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    Title (USA)
       Sonic Shuffle
    Title (Japan)
       Sonic Shuffle
    Title (Europe)
       Sonic Shuffle
       Sega Enterprises
       Sega Dreamcast
       CERO: 全年齢
       ESRB: E

    :: Release Info ::
       November 14, 2000
       December 21, 2000
       March 9, 2001

    :: Cast ::
    Sonic the Hedgehog
       Jun'ichi Kanemaru
       Ryan Drummond
    Miles "Tails" Prower
       Atsuki Murata
       Conner Bringas
    Knuckles the Echidna
       Nobutoshi Canna
       Ryan Drummond
    Amy Rose
       Emi Motoi
       Jennifer Douillard
    E-102 "Gamma"
       Jouji Nakata
       Steve Broadie
    Big the Cat
       Shun Yashiro
       Jon St. John
    Dr. Eggman
       Chikao Ohtsuka
       Deem Bristow
    Lumina Flowlight
       Ikue Ohtani
       Elara Distler
       Urara Takano
       Lani Minella
       Yuuko Minaguchi
       Elara Distler

    :: Game Credits ::
       Shuji Utsumi
       Akinori Nishiyama
       Yuji Uekawa
    Production Manager
       Masato Shibata
    Project Leader
       Bill Ritch
    Lead Game Designer
       Hidenori Oikawa
    Game Designers
       Koichi Takeshita
       Daisuke Takeuchi
    Lead Programmer
       Yasuhiro Kosaka
    System Programmers
       Masatoshi Sugibayashi
       Hideki Nishimoto
       Shoichi Takata
       Tetsuharu Takashima
       Takuya Suzuki
       Yoshitaka Shibata
       Yoko Miyabashi
    Lead Artist
       Hisashi Kubo
    System Artists
       Toshiro Okamoto
       Taiichi Matsuda
       Norihiro Kanie
       Masahide Inaba
       Hideki Soma
       Motoshi Kuwahara
    Mini-event Artist
       Akihiro Shibata
    Lead Character Artist
       Manabu Yanagisawa
    Character Artists
       Yasuhiro Fuji
       Yuji Yano
       Chiaki Nishiki
       Masahiro Kamohara
       Megumi Okazaki
       Akemi Ihara
    Cinematic Director
       Shoji Mizuno
    Cinematic Assisstant Directors
       Toshifumi Sekijima
       Naoto Yoshimi
    Cinematic Producer
       Nobuya Okabe
    Cinematic Assisstant Producer
       Satoshi Nagaoka
    Cinematic Animation Director
       Masayuki Goto
    Cinematic Artists
       Naoto Onuki
       Takayuki Hayama
       Shin Katada
       Masanori Kubota
       Tomoya Ohata
       Ryoko Suzuki
       Kazuyo Yoshida
       Fumihito Saito
    Cinematic Engineers
       Jin Kamohara
       Zenjiro Motono
    Mini-game Design Leads
       Issei Takahashi
       Jinichi Fuyuki
       Katsuhiko Sugiyama
       Tomosuke Kashiwabara
       Hiro Yokoyama
       Hisanori Fukuoka
       Hiroyuki Yagi
       Tetsuya Ishikawa
       Koichiro Genda
       Kouji Inokuchi
       Kazunori Sato
    Mini-game Programmers
       Juiiyoung Kang
       Tomokazu Ninomiya
       Junsoo Bae
       Sangyoun Lee
       Donghyun Ban
       Dandy Arai
       Tetsuma Yoshida
       Norihisa Takabatake
       Naoki Hirasawa
       Donpei Morita
       Yoshinori Koiwa
       Nobuyuki Kimura
       Tsuyoshi Tsuchimoto
       Nisanori Fukuoka
       Takahiro Murakami
       Kazunori Sato
       Shin Fukumoto
       Hirotaka Iwayama
       Keisuke Hino
    Mini-game Artists
       Tomoyoshi Miyashita
       Takeshi Murata
       Hideto Ishikawa
       Haeyoung Park
       Misun Yang
       Huichung Lee
       Hyungjin Kim
       Akira Katagi
       Akiyoshi Ohtsuka
       Minoru Sato
       Kazuhiro Hayashida
       Yoshikazu Aoki
       Kouji Kato
       Hironobu Hatta
       Koichi Sakuma
       Hiroyuki Kikkawa
       Toshinori Tabata
       Gengo Ito
       Hideyuki Katsuyama
       Hideaki Honjo
       Noriaki Kawakami
    Sound Production Managers
       Keisuke Mitsui
       Kenichi Funayama
       Hidenobu Otsuki
    Music Director
       Akihiro Saton
    Sound Effect Director
       Osamu Narita
    Sound Effect Engineer
       Hirouki Tsuboguchi
    Opening Movie Music
       Kazuhiko Sawaguchi
    Opening Movie Music Engineer
       Hironao Yamamoto
    Music Composition
       Hidenobu Otsuki
       Ryo Fukuda
       Takeo Suzuki
       Toshitaka Hirota
       Kazumi Mitome

    :: Platforms ::
    Sega Dreamcast
       Sonic Shuffle

    Sonic Shuffle
    Last update: 05/19/07

    Notice: This page is in need of screenshots. That likely won't happen until Dreamcast emulation inches a bit further along.

