:: Holoska ::
Name: Holoska
Japanese: ホロスカ
Debut: Sonic World Adventure (2008)

A small village situated at the edge of the world's frigid northernmost continent. Its few hearty inhabitants (most of whom are related) live in igloos and subsist on fishing, mainly for mohn, a salmon-like species native to the chilly waters of the area. Supposedly, the entire area was underwater in ancient times, so the people have chosen the whale as the national symbol. Sleds are the primary means of transport.

The local cuisine is not generally highly regarded, consisting of such staples as permafrosted meat of god-knows-what, "canned fish from hell", and 3,000 year-old ice.

:: Residents of Holoska ::
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Head of the Holoska clan. His horrible memory is nothing short of epic.
:: Sonic World Adventure (2008)
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A man whose imposing visage crumbles to bits the minute his wife, Sarianna, approaches. "Whipped" doesn't begin to describe it.
:: Sonic World Adventure (2008)
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Jari-Thure and Sarianna's daughter (also Jari-Pekka and Ursule's granddaughter). When she gets older, she plans to marry someone just like her father: able to take lots of abuse.
:: Sonic World Adventure (2008)
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Jari-Thure's beautiful but dictatorial wife. She loves her husband, but even her kindness tends to be cruel.
:: Sonic World Adventure (2008)
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Jari-Pekka's wife, a famously generous old lady who runs the only shop in Holoska.
:: Sonic World Adventure (2008)

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