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    Title (Japan)
       Sega AM1
       Sega System C-2 (arcade)

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       February, 1992

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    Sega C-2 (arcade)
       Wakuwaku Sonic Patrol Car

    :: Wakuwaku Sonic Patrol Car ::
    Last update: 04/27/06

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    :: Gameplay Info ::
       Among the peculiarly Japanese arcade wonders issued by Sega to stock its amusement centers in the early 90's was a series of children's ride-on machines, most based around simple driving or flying minigames. The early crop carried the "Wakuwaku" label and was developed on Sega's C-2 board (which was based on Mega Drive hardware). Among the titles in this series was Sonic's own Wakuwaku Sonic Patokaa (literally, "exciting Sonic patrol car"). Note that the following information is all second-hand. If you have any additional information to provide, or notice any errors, please do
    alert me.

       Officer Sonic's sole duty is to patrol the streets in his colorful cruiser and make sure that the civilians are all playing nice. The game is played from an overhead perspective as Sonic drives his squad car northward on an ever-scrolling city street backdrop. Sprites are large and kid-friendly. The steering wheel on the cabinet's dashboard controls the car's movement left and right while a nearby action button prompts Sonic to leap out of his vehicle with a spin attack (he plops right back into the driver's seat upon landing).

       As Sonic goes about his business preserving law and order in a town that seems to be very law-abiding and orderly, he notices a familiar rotund figure in a vehicle of his own. The genius scientist Dr. Eggman appears to be summarily pushing other cars off the road. Well, world domination is one thing, but petty vandalism is just plain unacceptable. Sonic flicks on the siren and gives chase. Hit the attack button to leap out of the car and give ol' Eggbelly what for while steering to avoid the bombs he's so considerately dropping onto the road. The chase ends after a couple of minutes, regardless of whether or not you were able to defeat Eggman. Sonic pulls into another police station (I guess his shift was up) and wishes the player a farewell.

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