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What I'm almost sure is that, whenever NiGHTS got hit, he made a sound like "what da?!" or something.

And maybe I'm wrong, but this Bell Bridge place could very well be the new Twin Seeds. Which would make it a little strange if Claris and/ or Elliot show up (though it would be reasonable to see them in Nightopia, possibly in the form of souls or spirits, a la Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation).
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Frieza2000 wrote:a piece of ancient 1994 hardware
A piece of ancient 1994 hardware that came with Sonic CD, may I say.

...or was that Compaq?

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The few words that were spoken in the game were most likely Japanese. Everyone thought Reala was saying "There is no NiGHTS!" But he was really saying something in Japanese that translated to "Get ready to run, NiGHTS!"

And damnit, I used to have the source for that, but the file got lost somewhere along the way. I've had like eight different computers since then.

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Reala says something when you defeat him too, you can listen to the voice clips in the sound test.

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Yeah, I have to be honest, "There is no NiGHTS!" was what I'd thought it was, too. Nice to see it actually has a meaning, I guess.

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i always thought he said."there is one nights" retarded huh? and yeah, it sounds like nights says "what da?!" when hes hit by enemy.

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Uh, I thought he was saying "Very smug, NiGHTS!", which was a lot cooler.

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Jackel also says something — there are several clips in the sound test, I believe — but damned if I know what it is.

And for the record, I found out some years back that Reala was saying "Ready to run, NiGHTS!" Though, that makes slightly less sense than "There is one NiGHTS!" Huh.

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There can only be ONE!

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IGN wrote:William, known amongst friends as just Will, is an excellent student who also excels at soccer. He starts having nightmares when his father gets sent far away for work.

Helen has been learning violin from her mother since childhood. However, as she grows older, she's started separating from both her violin and mother. She begins to see nightmares as a result of this seperation.

Both Helen and William live in and around the city of Belbridge, which is said to resemble a clock. Of course, the main game takes place in the dream world of Nightopia as the children meet Nights.
Both characters' stories involve separation from their parents it seems.

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Hahahahahahah! Yep. Sounds like Iizuka alright.