You can stop holding your breath

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Heh, many thanks for your welcoming. I'm more of a reader than a poster though, so I'll leave that to you lot, unless I actually have something worth noting. It's all relative.

So I made some quick runs through Sonic 1 (SMS), and it turns out the Special Stages really do influence the "Special Bonus" you get in the end, regardless of how many Emeralds you have. I got 0 points when I went through no Special Stages in my first run, but then I got 50 000 on my second one, when I went through 1 Special Stage.

However, I'm almost sure I got 150 000 once, when I went through 4 or 5 of the Special Stages, so I am absolutely stumped as to how the score in the "Special Bonus" works, seeing as 4/5 times 50 000 would give you a much larger bonus.

In conclusion: The "Special Bonus" is related to how many Special Stages you've attended to throughout the course of the game. How many points you're awarded for each... that I am uncertain of, and I'd rather not give an exact value until someone is sure.

Here we are- 50 000 points with 1 Special Stage visited.

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Re: You can stop holding your breath

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I guess one of us is eventually going to have to give that dude a hand-job or something. What about the mobile version of Sonic 2? I know that one has Special Stages, at least.

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