Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog moments of all-time.

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Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog moments of all-time.

Post by cjmcray »

-Outrunning the truck in SA2

-Meeting Knuckles in Lava Reef, and the boss that follows

-Death Egg Zone, Sonic 2. The ending that follows

-Final Zone, Sonic 1. I felt so proud having beaten the game myself. (I was 6 or 7)

-Green Hill Zone (It's how I first met Sonic, and the graphics just made my jaw drop. Stuff you'd never see on the Nintendo.

-Chemical Plant Zone. The music & the graphics were excellent.

-Sky Chase Zone

-Mushroom Hill boss

-Death Egg (S&K) boss

-Sonic VS E-102 cutscene in SA1

-cutscene of Eggman infiltrating GUN's base, and the cutscene after of Shadow being freed (SA2

-cutscene of Sonic in the capsule (SA2)

-Finalhazard boss (SA2)

-Sonic Adventure intro

-Sonic CD intro

-Shadow the Hedgehog intro

-Sonic Shuffle intro

-Sonic Quest mini-series (Archie)

-Tails mini-series (Archie)

-Sonic issue #25 (Archie)

-Sonic Triple Trouble (Archie)

-Sonic SatAM's intro (Can't say the same about the actual show)

-AoSTH episode of when Sonic met Tails

-AoSTH "Best hedgehog" first episode I watched of the series.

-AoSTH forgot the episode title, but Taisl had to rescue Sonic.

-AoSTH Chaos Emerald saga

-AoSTH "Lovesick Sonic"

-Team Dark's intro (Heroes)

-Final Fortress Zone (Heroes)

-Spring Yard Zone (Sonic 1)

-Star Light Zone (Sonic 1)

-Sonic losing to Jet in Dusty Desert(?) (Riders)

-Cutscene of Sonic facing off with Jet as he chases Eggman (Riders)

-Heroes ending in Sonic Riders

-The soda minigame in Shuffle

-The guitar minigame in Shuffle

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Post by JessicaPadkin »

- The erotic Eggman tree-shaking in SA2.

- The Sonic shower scene in Sonic Adventure.

- When Sonic and Shadow transform at the end of SA2, and it looks a bit like they're wanking maybe.

...But seriously folks,

- Chemical Plant Zone - best Sonic level, ever.

- When Robotnik bursts through the floor throughout Marble Garden Zone Act 2.

- Spring Yard, Metropolis, Death Egg (S&K), Launch Base, Ice Cap, Hydrocity and Lava Reef Zones.

- During Amy's game in SA, when you see Zero on the giant TV screen for a second before he smashes straight through it. Awesome.

- The last boss in Sonic 2. It scared the crap out of me back when I was 11.

- Hearing questions about Sonic on The Weakest Link/Fifteen to One...

- The awesome bonus stages in Sonic Spinball.

- That one page in STC where Robotnik is rapidly changing reality to try and rattle Sonic.

- Most of the serialised Nigel Kitching Sonic stories in STC.

- The whole of 'Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension', especially the bit where Sonic tells Tails that they've got to try and get Robotnik back. Fucking epic.

- ... All of the other Martin Adams books. Seriously, I love 'em!

- The Robotnik statue in Sonic Heroes that turns upside down to become a statue of Metal Sonic.

- Issue 25 and the 'Mecha Madness' stories in the Archie comic.

- Definitely the Sonic CD opening sequence.

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Post by Wooduck51 »

Sonic CD intro

The scene of Shadow telling S&K He'll handle the Biolizard

Shadow the hedgehog intro (if the game was like it would have been killer)

Knuckles waving Sonic and Tails on in Sky sanctuary

cutscene of Eggman infiltrating GUN's base, and the cutscene after of Shadow being freed (SA2

Sonic and shadow bantering about killing each other

Sonic CD ending (both)

Metal Sonic proclaiming himself master of the world and blowing up the tower

Shadow wondering if Solaris will be a fair fight

Beating Sonic 1 with all chaos emeralds after many years of stress.

