage. Press button 1 at any time to call Mecha Tails back and resume control of Tails senior. (This item also transforms into the Sea Tail, allowing access to the submarine stages.)
    Chaos Emerald (カオスエメラルド) -- There are 6 Chaos Emeralds hidden throughout the game: red, green, purple, white, blue, and yellow. Each one extends Tails' life meter by 10 points and his flight gauge by a few seconds. If you've got 5 Emeralds and procure the sixth, Tails' life meter shoots up to its maximum of 99. (Note that Emeralds can't be equipped but are always active.)

       In addition to being a spelunker of tight spaces, the Mecha Tails robot can also transform into the Sea Tail, Tails' single-seater submarine from Sonic & Tails 2. Once the miniature robo fox has been obtained, Tails has access to Rocky's sea, the submarine stage. Controls for the Sea Tail are straightforward: the D-pad controls movement, button 1 activates the equipped weapon, and button 2 reverses the ship's orientation. The sub comes pre-equipped with the Vulcan gun, but additional weapons can be obtained from Item Boxes on land.

    Vulcan (バルカン) -- A rapid fire gun and the Sea Tails' default weapon.
    Mirror Armor (ミラーアーマー) -- Press button 1 with the Mirror Armor equipped to imbue the Sea Tail with sparkling invincibility.
    Jet Screw (ジェットスクリュー) -- Once equipped, this item lets the Sea Tail charge up speed to make dashing leaps, necessary to scale the waterfalls of Puru Puru lake.
    Rocket Parts (ロケットパーツ) -- This attachment allows the Sea Tail to fly, necessary to reach Battle Kukku 1.
    Proton Gyorai (プロトンぎょらい) -- Powerful torpedos that home in on enemy subs.
    Taikuu Missile (たいくうミサイル) -- Anti-aircraft missile. These missiles fire directly upward, adequate for destroying barriers or enemies directly overhead.
    Kirai (きらい) -- Sea mines that drop from the Sea Tail's poo-poo end, used for destroying barriers and enemies directly below.
    Dengeki (でんげき) -- Creates a strong electrical field around the Sea Tail, clearing the screen of all enemies and mines.

       The Battle Kukku army consists of only a few distinct sets of troops, but the stone throwing blue soldiers are capable of piloting a variety of machines, increasing the otherwise rudimentary roster of enemies. The bad birds can be fried up extra crispy with the bomb of your choice, and will occasionally drop an HP-replenishing Ring.

    ??? -- This hovercraft, manned by the stone-throwing troops, flies just off the ground and is equipped with a powerful flame-thrower.
    ??? -- This walking machine, manned by the stone-throwing troops, lumbers along the ground and is equipped with a cannon that has significant recoil issues.
    Nezu (ネズ) -- These robo mice sit still until Tails approaches, then they run up to his side (they won't attack him directly) and deposit a tiny bomb. Their business done, they return to their roost. ("Nezumi" is Japanese for mouse.)
    ??? -- Like all bat enemies in every videogame ever made, these bots hang upside down on the ceiling and swoop down when the hero approaches.
    ??? -- Drill-headed mole bots that pop in and out of the ground.
    Bomb Nage Sentouin (ボム投げ戦闘員) -- Bomb-throwing combatant. These short birds run up to Tails just long enough to fling a lit bomb, then dash for cover.
    Jump Sentouin (ジャンプ戦闘員) -- Jump combatant. These agile birds leap precariously around the terrain.
    Touseki Sentouin (投石戦闘員) -- Stone-throwing combatant. These blue-headed birds, when not in command of machinery, stand helplessly in place and toss stones at approaching foxes.
    ??? -- These sub-riding stone tossers dash across the screen. If they happen to spot Tails, they'll pause briefly to fire a projectile, then retreat.
    ??? -- These bird bombers flap above the surface of the water and drop turd-looking bombs with their feet.
    ??? -- Beehives are guarded by an endless stream of worker bees and are difficult to pass unless destroyed. Once the hive has been bombed, the exposed queen bee promptly assaults Tails. She won't relent until destroyed.
    Little Kukku (リトルクック) -- These pint-sized berzerker birds seem altogether unaware of their diminutive stature and will repeatedly assault Tails with flurries of kicks.
    ??? -- These jump troops roll logs downstream in Puru Puru lake.
    Shoukyokuteki Sentouin (消極的戦闘員) -- Passive combatant. These green birds prefer to avoid confrontation and snipe from some very obvious hiding places. They can't be damaged while ducking, so you have to wait for them to stand up.
    ??? -- These dogfighting red birds soar with the wildest of abandon, and if they somehow fail to smash directly into you, they fire projectiles to get the job done.
    ??? -- Stone-throw troops man the cannons of Battle Kukku 1. They can only be damaged from above.