    :: Quick Jump ::
       [ Story | Gameplay Info | Comparison | Lost in Translation | Codes | Behind the Screens | Notes | Miscellanea ]

    :: Story ::
       Somewhere along the border between dreams and reality lies the illusory dimension of Maginari Whirl. Here the dreams and aspirations of people everywhere crystalize through the power of the Precioustone, a miraculous jewel that holds the enigmatic dimension together. One day, however, the peace is shattered by the appearance of a mysterious being: a green-haired spirit of emptiness and despair known as Void. The dark stranger approaches the Precioustone and, with just a touch of his hand, shatters the gem into pieces that scatter to all corners of the dimension. Without the power of the stone, Maginari Whirl begins to collapse. Illumina, goddess of dreams, is erased from the realm, leaving the guardian fairy Lumina Flowlight to restore order before Maginari Whirl disappears for good. The plucky sprite sends out a call for help across all dimensions, and finally spots her potential heroes: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. The four adventurers find themselves warped to the temple of light, former resting place of the Precioustone. There they encounter their hostess, Lumina, who explains the situation and requests their aid. The four heroes agree, not realizing that they've been followed by Dr. Eggman, who has his own designs on the Precioustone...
    :: Gameplay Info ::
       Armed with kitschy cel-shaded graphics and the promise of online play, Sega plunks their recently-revived mascot into a highly derivative and hopelessly clunky multiplayer board game in the vein of Nintendo's (equally uninspiring) Mario Party. The results are depressing, to say the least.

       Story mode consists of 5 separate boards: the goal in each is to have more Emblems than your opponents by the end of the stage. Emblems are awarded at the final tally based on 3 criteria: most Precioustones acquired, most Rings collected, and most minigames won. (Bonus Emblems can be earned by completing each board's unique Quest.) There are 7 Precioustone shards on each board and the stage ends when all half-dozen have been collected, but since only 1 shard appears at a time, the race for gems tends to drag on. When a jewel has been acquired by any player, another appears elsewhere on the board until all 7 have been pilfered: Pearl, Crystal, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond, and Precioustone. At the end of the stage, all collected Rings are saved in a tally used to purchase art and special features from the Sonic Room.

       At the start of the game, each player is delt 7 random cards valued 1-6. Your cards remain hidden from your opponents: look down at the VM memory screen in your controller to see what you've got. Play any card in your hand to have your character move the number of spaces depicted on the card's face. Play a Special Card (labelled "S") to move 7 squares or plunk down a Dr. Eggman Card to initiate the Eggman roulette, potentially stalling either your opponents or yourself. If you run out of cards or if you just get stuck with a crummy hand, you may opt to steal a card from another player - this is a risky business because you can't see the card you're swiping until it's been played. Note, however, that no new cards are dealt until each player's hand is empty, so larceny tends to run rampant toward the end of each round.

       There are 15 different types of squares. Land on one to trigger a unique event:

    Plus Ring (プラスリングマス) -- Adds 3 Rings to your total (this number doubles when the final Precioustone shard appears). Land on consecutive Ring squares to multiply the combo up to 5 times.
    Minus Ring (マイナスリングマス) -- Subtracts 3 Rings from your total (this number doubles when the final Precioustone shard appears). Land on consecutive Ring squares to multiply the combo up to 5 times.
    Battle (バトルマス) -- Battle with a monster to win a random Force Jewel. The monster will play a card valued 1-6: to beat him, play a card with a higher value. The card you play will spin in midair: with each rotation, the face value of the card increases by 1 up to the max value of the card. For instance, if you play a 3, the card will repeatedly spin the numbers 1, 2, and 3. Press the A button to stop the roulette on the desired value. Play an S card for an instant win or an Eggman card for instant defeat. Play the same number as the monster to land a critical hit, worth 2 Force Jewels. Fail to beat the monster and you'll lose Rings. (Note that certain Force Jewels can be used in combat to tip the odds in your favor.)
    Event (イベントマス) -- Land here to launch a random minigame or mini event. Mini events are brief story sequences involving only the player who lands on the square. The outcome of each event varies: you might win or lose Rings, Force Jewels, and turns; be warped to or away from the Precioustone; or simply be launched into a monster battle. Minigames are short action events involving all 4 players. (Scroll down for a list of minigames.)
    Jewel Shop (ジュエルショプマス) -- Here you can use Rings to buy Force Jewels.
    Quest (クエストマス) -- Each stage has 1 unique Quest that involves some running around the board (usually away from the Precioustone), but rewards venturers with an Emblem upon completion. With the exception of Fourth Dimension Space, each Quest can only be performed once per game.
    spin (回転マス) -- Cross this square and there's a 50/50 chance the block will rotate, sending you running back the way you came. The only surefire way to pass is to land directly on top.
    barricade (通行止めマス) -- These roadblocks only appear when some thoughtless soul uses a Stopnite Force Jewel. There's no way to cross, but the block will disappear after 3 turns.
    ? (?マス) -- These squares appear when Eggman launches #13 from his roulette. Battle spaces initiate combat even when a player simply crosses over.
    Tails (テイルスマス) -- Only Tails can cross these roadblocks.
    Knuckles (ナックルズマス) -- Only Knuckles can cross these roadblocks.
    Amy Jump (エミージャンプマス) -- Only Amy can cross these roadblocks.
    Jump (ジャンプマス) -- Land on one of these to be catapulted to a random square. In addition to basic springs, each stage features a unique transport device: dolphin in Emerald Coast, power lift in Fire Bird, truck in Nature Zone, helicopter and steam blast in Riot Train, and column of light in Fourth Dimension Space.
    Precioustone (プレシャストーンマス) -- Land here by exact count for your chance at the Precioustone shard. Each shard is guarded by a boss: engage the monster in combat and defeat it by playing a higher number to win the jewel.
    Void (ヴォイド) -- For 50 Rings, Void will steal a Precioustone from another player and hand it over to you. The unlucky victim is chosen by roulette: if the hand lands on a player with no Precioustones, you receive nothing. If Void successfully pilfers a gem in your name, you get warped to a random square on the board.

