OK K.O!/Sonic crossover

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OK K.O!/Sonic crossover

Post by Gaz »

Clip here

I don't really know if this is worth a thread and I've never even seen this show before(I've vaguely heard of it but never watched it). The show has also apparently done crossovers with Scooby-Doo and(rather oddly) Captain Planet. The clip seemed amusing enough and they put in a lot of Sonic references in that short time but I can't say it particularly makes me want to check it out or anything.

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Re: OK K.O!/Sonic crossover

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It's a fun show, though I'm only a few episodes into it. There's definitely a lot of Sonic in its DNA - the villain voiced by Jim Cummings is more or less Eggman. The creator of the show, Ian Jones-Quartey, used to post on Sonic HQ back in the day.

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Re: OK K.O!/Sonic crossover

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Cartoons suck.

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Re: OK K.O!/Sonic crossover

Post by Locit »

I watched it. It was fun. There's a lot of AoStH in that there cartoon.

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