Shorts: PSOBB Celebrations • USA PSOBB • Sonic mobile sh

Recent happenings of pertinence to Sonic fans.
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Shorts: PSOBB Celebrations • USA PSOBB • Sonic mobile sh

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PSOBB Celebrations
:FJ: SoJ celebrate one year of PSOBB.

SoJ are planning a number of events from the 21st of June to 28th of July to mark the first year anniversary of PSOBB. These include contests to access exclusive PSOBB illustrations and soundtracks* and the release of several rare items.

^ PSOBB was originally released on the 8th July 2004 and will soon be a year old.

On the day of Sonic’s birthday (June 23rd), Sonic and Tails will briefly ‘borrow’ the celebrations by appearing in the lobbies. Unlike the hedgehog’s previous PSO appearances, players will be able take a picture of their character with Sonic and Tails and save it to their PC*.


More information can be found at the PSOBB Thanks Giving Day Page.

[*Disclaimer: Information obtained via machine translation and so may be partly inaccurate].

US PSOBB Launches
:FUS: SOA release final version of PSOBB

Sega of America recently concluded their open beta testing of PSOBB and released a free installer for the final version of the game, which includes a two week free trial period.

Sonic on the Go
:FJ: Sonic appears at CommunicAsia2005

Held in Singapore, CommunicAsia2005 allows Asian electronic companies to showcase their upcoming products. Sonic appeared at the Panasonic booth to promote the mobile phone conversion of the original Sonic game:

Image Image

Large sized pictures can be found at K-tai Impress. Thanks to Hari Hari for the link.

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