       Plus Ring squares normally occupy the majority of the board, but when the players begin landing on too many, Eggman flies down in his hovercraft to send the entire playfield into "darkness mode". While in darkness mode, all Plus Rings become Minus Rings and vice versa. Once enough Minus squares have been tagged, Eggman flies down again and (inadvertently) reverts the board to normal mode. The notorious master of hen fruit can also be summoned by playing a Dr. Eggman Card: when so beckoned, the evildoer spins his magic roulette of villainy to inflict one of 16 random punishments on his summoner or all players:

    1. Lose all your Rings
    2. Everybody can see your cards for 2 turns
    3. Switch places with another player
    4. Warp to a random square
    5. For 5 turns, you always play a 1 in battle
    6. You get a Carbuncle Force Jewel
    7. Eggman uses the Gearsdain Force Jewel on you
    8. Can't see your cards for 3 turns
    9. Instant surprise battle
    10. The value of every card in your hand increases by 1
    11. For 5 turns, you can only move 1 space
    12. For 3 turns, all your cards become Dr. Eggman Cards
    13. All squares become invisible for 5 turns
    14. All players are given a Swap Jewel
    15. For 4 turns, all squares become Minus Ring squares
    16. Lose 1 turn

       Force Jewels are tiny rainbow-colored balls of destruction that, wielded strategically, can turn the tables on any game regardless of the odds. They can be won from monster battles, minigames and events, or purchased from Jewel Shop squares. Each player can hold up to 6 and use 1 per turn - either on the board or in the heat of battle. There are a total of 38 different types of Force Jewels, each with its own potent effects. Jewels that initiate direct attacks on other players pick their victims by way of a roulette.

    Speerald (スピラルド) -- Use 2 cards for movement or battle.
    High Speerald (ハイスピラルド) -- Use 3 cards for movement or battle.
    Turbo Speerald (ターボスピラルド) -- Use 4 cards for movement or battle.
    Max Speerald (MAXスピラルド) -- Use 5 cards for movement or battle.
    Sonic Speerald (SONICスピラルド) -- Move 30 spaces in a random direction.
    Hypnotite (ヒュプノタイト) -- Spin a roulette and throw away all cards with the matching value.
    Five Alive (ファイブアライブ) -- You can move 5 spaces for 5 turns, but you cannot use Force Jewels.
    Low Moonstone (ロウムーンストン) -- Weakens the Precioustone and all monsters on the board.
    Warp Crystal (ワープクリスタル) -- Teleport to a random space on the board.
    Preciousite (プレシャサイト) -- Spin a card: if you land a 1, you'll jump straight to the Precioustone square.
    Teleport Ruby (テレポートルビー) -- Teleport next to another player.
    Swap Jewel (スワップジュエル) -- Swap places with another player.
    Shuffire (シャッファイヤ) -- Shuffles and redistributes everyone's Force Jewels.
    Stopnite (ストプナイト) -- Block off a square for 3 turns so other players can't pass.
    Barrier Amber (バリアアンパー) -- Creates a barrier around your character that keeps other players from passing you for 5 turns.
    Thief's Eye (シーフズアイ) -- Steals a random Force Jewel from another player.
    Maharajite (マハラジャイト) -- Swaps your low-value card for another player's high-value card.
    Wastone (ウェイストーン) -- Forces another player to use a Force Jewel on his/her next turn.
    Shield Quartz (シールドクォーツ) -- Disables Force Jewel usage for 4 turns.
    Warpnite (ワープナイト) -- Teleports all players to random squares.
    Deletite (デリータイト) -- Destroys one player's Force Jewels.
    Packlite (パックライト) -- Prevents all other players from reaching the Precioustone for 3 turns.
    Curse Opal (カースオパール) -- ???
    Gearsdain (ギアスダイン) -- Forces one player to move 6 spaces for 3 turns.
    Fool Moon (フールムーン) -- Swaps your high-value card for another player's low-value card.
    Transfire (トランスファイヤ) -- Teleports one player to a random square.
    Lose Quartz (ルーズクォーツ) -- Changes Battle, Event, and Plus Ring squares into Minus Ring squares for 4 turns.
    Meetingdium (ミーティングジウム) -- Teleports all players to the square you're on.
    Blocknite (ブロクナイト) -- Protects you from the effects of other players' Force Jewels.
    Carbuncle (カーバンクル) -- A ravenous fairy that eats other Force Jewels in your possession.
    Duplichaos (デュプリケイオス) -- Randomly transforms itself into different Force Jewels.
    Chameleonite (カメレオナイト) -- Transforms into a random Force Jewel and uses its power immediately.
    Ringdium (リングジウム) -- Changes Battle, Event, and Minus Ring squares into Plus Ring squares for 4 turns.
    Battoruby (バトルビー) -- Changes Ring and Event squares into Battle squares for 4 turns.
    Magnifire (マグニファイヤ) -- Increases one player's area on the roulette.
    Reducite (レデューサイト) -- Shrinks one player's area on the roulette.
    1 Force March (1フォースマーチ) -- Forces one player to move 1 square on his/her next turn.
    6 Force March (6フォースマーチ) -- Forces one player to move 6 squares on his/her next turn.