       Tails' destination may be decided from an overhead map screen, with each flashing point representing an accessible stage. At the outset, the only playable area (aside from Tails House) is Poloy's forest, but additional levels become accessible by clearing each point on the map. Some stages have multiple exits, each leading to a different area of the island, but quite often you'll find that your path is blocked by some obstacle insurmountable with your existing equipment. In typical adventure game fashion, the only course of action is to circumnavigate these forbidden zones until you eventually obtain the item necessary to surmount the obstacle du jour. As such, there's plenty of backtracking involved, especially to stages with multiple exits. Sporadic boss fights are mixed in to break up the repetition, but each boss encounter only occurs once: after the battle has been won, the coast is clear for exploration.

    Tails House -- This isn't a playable stage, but a hub for swapping equipment and other mundane affairs. Drop in to gear up for the next stage, toggle between normal and Sea Tail modes, get your current password, and replenish Tails' HP.

    Poloy no Mori -- Poloy's forest. The woods are ablaze ala Sonic 3's Angel Island Zone. Tails can bounce on blue springs to reach high places, but you'll have to push the spring along the ground to align it with your destination. The R Chaos Emerald, Boots, and Radio can be found in this stage.

    Boss: The bird walker lumbers slowly along the ground, spouting flame from the front. The contraption goes down after 10 hits, leaving the oh-so-valuable Mecha Tails up for grabs.

    Padon Tunnel -- The Battle Kukku birds don't linger in the underground regions of Cocoa Island, but they've left mechanical critters to hold down the fort. Watch for fireballs when leaping over pits of magma. Be sure to grab the Pikkon Hammer, Remocon Bomb, and G Chaos Emerald.

    Pori Pori Yama 1 -- The exterior peaks of Pori Pori mountain are windy: leap fearlessly into updrafts for a quick trip upwards. There are no essential power-ups here, but if you're a completist, look for the Helmet, Tebukuro, and Knuckles items. Note that the BGM for this stage is a revamped version of Sonic 2's Aqua Lake.

    Boss: Battle Kukku 16th (バトルクック16世) -- The boss is Battle Kukku 16th, son of Great Battle Kukku 15th. His nickname is Speedy, which is a title well-earned. Speedy tries to impede your ascent by dashing from top to bottom. You can't damage him, so don't even try. Just fly like the dickens, and once you've reached the top the green dude will fly off and drop the P Chaos Emerald.

    Rocky no Umi -- Rocky's sea. This large underwater stage is a hub to many different locations, but right now you'll only be able to access Brocco Tou and Puru Puru Ko, the latter of which you aren't ready for. Take the straightforward path and watch out for floating mines. There are no power-ups in this stage.

    Brocco-tou -- Brocco island. Use the currents in this labyrinthine underwater cavern to get around, but try not to get lost or you'll end up back at the beginning of the stage. Keep an eye open for the Kirai and Napalm Dan power-ups, two items that you'll need later on.

    Boss: Mecha Golem 5-gou (メカゴーレム5号) -- This bird-controlled robo eggplant lumbers around and slashes at Tails with its long arm. Damage it enough and the armor flies off, lowering its defenses but increasing its speed. The Golem can now slash in all directions, and when it slams its fist into the ground a large missile drops from above to wherever you're standing unless you keep your fuzzy butt on the move. Defeat the Mecha Golem and you're rewarded with the Taikuu Missile.

    Rocky no Umi -- Back to Rocky no Umi. Be sure to equip the Taikuu Missile you just got from Brocco Tou, and head upward at the first opportunity to take on another boss.

    Boss: This Kukku battleship is manned by a trio of bird goons. Stay below, avoid the flurry of projectiles, and rock the boat with a stream of Taikuu Missiles.

    Guririn-tou -- This uninhabited jungle islet is infested with bees and the Kukku army's micro special forces. Use the Napalm bombs to burn through dried grass. Don't leave without the Jet Screw, Night Scope, and W Chaos Emerald items.

    Rocky no Umi -- Back to Rocky's sea. This time, take the upper path in the latter portion of the stage to access Puru Puru Ko.
    Puru Puru-ko -- Puru Puru lake. Make like a horny salmon and leap your way upstream in this short yet excruciating stage. You'll need the Jet Screw item you found in Guririn Tou to make charged leaps over waterfalls. Watch out for rolling logs floating downstream.

