Green Hell Zone

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Green Hell Zone

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Songs recorded from a damaged Sonic 1 cartridge. Most of them are just missing particular channels and are not that interesting, but other ones have gone wrong in stranger ways. Green Hill Zone and Special Stage in particular are really funny. I saw this over on Reddit, where the person who owns it explains:
namtap wrote: Hey there, it's me, the Person Who Owns This Cartridge.

Not much backstory to this thing; it's the original pack-in cartridge that came with my Genesis. I like going back to it every now and then but a couple years ago the cartridge stopped booting. With a bit of futzing around, the game can boot and is completely normal and playable aside from a few errant graphical glitches. And of course the nightmare of a soundtrack, which I've finally captured and uploaded for your amusement/horror.

Most of the tracks are pretty boring and just missing the majority of the sound channels, but the ones that break well break well. Green Hill, Spring Yard, Star Light, and my favorite, the Special Stage are all quite brilliant.

Hope ya enjoy this dumb thing! Definitely the most amusing corruption/glitching I've had with a physical game.

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