       There are a total of 8 playable characters, each low-poly model plucked straight out of Sonic Adventure. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are playable from the start and can be used in Story or Versus modes. Big, Gamma, Chao, and Super Sonic are unlocked by purchasing art from the Sonic Room and can only be used in Versus mode. Each cel-shaded hero possesses three special moves: one for board navigation, one basic attack, and one powerful S card attack that inflicts greater damage.

    Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Spin Dash (スピンダッシュ) - Play the same number for 2 consecutive turns and Sonic will move twice as far (ie, roll 3 twice and Sonic will move 6 spaces on the second turn). Note that this manuever can't be performed twice in a row.
  • Spin Attack (スピンアタック) - Sonic's basic attack.
  • Light Spin Attack (ライトスピンアタック) - A stronger attack that inflicts up to 7 points of damage.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Propeller flight (プロペラ飛行) - Tails can fly over Tails squares, which no other character can cross.
  • tail rotation attack (シッポ回転攻撃) - Tails' basic attack.
  • continuous tail rotation (連続シッポ回転攻撃) - Use 2 cards for double damage.
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • wall climb (カベ登り) - Knuckles can climb over vertical Knuckles squares, which no other character can cross.
  • Punch attack (パンチ攻撃) - Knuckles' basic attack.
  • Dash Punch attack (ダッシュパンチ攻撃) - Use 2 cards for double damage.
  • Amy Rose
  • Hammer Jump (ハンマージャンプ) - Amy can use her Piko-Piko Hammer to catapult over Amy Jump squares, which no other character can cross.
  • Hammer attack (ハンマー攻撃) - Amy's basic attack.
  • spinning hammer (回転ハンマー) - Inflicts 5 fixed points of damage.
  • No image
    Big the Cat
  • Kaeru-kuuun (カエルく~ん) - Play a 6 card and Big can move anywhere between 1 and 6 spaces as he follows the lead of his frog buddy.
  • Lure attack (ルア攻撃) - Big's basic attack.
  • strong man (力持ち) - Adds an additional point of damage to a normal attack.
  • No image
    E-102 "Gamma"
  • transformation (変形) - Play a 4, 5, or 6 card to have Gamma's lower half transform, making him immune to Minus Ring squares.
  • Gun fire (ガン発射) - Gamma's basic attack.
  • alignment laser (照準レーザー) - Dual card roulettes flash numbers 1-3: stop the cards and the total of the 2 numbers will be inflicted as damage.
  • No image
  • Chao has no special movement ability.
  • sing (歌う) - Chao's basic attack.
  • lullaby (子守歌を歌う) - Fail to defeat the enemy, and it will not retaliate.
  • No image
    Super Sonic
  • high-speed movement (高速移動) - Play the same number for 2 consecutive turns and Super Sonic will move twice as far. The combo can be chained up to 3 times.
  • body blow (体当たり) - Super Sonic's basic attack.
  • Sonic dance (ソニック乱舞) - Inflicts 4-6 points of damage determined by a card roulette.
  •    The story mode consists of 5 separate boards, each representing a different dream within the trippy dimension of Maginari Whirl:

