Shadow the Fighters

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Shadow the Fighters

Post by big_smile »

Shadow the Fighters
:FJ: Shadow battles at Japanese Pancrase tourtnament

Pancrase is a sporting activity that combines the best techniques of various fighting arts, such as wrestling, judo, boxing, sambo, karate, kempo, jiu-jitsu, and Thai boxing. The Japanese Pancration organisation was established in 1993 and holds annual tournaments that invite combatants from all over the world to prove their skills. Sega Sammy sponsored the 2005 tournament, which was held on November 4th, and Shadow the Hedgehog was present to host the event and battle with the contestants.

Watch Impress have these pictures:
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
^ Apparently, the name of the sport derives from an ancient Greek competition known as the Pancration.

^ It’s only a matter of time before Sega release Shadow & Nakakles as a sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog

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Post by Brazillian Cara »

Where is my comical inspiration when it is most required?!

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Post by Segaholic2 »

Hah, those wrestling shots are hilarious.

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Post by Nova »

Uh oh...Shadow is the new Sega mascot!, sorry Sonic you are Daffy Duck now.

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Post by The Doc »

If it wasn't for the Eddie Guerrero death over last weekend, I'd be interested in this a little more, being a wrestling fan and all.

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Post by Double-S- »

I saw a stellar memorial picture for that guy that involved the word gringo.

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Post by Wooduck51 »

That is disturbing, yet thoroughly entertaining...

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Post by Zaranth »

Did the dude in the Shadow costume actually fight or was he just standing around? 'Cus if he did actually fight and beat someone, I would consider it extremely hilarious. No man could live that down.

"Yeah, I was in this big tournemant and got my ass whupped by a guy in a hedgehog suit."

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Post by Kishi »

They should have rigged Shadow's opponent up with wires and staged some KAOSU KONTORORU

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