New 'I Would Die for you' Details

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New 'I Would Die for you' Details

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Dengeki Online have conducted an interview with the creators of new DS game, I would die for you. The actual name of the game will be Kimishine, which is an abbreviation of its Japanese title, Kimi no tame nara Shineru.

The game will be directed Takumi Yoshinaga, who previously lent his directing talents to UGA’s Space Channel 5. Yojiro Ogawa, who worked on PSO III: Card Revolution will be producing. Wave Master will be responsible for the 70s style music. Unlike most Japanese games, half the development team consists of females.

Yoshinaga wants the game to focus primarily on the touch screen, removing the need for players to have to use the buttons of the DS system.

According to the updated game page Sonic Team hope to release the game on December 2nd. The page describes the genre as ‘Touch action’. The main Kimishine site features a link to an I-mode version, which may suggest that the game will be added to Sonic Café. However, at the moment the link displays a 'forbidden' message.

The original Japanese interview can be read here and features pictures of the main team members. A shorter but easier to read article that is based on the interview can be found at Gamespot.

Disclaimer: Names and information are obtained through machine translation and so may be slightly inaccurate.

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