    Emerald Coast -- This world exists for lovers of the sun, but Void's magic is causing the tropical paradise to experience a rather unseasonal ice age. Note that you can only move underwater for 5 turns: fail to cross a bubble square within the limit and you'll be booted back to the surface. Sea turtles act as stepping stones, but can't be crossed when submerged. Toward the end of the stage, the wooden ship in the lower portion of the arena takes to the sky and flies away, eliminating a valuable shortcut. Land on the Quest square and you're given 8 turns to return a beached dolphin to the sea. Complete the stage to initiate the Sonic Surfing minigame.
    Fire Bird -- This world represents dreams of freedom, but Void has imprisoned the high-flying phoenix in a mechanical shell. Land on the Quest square and you must patch the leaking engine within 8 turns. Toward the end of the stage, the ship transforms, increasing the amount of Battle squares on the board. Complete the stage to initiate the Sky Diving minigame.
    Nature Zone -- The forest ruins were created for lovers of nature, but Void's dark pillars have begun marring the landscape. Large-mawed gators patrol the stream: feel free to cross when their mouths are shut. As the game progresses, magic pillars fall from above and block key shortcuts. The Quest doesn't appear until the first 6 Precioustones have been acquired: a bird drops a treasure chest containing keys. Take a key to the action square to unlock the door to the final stone. Complete the stage to initiate the earthquake minigame.
    Riot Train -- This raging locomotive was created for lovers of adventure, but Void has sent the machine off-course and it's going to fly off a cliff unless Sonic and co stop it. Push Containers off of the roof to block the path below. Land on the Quest square and make your way to the caged bird to set it free. Complete the stage to initiate the "stop the train" minigame.
    Fourth Dimension Space -- This is the realm where dreams are kept: the whole domain will cease to exist unless Void is stopped. The entire board is built on the inside of a giant sphere, which makes navigation a tricky affair. Falling stars will periodically bop random characters on the head: return the star to its home in the night sky to complete the Quest and earn an Emblem. (This is the only Quest that can be performed more than once per game.) Complete the stage to initiate the Void Battle minigame.

       The board game monotony is occasionally broken up with a short action minigame that pits all 4 players against each other or the computer in a contest for Rings and/or Force Jewels. "Accident" minigames are stage-specific and occur at intervals, but all others are pulled at random when any player lands on an Event square.

    Play order -- At the start of each board, one of these 3 games is played to determine who gets to go first in the game proper. All are 4 vs. 4.
    Count Zero (カウント・ゼロ) -- Pull the handle on the slot machine to stop each column as close to 0 as possible. Line up three 0's (or get closer to 0 than your rivals) to win. Wait too long to pull the handle and your machine will fall over, instantly putting you in last place.
    Sonic Darts (ソニックダーツ) -- A large Eggman dart board floats around at the far end of the arena: maneuver your cursor around the screen and launch a dart with A. The play order is determined by each player's proximity to the bull's-eye.
    Sonic Card (ソニックカード) -- 8 cards are dealt face-down onto a table. Each is briefly flipped over to reveal a number from 1-20, then flipped back and shuffled around. Play order is determined by the value of the cards plucked by each player: highest goes first.

