Super Hard Mode

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Super Hard Mode

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Earlier GG! had a question about Super Hard mode and someone pulled up something from gamefaqs, if I recall correctly. Well, on Tuesday night I beat it and I think it was different than how it was discribed.

You go through the 14 levels as Team Sonic, skipping over the bosses and special stages. The levels are harder than usual and some parts were actually somewhat challenging with a different layout than any of the other four teams. They're hard to a degree as Team Sonic::Team Dark:Team Dark::Super Hard mode. It's more difficult due to a ton more enemies (plenty with spikes) and gaps in new places of the levels. Rings and 1ups replace the keys in the cages. At the end of each level it doesn't bother giving you a total score and grade.

If by some reason you happen to run out of lives it brings you simply to the game over screen and you have to restart over from the beginning (the first level) or when you last saved (I have yet to test this....). This causes lives to be much more valuable. I found myself going out of the way for 1ups. If you're a human being and don't have enough time to beat it in one sitting, you have to pause and quit to save the number of lives and what level you're on. When you return to playing, there will be a choice between continuing and starting a new game.

If you have anymore questions just ask here... and if I don't reply and you still care send me an e-mail...

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