Fan making Shenmue HD

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Fan making Shenmue HD

Post by big_smile » ... 1623064053

^ Talk about dedication! A Korean fan NoconKid, is retexturing Shenmue in HD. He's initial efforts have been posted in the kotaku article and it looks beautiful. It's not clear if he has found away to texture the existing models or is rebuilding everything from scratch. Either way, it'll probably take a long time to complete it. Hopefully, he'll be able to complete it.

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Re: Fan making Shenmue HD

Post by Neo »

big_smile wrote:Hopefully, he'll be able to complete it.

Also, a poly'd up 3D scene with animation is not a video game. Also, it looks kind of lousy. Also, Kotaku.

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Re: Fan making Shenmue HD

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These things have a...nasty tendency to be hit with C&D orders by the companies who own said properties. See: the Metal Gear MSX fan-remake featuring David Hayter.

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Re: Fan making Shenmue HD

Post by Jingles »

Yuck, looks like Borderlands. I always thought the way that Shenmue on Dreamcast looked technically was part of the charm. It's a nice reminder of both the early 128-bit era and pre-millennial Japan.

Also, Kotaku.

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