    VS4 -- Every man (or hog, or whatever) for himself in these 4-way melees.
    Cola explosion! (コーラ爆発!) -- Eggman very meanly deposits a freshly-shaken can of soda into a vending machine. Press one of 5 buttons and hope that it isn't the agitated can lest your thirsty hero end up with a face full of pop.
    Sonic ga Koronda (ソニックがころんだ) -- Race for a Force Jewel along an icy surface while Eggman patrols the far side of the arena. Wait for the Doc to turn his back before moving, because if he sees you in motion, he'll nail you with a freeze ray that incapacitates you for the remainder of the game. If all 4 players get frozen, the win order is determined by each character's proximity to the Force Jewel. ("Daruma-san ga Koronda" is the Japanese version of "red light, green light".)
    cross the suspension bridge (つり橋を越えて) -- Race along a rickety wooden bridge to a Force Jewel on the opposite end. Dodge or jump over holes.
    Sonic Gunman (ソニック ガンマン) -- Move your cursor around the screen to blast pop-up targets in this wild west shooting gallery. Bandits are worth 1 Ring each; Eggman targets are worth several each. Hit a lady civilian target and 1 Ring will be subtracted from your total.
    Sonic Live (ソニック ライヴ) -- All 4 players hop up on stage for a live concert: when the spotlight shines on your character, mash any of the action buttons to wail on your guitar. The audience will toss Rings as you play, but make sure you stop when the spotlight moves on, or you'll get pummeled with bowling pins.
    ESPer Sonic (エスパーソニック) -- Each of the 4 action buttons corresponds to a different rune. A vase in the middle of the screen spouts a transparent card: as the card solidifies, one of the 4 runes comes into view. Be the first to identify the rune and tap the corresponding action button to earn 5 Rings. Hit the wrong button and you lose 5 Rings.
    Peta-Peta Oni (ペタペタ オニ) -- All 4 players run around a Mystic Ruins-esque arena in this game of tag. A large arrow appears above the "it" character, guiding him to the nearest potential victim. Get tagged or smack into the gong on top of the temple for a 5 Ring penalty. (In Japanese versions of tag, the "it" person is usually referred to as the "oni", a mythological ogre-like demon common in Japanese folklore.)
    sun is out (太陽がいっぱい) -- In this version of tag, the "it" player must touch any other character's shadow to pass on the dreaded oni duty. Eggman hovers overhead and blasts random players with a debilitating spotlight.
    Sonic On Ice (ソニック オン アイス) -- Pick up blocks of ice around the slippery arena and toss them on the ground or at rival players to procure Rings and Force Jewels. Get nailed with a flying chunk of frost and you lose Rings.
    the immediate future is dark (一寸先は闇) -- All 4 players find themselves stuck in the middle of a darkened rooftop maze that's about to explode. The object is to be the first player to navigate the maze and reach one of the 4 escape pods. Step on a light switch to momentarily brighten the maze, but avoid falling down holes which send you back to start. Grab a spinning hand icon to temporarily stop the timer. (The title of this game, "issunsaki wa yami", is a Japanese expression that basically means "nobody knows what the future holds" or "anything can happen". The expression is used literally here to describe the darkness of the maze.)
    patience patience (がまんがまん) -- This is a game of chicken: all 4 players stand like idiots beneath basketball hoops as Eggman drops a bomb into each one. Last person to run away wins, but if you stand long enough for the bomb to make contact, you instantly lose.
    Sonic Tank (ソニック タンク) -- Roll around the arena in your colorful tank and blast the living snot out of your opponents. Eggman flies overhead to drop bombs and an occasional power-up (such as a barrier or laser cannon). Last man standing wins.
    Fun Fun Sonic (ファンファンソニック) -- Eggman's running a dubious game show: all 4 players hop around the arena along Mappy-esque trampolines that change color and eventually snap. Each snapped canvas is worth 5 Rings but leaves a gaping hole that shuttles any victims out of the game. Rings and bombs occasionally fall from the ceiling.
    Snake Jump (スネーク ジャンプ) -- Press the A button to hop over a large serpent in this rather hazardous game of jump rope: miss a beat and you'll be swept over the edge. As the game progresses, the platform begins rotating and the snake approaches from different angles.
    zero gravity photo (無重力写真) -- All 4 characters pose for a group photo in a space station, but just as the camera timer is set, the vessel is hit by a meteor, disabling the artificial gravity. The object is to float around the room and try to get to the center of the picture frame before the camera shoots. Press A as the camera goes off to strike a pose. The winner is whoever poses closest to the center of the picture frame.
    Thor Hammer (トールハンマー) -- All 4 players dash around the top of a giant column while Eggman flies overhead trying to nail the trapped vermin with lightning. Dodge the blasts but don't fall over the edge.
    Synchro Panel (シンクロパネル) -- An indicator at the top of the screen briefly flashes one of the 4 action buttons: quickly tap the indicated button to hop lily pads across a lake. Wait too long or press the wrong button and your character goes for a swim, eliminating you from the race. The timer on the button display runs increasingly faster as the game progresses.
    Twister (ツイスター) -- Maneuver your character around the interior of this big, fat tornado. Grab Rings and Force Jewels, but watch for damage-inflicting debris.
    Number Jump (ナンバージャンプ) -- Tap the A button to leap along a series of Jump Panels to the peak of dual lighting towers. First player to the top wins.
    Eggman critical moment (エッグマン危機一髪) -- Eggman's making a run for it when, just his luck, he falls right into a trap and finds himself stuck in a cage. All 4 players must run around the field looking for the one switch in a grid of 30 that will launch the cage into space. If nobody finds the correct lever within the time limit, Eggman escapes and all 4 players lose.
    Tetsunagi Oni (手つなぎオニ) -- Eggman traps 3 players in a tractor beam while the 4th runs free: the 3 trapped players must coordinate their D-pad mashing to chase and tag the free player. When tagged, the player loses Rings and joins the beam trio while one previously trapped player gets booted out to become the next victim. ("Tetsunagi Oni" is a Japanese variation of tag.)

    2VS2 -- All 4 players are divided randomly into 2 teams. Each side must coordinate their efforts to best the rival duo.
    phantom thief Sonic (怪盗ソニック) -- You and your partner must cooperate to break through a series of locked gates. One player rotates the control stick until an exclamation point appears over his character's head: at that exact instant, the second player taps the A button to enter the code and open the door. If player 2 hits the button when player 1 isn't ready, both characters suffer an electric shock and lose valuable time. As the game progresses, each gate requires more numbers to open.
    shoddy construction (手抜き工事) -- One player sits atop a construction platform and pulls random geometric shapes with the A button. The shape can be rotated with the control stick, trashed with the B button, or dropped with the A button. The second player, meanwhile, runs along the ground below carrying a platform with an outline on top: the object is to catch the geometric blocks to fill the outline as accurately as possible. When the timer goes off, Eggman stomps by and smashes the lesser work to pieces.
    Bucket Relay (バケツリレー) -- One player scoops Rings into a bucket with the A button: with each scoop, 2 Rings are added to the receptacle up to a total of 10. When you're ready, hand the bucket to your teammate who runs to dump the gathered Rings into a mine cart. More Rings make for a heavier bucket and slower progress. The second player returns the bucket to player 1 and the cycle repeats.
    Rugby Rugby (ラグビーラグビー) -- Each team gets stuck playing hot potato with a bomb mysteriously ejected from a cave. As one player carries the bomb, the other dashes ahead: when the second player reaches max speed (indicated by a big red "HEY" voice balloon), pass the bomb with the A button. The closer your timing, the more distance your team will cover with each toss.

