The death of Doctor Eggman

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The death of Doctor Eggman

Post by Tsuyoshi-kun »

Chikao Otsuka, the voice of Dr. Eggman in the Japanese Sonic franchise since 1998, passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

His death is confirmed on the front page of Aoni Production, the voice casting company Ohtsuka worked at:

Whoever replaces him has some damn big shoes to fill.

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Re: The death of Doctor Eggman

Post by Jingles »

Who cares about Eggman?! This guy voiced Joseph friggin' Joestar!

That being said, RIP. May his YOSH never leave your mind.

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Re: The death of Doctor Eggman

Post by Radrappy »

Now that's a damn shame. I know Sonic X was nothing to write home about but I have many a fond memory of this man's excellent take on the character. He was threatening when he had to be, and soft when the moment called for it. I truly believed he would never kill Sonic if actually put to the test.

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Re: The death of Doctor Eggman

Post by Wombatwarlord777 »

Man, this stinks. Otsuka's take on Eggman, especially in Sonic X, had a certain charming sliminess to it, like you were getting worked over by a really persuasive used-car salesman. It was really unique and perfect for an engineer who judged himself worthy of ruling the entire world.

Rest in peace, man.

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