Megaman 11

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Megaman 11

Post by Malchik »

This video flares up my PTSD caused by Sonic 4.

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Majestic Joey
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Re: Megaman 11

Post by Majestic Joey »

yeah. I don't get the appeal of 2.5d platformers with that weird sonic 4, shiny, plastic looking, graphics. To be honest I not a fan of how Sonic 2 Hd looks either. I truly believe the sprite art of Sonic Mania looks and reads better than Sonic 2 Hd.

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Re: Megaman 11

Post by Crazy Penguin »

You guys are nuts! The difference between this and Sonic 4 is night and day. I just watched footage of Sonic 4: Episode I for comparison and it's more horrid than I remembered it being. Really muddy and de-saturated, a harsh contrast with the already inherently ugly plastic sheen applied to every asset.

I generally prefer sprite based graphics for 2D games (Mega Man 8 remains an attractive game to this day), but I kind of dig what they're doing with Mega Man 11. The soft colours, whilst not exactly flat, give off a nice cartoon-like vibe. I like that they've not gone crazy with the perspective either, that the platforms and foreground elements remain at a fixed "flat" perspective, which is much preferable to the approach Powered Up took. The backgrounds look nice too!

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Re: Megaman 11

Post by Dr. BUGMAN » ... 11/.137583

Apparently it's above decent. The major criticism is the lack of parsability at times, particularly during robot master encounters. I'm inclined to believe that would've been a non-issue had it been true 2D, like Wario Shake was almost exactly a decade ago.

The Double Gear system is intriguing, especially the one that evokes Viewtiful Joe's slow down power. There's no mention of any wall jump feature, which I thought I saw in some of the previews? In any case, consolidating the best bits of all Mega Men under one banner at this point would be wise; there's only so much one public can be asked to care about, and funds can only be allocated to so many modern-sensible titles. Moreover, a premise that sees Mega Man visit the times and continuities of other Mega Men, and thereby provide closure to their respective loose ends, would be neat.

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Re: Megaman 11

Post by Jingles »

I've got the game and worked my way through half of the Robot Masters at this point. I've enjoyed it so far, but the closest game I can compare it to is Mega Man 4 - my least favourite of the NES games - which means loads of minibosses, long-ass stages, and brutal, occasionally unfair enemy placement. The Double Gear system is exactly as gimmicky as you think it is, and there have been more than a few points where you can tell they REALLY wanted the player to use it - every level now incorporates timing challenges for the Speed Gear, and the Power Gear is nearly a requirement for taking out some of the minibosses without grinding the flow to a halt.

That said! All the weapons are fun to use, and have interesting "powered-up" variations. The character design is terrific, striking a healthy balance between 7 and 8. Meggle's movement is tight and precise, and the upgrades you can buy are useful and varied. I'm not crazy about how each Robot Master now has an X2-style "pinch" phase - especially since some of them gain additional health bars when then use it, but the fights are interesting and unique. The music sucks, sadly, but I have not listened to the arranged tracks that I got as a preorder bonus, so we'll see if they hold up when they don't sound like an 11-year-old's first project in Garageband.

I can't give any conclusive verdict as of yet, but right now it's a cautious recommendation - I doubt this will convert any newbies to the series, but if you're already a fan then it is Another Good Mega Man Game!

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