    1VS3 -- One random player is cast aside while the other 3 gang up against the poor lone soul. The outcast player usually has the advantage in these otherwise unfair melees.
    reverse escalator (逆エスカレーター) -- One player stands atop an escalator with a stash of Rings and an armory of various balls. His job is to defend his position by tossing balls at the 3 invading players as they climb against the flow of the escalator.
    Bungee Jump (バンジージャンプ) -- One player leaps from the heavens and grabs Rings on a first-person free-fall. The players on the ground, each carrying a Force Jewel, run around to collect Rings drizzling from the sky. The jumper's goal is to aim for any one of the players below and steal their jewel. This is also advantageous for the bereaved player, as both parties get a bonus.
    Sonic Maze (ソニック メイズ) -- The outcast player controls the tilt of a giant labyrinth board while the 3 victim players scuttle around within. The outcast's goal is to roll his 3 victims into the warp at the center of the board. Use the multicolor ball to momentarily stun your prey.
    Sonicooking (ソニックッキング) -- The outcast fries the 3 victim players in a giant skillet: tilt the pan to send the scrumptious morsels into the flames. The victim players careen about the pan, avoiding flames and collecting Rings.
    giant (大きくな~れ~) -- Eggman nails one player with an enlarging beam: the furry outcast, having reached Godzilla proportions, proceeds to stomp around the arena in an effort to squish the other 3 players. Press the A button to jump and slam into the ground with a shockwave attack that momentarily stuns all nearby vermin. Keep an eye open for landmines which can curb your bloody rampage. The 3 victim players, meanwhile, run around the arena and shoot the giant with rapid-fire cannons. Get stepped on by the gargantuan foe and you're immediately kicked out the game. If the giant manages to squash all 3 players within the time limit, he wins; if the victim players manage to empty the giant's HP bar, they win.
    Eggman robo launch! (エッグマンロボ発進!) -- The outcast player gets dropped into a pair of giant mechanical Eggman pants. The object is to squish your fleeing rivals with your sprinting robo feet: maneuver the shadow with the control stick to bring it down on the vermin. The 3 fleeing players, meanwhile, must dodge not only the giant robo feet but also obstacles on the road.
    Sonic DJ (ソニックDJ) -- The 3 victim players find themselves scuttering along the surface of a giant spinning vinyl record while the outcast character controls the rotation from a turntable. The goal is to knock the rival players into an electric beam that hovers above the vinyl: use the control stick and A button to scratch the record, but don't overdo it or the machine will overheat, robbing you of 10 Rings.

    Accidents -- These games are stage-specific and occur at random intervals on each board. All are 4 vs. 4.
    Beach Parasonic (ビーチパラソニック) -- Occurs only in Emerald Coast. An Eggman-faced sun hovers above the shore and periodically nails the beach with killer UV rays: when this happens, all players on the sand lose their Rings and are instantly scooted to the shade of a hut in the corner of the arena. A single parasol can be found lying in the sand: grab the parasol and you become immune to the sun's rays, allowing you free reign to collect Rings and Force Jewels while the other 3 players cower in the hut. Avoid the irate shellfish patrolling the beach: if you take damage, you lose Rings and the parasol.
    beach (波打ち際) -- Occurs only in Emerald Coast. As the tide comes in, each wave deposits Rings, Force Jewels, and debris on the beach. Collect treasure while avoiding angry crabs, but make sure to run back to safety before the next wave comes in or you'll be swept out to sea. Rapidly tap the A button to swim back to shore.
    rapid climb (急上昇) -- Occurs only in Fire Bird. All 4 players stand precariously on the wings of a flying plane. Repeatedly tap the A button to run against the wind and use the control stick to maneuver into oncoming Rings and Force Jewels. Get smacked by debris and you'll lose Rings and be scooted backwards: fall over the edge and you're out of the race.
    sky walkway (空中歩道) -- Occurs only in Fire Bird. All 4 players stand on the wings of a speedy plane. Jump to grab Rings and duck to avoid low-hanging overpasses.
    gator mouth escape (ワニ口脱出) -- Occurs only in Nature Zone. All 4 players find themselves trapped in the jaws of hungry gators: rapidly tap the A button to hold open the crocodile maw and avert your toothy fate.
    ring of fire evasion (火の輪くぐり) -- Occurs only in Nature Zone. A group of conga-playing, mask-wearing savages sit around a hovering platform. As they begin chanting, rings of flame fly across the surface: jump through the hoops for Rings and Force Jewels, but don't touch the fire.
    tunnel passage (トンネル通過) -- Occurs only in Riot Train. All 4 players run along the top of a speeding locomotive. Press up to move forward and down to duck below swinging overpasses. Press the A button to jump between carts. Keep moving, because if you fall too far behind, you're dropped from the running.
    neighbor Ring (隣のリング) -- Occurs only in Riot Train. A train loaded with Force Jewels and big sacks of Rings passes next to the player wagon. Each item sits atop one of 8 crates corresponding to the 4 cardinal directions on the control stick and the 4 action buttons: tap a direction or action button to lasso the treasure in question.
    deep space (宇宙の彼方へ) -- Occurs only in Fourth Dimension Space. All 4 players dash along a morphing grid of platforms that disappear at random. A trap door in the center of each square on the grid spouts Rings, flames, or an occasional Force Jewel.

