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    Title (USA)
       Tails and the Music Maker
    Title (Japan)
       Tails and the Music Maker
       Novotrade (Appaloosa)
       Sega Pico

    :: Release Info ::
       September, 1994
       December 5, 1995

    :: Game Credits ::
    Producer (Sega)
       Cindy Claveran
    Producer (Novotrade)
       Shannon Donnelly
    Project Manager
       Ann Lediaev
       Shannon Donnelly
    Lead Programmer
       Jim Schuler
    Assistant Programmer
       Rick Chipeco
    Background Artists
       Ellen Drucker
       Connie Goldman
       Martine Gaudissart
       Barbara Lipton
       Laura Smith
       David Scheffler
    Sound Designer
       Greg Turner

    :: Platforms ::
    Sega Pico
       Tails and the Music Maker

    :: Tails and the Music Maker ::
    Last update: 04/03/06

    Notice: This page is in need of higher quality screenshots. That probably won't happen until somebody whips up a Pico emulator, which nobody is lining up to do...

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    :: Gameplay Info ::
       Music Maker was the second and final Sonic-themed title released for the Pico. The game was originally developed by Novotrade (now known as Appaloosa Interactive) for the American market, but was also released in Japan by Imagineer. Young Pico players join social peer Miles "Tails" Prower on a small excursion that takes him through a handfull of musical-themed minigames.

       Players can control Tails with the touch pen or action buttons. The blue button makes Tails walk left, while the green button instructs him to proceed to the right. Press the orange or white buttons to make Tails leap, or use the red button for a super jump. Use the touch pen to click on various points in the scene and have Tails fly over to investigate. There is no overarching goal - kids just play around until boredom facilitates a migration to greener diversions.

    1st page
    • Click on the floating red musical note to guide Tails through a Green Hill-esque platforming sequence. Press the green button to tip-toe and again to run. Press white to jump and blue to stop. The touch pen can also be used to guide Tails' static journey: simply click on the command panels at the top of the screen. The BGM changes based on Tails' pace, corresponding to one of three classical pieces: Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel, Scherzo from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream, and Rondo Alla Turca from Mozart's Sonata in A.
    • Click on the frog to play a game of musical chairs, with lily pads taking the role of said chairs. Use the touch pen to make Tails leap from one lily pad to another. Make sure he isn't on the red pad when the music stops.

    2nd page
    • Click on the music machine at the top of the hill to play percussion pinball. Press down on the touch pen for a few seconds to launch a spinning Tails into his pinball fate. Flippers can be activated with the touch pen or red action button. The bumpers are based on various percussion instruments, and the appropriate sound is produced upon smacking into one. Tag the bell at the top of the board to advance to higher levels.
    • Click on the musical notes to play a note round-up game. Use the touch pen to circle bouncing musical notes as they strike the flashing tone. Once all the notes have been captured, the scale will play.

    3rd page
    • Tear through the "Great Wall of Music" in a Breakout-esque minigame. Use the touch pen to launch Tails from his saucer and keep him in the air by sliding the saucer with the pen. Each brick at the top of the screen has a musical note on it, and when the brick is bopped, it disappears and plays the associated note.

    4th page
    • Click on any of the instruments to get a brief introduction of the chosen instrument along with an accompanying musical theme. The instruments are then scrambled and the player must associate each harmony with the correct apparatus.
    • Click on the robot on top of the giant piano to initiate a play-along. Use the touch pen to select one of 12 songs, then follow a brief opening sequence of notes with the piano keys. The 12 melodies include: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Farmer in the Dell, Jingle Bells, Cat and the Fiddle, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Three Blind Mice, Pop Goes the Weasel, Billy Boy, Bicycle Built for Two, Eensie Weensie Spider, Hickory Dickory Dock, and Row Row Row Your Boat. Play 3 songs to free the bird trapped in the robot.

    5th page
    • Click on Sonic or Tails to bring up a digital coloring page featuring the hero in question. Kids can also draw freehand with the touch pen. Push the red button to initiate short animations with cut & paste figures.
    • Click on the guitar under the palmtree to access a sound test on the giant piano from page 4.

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