And to many more than I can be bothered to list.

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Post by Dasher »

My favorite is Sonic vs Metal in Sonic CD japanese good future and when you race the bad future song plays regardless.

thats thats coolest moment in my book, im glad I bought CD japanese and thank goodness for GENS. I would like a MegaCD though.

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Post by Yami CJMErl »

> Sonic CD intro FMV

> transformation cutscene before Perfect Chaos in SADX

> FinalHazard boss battle

> Neo Metal Sonic's transformation

> Super Sonic & Dr. Eggman vs Gemel

> Sonic Adventure opening FMV (before the title screen)

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Post by Rob-Bert »

-When Sonic leaves after letting the game sit for three minutes in Sonic CD.

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Post by Oompa Star »

-Meeting Knuckles in Lava Reef and the boss that followed.

-The cutscene at the end of Lost World. (Sonic's Adventure)

-E-102's "death" at the end of his adventure in SA1.

-Being able to play Sonic CD for the first time. (It was a big deal for me)

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Post by Xigz »

-Knuckles in Lava Reef.

-Almost all of the transitions between Zones in S&K and StH3.

-The Good ending in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

-Being about to play as the Chaotix gang in Sonic Heroes.

-E-102's ending.

-Finding out how to beat the boss in Sonic 2. (It was my first venture into gaming, and I didn't know anything.)

-Finally beating Wacky Workbench.

-The ninth level in Sonic CD's Past. (I forgot the name)

-Running up the wall that turned you so you faced down on Sonic in Sonic CD

-Getting all the emblems in SA2 and finally getting to Green Hill Zone in 3d

-The Music in S&K

-The Music in Sonic CD

-All of the insane rails in Rail Conyon in Sonic Heroes.
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Post by Shadow Hog »

Look out, you're going to crash. Aaaah.

Also, playing <i>Sonic CD</i> with the Japanese soundtrack was nice.

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Post by Locit »

Shadow Hog wrote:Also, playing <i>Sonic CD</i> with the Japanese soundtrack was nice.
Still haven't done that. I bet it is nice.

I have a lot, but walking by an EBX (basically EB games but closed now) and seeing a little TV playing a Japanese copy of Sonic Adventure in the back of the store a few months before the Dreamcast launch has to be one of the best. I went in and played through Emerald Coast and was just blown away. It was Sonic, and he was in 3D. I got so pumped for the American release in those five minutes it was hard to believe.

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Post by DBurraki »

- E-102's story in SA. All of it. It was love.

- "I AM AN EGGMAN ROBOT. THIS IS WHO I AM." Bad game, stupidly funny 'ending'.

- Mecha Madness Special (Archie)

- Most of the Knuckles stories in Fleetway. They actually made me like Knuckles as a character.

- That little Sonic cartoon from Sonic Jam- "Man of the Year"? Yeah that

- Sonic Ova. The whole thing.

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Post by Looshi »

-Green Hill Act 1
-Starlight Zone
-Sky Chase
-Sonic CD Intro
-Stardust Speedway
-Running On Water
-Ice Cap Snowboarding
-Hidden Palace/Sky Sanctuary
-Sonic's Opening Scene in Sonic Adventure
-Speed Highway Corkscrew
-Speed Highway Skyscraper Drop
-Death of E-102
-Supersonic vs Perfect Chaos
-Sonic Jumping from Gun Helicopter
-SatAM Theme
-Sonic X Episode 1
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Post by Ritz »

- Metal Sonic hunting you down when you stood still for too long in Chaotix.

- Shadow killing Eggman with a karate chop to the face.

- Sonic 3D Blast's final boss (The Saturn version in particular).

- Seeing Hidden Palace for the first time in S2.

- Running down the side of a building in Speed Highway.

- Shadow killing Eggman with a karate chop to the face.

- The whole of Sky Sanctuary.