    stage clear -- These Accidents occur at the end of each stage. All are 4 vs 4.
    Sonic Surfing (ソニックサーフィン) -- Occurs at the end of Emerald Coast. The glacier has melted, but the resulting tidal wave threatens to sweep our heroes to a watery grave unless they can outsurf the giant breaker. Ride up the side of the curl to gain speed, but get too close to the edge and you'll take a dunk and be pushed to last place.
    Sky Diving (スカイダイビング) -- Occurs at the end of Fire Bird. The phoenix has been freed from its mechanical shell, leaving all 4 players to plummet with the discarded ruins of the airship. Free-fall through whirlwinds for a burst of speed, but avoid clouds which slow you down. Press up to gain speed and left or right to move around.
    earthquake (割れる大地) -- Occurs at the end of Nature Zone. Void's dubious landscaping has released its grip on the forest, but the energy release has triggered a massive earthquake that threatens to swallow our heroes alive. All 4 players run from the fissure along a forest path: dodge oncoming trees and jump over oncoming rocks. Smack into an obstacle and you'll be sent to last place.
    stop the uncontrollable train (暴走列車を止めろ) -- Occurs at the end of Riot Train. The raging locomotive has stopped, but the momentum is about to send it flying over the edge of a cliff. All 4 players stand in front of the speeding monster and attempt to build traction by pushing the train back: rapidly tap whichever action button is displayed in front of the train (A or B). Perform well and you're rewarded with Rings; hit the wrong button and you're penalized with Ring loss.
    Void Battle (ヴォイドバトル) -- Occurs at the end of Fourth Dimension Space. Void has transformed into a bizarre golem for the final confrontation. He plods around the arena, occasionally sweeping the ground with a shockwave attack. After a while he'll strafe the ground with a blue laser beam: anyone standing in the beam's path will have their Rings syphoned one-by-one. Crumbling chunks of temple fall at random onto the floor and are difficult to avoid. Dodge the obstacles and leap onto shining buttons to send a big ol' chunk of wall flying straight into Void's pointy noggin. Once Void's been thwacked upside the head 11 times, all 4 players run up to the giant button in the middle of the arena to land the final blow. The winner is whoever has the most Rings at the end of the battle, usually (but not invariably) the person who pressed the most buttons.

       Versus mode is identical to story mode sans the sparse cutscenes. Players can choose any board (regardless of whether or not it's been accessed in the scenario game) and may select from an extended roster of characters. When 2 players land on the same square, they enter a Duel: the dueling characters race to flip hidden cards to amass Rings. The two neutral players may sabotage the combatants by shuffling said cards. The loser misses out on his/her next turn. (Note that Rings amassed in versus games are not saved to the Sonic Room tally.)

       From the main menu players may access the Sonic Room, a trophy shelf of achievements where any previously accessed minigame may be sampled at will. Rings amassed in the story mode can be used to purchase images and special features (such as hidden characters) in the Sonic Gallery photo album. Other goodies include a sound test and language option to toggle between English and Chinese board graphics (dialogue and subtitles cannot be changed).

    :: Lost in Translation ::
       Like most games in the series, Sonic Shuffle was released first in the US and then in Japan about a month later. There is no difference between versions except dialogue and subtitles. (Unlike the Sonic Adventure games, there is no language option.)
    :: Codes ::
    NiGHTS cameo: This trick only works with completed save data. Set the Dreamcast's internal clock to December 24 and NiGHTS will replace Lumina as your host.

    PC goodies: Pop the game disc into a PC CD drive to access bitmap wallpapers adequate for sprucing up a dreary Windows desktop.

    :: Behind the Screens ::
       Originally revealed in summer 2000 under the working title "Sonic Square", Shuffle was designed to support full-blown online play, which would have been a major selling point and separated it from other party games available at the time (namely Nintendo's insanely popular Mario Party series). The man placed in charge of the project was Shuji Utsumi, former SCEA licensing manager and remnant of Sega America's controversial Stolar administration. Sonic Team input was restricted to light supervision by Sonic Adventure scenario writer Akinori Nishiyama and character designer Yuji Uekawa - root development was handled by an unknown (probably internal) studio. Unfortunately, as the release date drew near, all online functionality was dropped from the title, leaving a clunky cut-and-paste party game with no distinguishing features other than its abhorrent load times.
    :: Miscellanea ::
    • Amy's voice is provided by actress Emi Motoi rather than cast regular Taeko Kawata. The reason for the temporary swap remains a mystery.
    • Issue #92 (January 2001) of the Archie comic book features a back story loosely based on Sonic Shuffle.

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