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    Title (Japan)
       Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter
       Sega AM1
       Sega System C-2 (arcade)

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    Sega C-2 (arcade)
       Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter

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    Last update: 04/27/06

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    :: Gameplay Info ::
       This simple top-down shooter lures hapless young children (and an occasional full-grown fanboy) into its clutches with a flashy sit-in cabinet and bright colors. Unsuspecting parents (including those of the fanboys), assuming their children are safe in this Sonic-branded arcade deathtrap, are shocked when they return to the machine to discover that their offspring have been spirited away into the black abyss of eternity.

       Note that I've never had the opportunity to lay hands on this obscure coin-op terror, so most of this information is second-hand. The player controls Sonic as he chases Eggman through the stars in a red spaceship. A flight stick on the left side of the control panel maneuvers the shuttle in any of the four cardinal directions, while firing and weapon toggling are handled by a pair of adjacent action buttons. A lever on the right side of the terminal can be used for a burst of speed, which also tilts the entire cabinet for some added immersion. At the end of each stage, Sonic must defeat Eggman in a giant boss ship. Succeed and a new weapon of celestial destruction will be added to your arsenal.

       The game itself was developed by AM1 (Sega Wow) while the cabinet was designed by Sega Mechatro. Any further information on this obscure corner of Sonic lore would be greatly appreciated. Please help to fill in the blanks.

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