    Pori Pori Yama 2 -- The interior of Pori Pori mountain is pitch black, so you'll need the Night Scope item to light up the path. The interior cavern is vast, but strong downdrafts keep you from flying. Keep your eyes peeled for the Item Radar, Fang, and Great Bomb items.

    Poloy no Mori -- Head back to square one to access Caron no Mori and pick up the Dengeki item, if you wish. You'll need the Napalm Dan to progress.
    Caron no Mori -- Caron's forest. The flames haven't spread to this area of the island, but the Battle Kukku army has penetrated the otherwise pristine jungle. Grab the B Chaos Emerald, Combo Bomb, Sonic, and Proton Gyorai items before heading out.

    Padon Tunnel -- Head back into Padon Tunnel and use the Great Bomb to bust through the previously insurmountable wall in the lower half of the stage.
    Boss: Sally forth through the tunnel and you will eventually encounter a Mecha Golem like the one you defeated in Brocco Tou. He relentlessly showers the screen with machine gun fire: land 9 hits to blow off his armor. Once the armor is gone, the Golem adds electric homing pulses to his machine gun fire. Land another 16 hits (total of 25) to finish off the robo eggplant of doom. It's a difficult fight unless you're sneaky and find the hidden path that takes you directly behind the Golem, allowing you to destroy the machine at your leisure with Remocon Bombs. However you choose to play, trash the Golem to be rewarded with Mirror Armor.

    Rocky no Umi -- Sick of this place yet? Be sure to equip the Kirai item you acquired way back in Brocco Tou, the Proton Gyorai you scored in Caron no Mori, and the Mirror Armor you just won from Padon Tunnel. Use the Kirai mines to poop an opening through the lower portion of the stage. You'll need the Mirror Armor to make it past the Kukku army's impressive underwater defenses. When you encounter a pipe with birds streaming out of it, destroy the spawn point with a few Proton Gyorai shots. Exit stage right, and you will be on your merry way to Kukku Tou.
    Kukku-tou -- Tails has made it into the Kukku army's hidden base. You can pass through arrow panels only when you're heading in the direction the arrow points: try to turn back and the panels act as walls. Once you've cleared this stage you can't return, so be sure to grab the Y Chaos Emerald and Tensouki items on your first trip through.

    Boss: Dr. Fukurokov (Dr.フクロコフ) -- This bearded owl from the Battle Kukku Teikoku Academy can't be attacked head-on: as soon as Tails approaches, he gets booted into a trap chamber filled with spikes, lasers, and a lone safe platform. There's a narrow passageway in the wall that can be blasted open with a few bombs: hack out a tunnel, stand on the platform, and break out Mecha Tails to do the dirty work. Maneuver the robot through the passage until it reaches a platform above Fukurokov. There's a rock on the platform: push it over the edge and bean the old bird. ("Fukurou" is Japanese for owl.)

    Battle Kukku 1 -- After defeating Dr. Fukurokov, Kukku island rises from the sea to reveal its true form: the Battle Kukku empire's aerial battleship. Equip the Rocket Parts to transform the Sea Tail into a makeshift airplane and fly your way through the army's heavy defenses.

    Battle Kukku 2 -- The final showdown in the gritty interior of the Kukku empire's battleship. Grab the Spanner item asap, because you'll need it to reverse the direction of this stage's many conveyor belts. You'll also need Mecha Tails and the Remocon Bomb.

    Boss: Battle Kukku 16th (バトルクック16世) -- Speedy returns to finish the job he started at Pori Pori mountain. The agile green bird weaves in a repetitious pattern around the arena. Every once in a while he'll pause to fire an electrical shot from the front or a fiery blast from the back. 10 hits to knock out junior.
    Boss: Great Battle Kukku 15th (グレートバトルクック15世) -- The big-chinned commander of the Battle Kukku empire begins his assault by sticking to the right side of the arena, flinging bombs in Tails' general direction. When he takes enough damage, Kukku XV will start moving across the entire arena, rolling bombs along the floor when you're down low and spraying them up high like a fountain when you're flying above. Get too close and he'll pick Tails up by his non-existant collar and throw him across the room. 15 hits and the Battle Kukku empire can be served up in a bucket with 11 secret herbs and spices.

    :: Lost in Translation ::
       Japanese and Western Tails Adventure carts are identical: the language settings default to whichever region your Game Gear unit is set to. The finer points of the story are ejected from the US manual and the names of most of the in-game items and locations are changed, but the backbone is intact.

    :: Codes ::
    Final password: The following password unlocks every stage and all items with all boss battles cleared except the final confrontation with Great Battle Kukku 15th: ADE6-AA2A-51A6-6D13
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