Belgian NicoNicoDouga Vacation in Dreamland

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Belgian NicoNicoDouga Vacation in Dreamland

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It's amazing what a load of nonsense you can dream in a mere 2 hours.

It started with me getting involved in a real-life distorted version of Vantage Master in which everything around me was somehow dark and gritty, and partially set in a cathedral. I also had to hide the monsters I summoned from my parents or something, or was playing against my father in secret, I don't remember exactly.
Eventually, this whole situation somehow mashed into a documentation about the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 and about the house of Orange which in my dream ruled Belgium (which it has not done since 170 years ago in real life) and how its constitution would have been amazingly progressive at its time and influenced many other European countries, at this point a map appeared to illustrate it, I remember Norway, Spain, France, and many other coastal states except for the Netherlands being highlighted, but how it would be outdated by now and the reason for the problems. What problems, I do not know.
Next, I awoke in a stadium with my mother, where some sort of festivity was going on, with a parade and an undefined flag being hoisted. After we removed ourselves from the playing field of the stadium, we met a young man of southern (possibly Spanish) origin, whom we then took with us on our vacation for no reason. Apparently he escaped from a prison together with a bunch of other people in a giant outbreak that happened earlier, so it was only logical that we welcomed him warmly(?!).
Somehow, the three of us eventually ended up in a basement. That was said to belong to my grandparents who were currently out on vacation as well. I remember I was still hiding the cards or something that I used to summon my Vantage Master monsters, but as I tried to hide them under a bunch of Pokémon cards my father appeared and wanted to play the Pokémon TCG with me. Huh. I also had a photo of a girl I like with me, and told my mother and the southern guy to leave it alone. Then more nonsense which I forgot happened, and somehow I ended up watching TV on a Sharp TV which seemed to belong to me already as I thought about putting it somewhere in my new apartment once I'll move next year.
Eventually, it all ended with a MAD of Yu-Gi-Oh!, involving some anime girl playing against Yami Yugi.

Then I woke up and wtfed.

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