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Post by FlashTHD »

The first time I played the SA1 demo in full back in early '99 was great, not just because I was wowed by it for about the same reasons as Locit, but because as I was playing it, there was a big crowd lining up behind/around me to watch. I recall kicking ass at this game already - I cruised through Emerald Coast at a decent clip without any real problems until the second half - so either they gathered 'round to see me put on a show, or this game was a serious crowd magnet in motion, or both.

The funniest part was when I hit the whale chase, and some lady piped up and said "I thought whales were friendly!"

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Post by Brazillian Cara »

Many of those mentioned moments count in my book, plus:

-Sonic 1 (Master System) ending
-Angel Island boss (S3)
-Running over the water in Hydrocity
-Most of the Chaotix in Sonic Heroes (specially the ending)
-Cosmic Wall
-Biolizard fight
-Entering the final battle in Heroes and getting a surprise BGM (What I'm Made Of) instead of the main theme
-And this was mentioned 5+ times already, but the FinalHazard battle was pure glory.

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Post by Radrappy »

when I also saw that japanese SA setup at my local EB games I was completely blown away by the scene where sonic and knuckles are about to fight. I couldn't the level of communication between the characters in terms of expressions and body language. It was my favorite characters coming to life. Also I loved the shockwave effect they gave knuckles' punches. Don't even get me started on the actual gameplay footage.

Also I was 11 or something like that.

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Post by cjmcray »

My local EB Games had a setup of SA1 (japanese) too. I think every store might've had one. I remember actually being frightened by Eggman's in-game model. he looked darn creepy.

I guess i'll contribute some more stuff..

-The owl from the OVA, the "Look-Alike" theme, Knuckles' hat catching fire. I'm so mad I sold my DVD of it. I expected I could just buy it again sometime off the internet, and now I see it's out of print, and going for $50+ used. URRRGH. (incidentally, anyone got a english/japanese copy they may wanna sell me for $20-$30? eh? eh?)

-Riding Tails in the Marble Garden boss

-the Sonic chapter book that came out before the ABC series in '93. I read that thing over and over.

-Sonic Happy Meal toys

-Sonic issue 19 (Archie) and that panel of a million different Sonic's (Chef, Pirate, Hulk, Doctor, Astronaut, Cowboy) sitting in an audience. And the last panel of the million Sonic's all taking down a giant robot.

-Sonic dancing on Missle Wrist's.. uh, wrists. (SX, episode 3)

-Sonic fighting off the laser cameras (SX, episode 2)

-Sonic watching TV, eating some chips. idk why, but the idea of Sonic as a couch potato cracks me up. Also, the scene where Chuck sticks a screwdriver up his butt. And when Chris feeds him cat food. (again, SX, episode 2)

-Sonic X, episode 9

-The episode of Sonic X, where Sonic takes Chris' wheelchair friend out to an island.

Also, this.
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Post by Shadow Hog »

I suppose, then, that it goes without saying that, no matter HOW poorly the game aged, <i>Sonic Adventure</i> REALLY kicked ass back when it first came out. Or that we were too young and naive to notice otherwise.

Honestly, I just want another game like that, but with the flaws addressed. Ignoring that Sonic's storyline utterly sucked because of the sappy love story and that, for the most part, the game did too, <i>Sonic 2K6</i> at least TRIED to head in that direction. The story even seemed somewhat passable (with the aforementioned caveat and that the Last Story's setup begs the question: if Mephiles could kill Sonic so easily the whole time, why the hell did he get Silver involved?).

But then, that's not what this topic is for, I suppose...

Here's one. I read in my manual that there exists a mythical zone, "The Doomsday Zone", that try as I might I have never once seen in my life. So, casually, many years later I decide to beat Death Egg Zone as Super Sonic (because I sucked enough at the time that beating that giant mech boss as vanilla Sonic, particularly with few rings, would be impossible, and that otherwise I hadn't actually <i>beaten the game as Sonic</i> yet). I succeed... and <i>then there's <b>another</b> zone right after it which totally kicked ass</i>. Shame they then took that and ran it into the ground with every subsequent installment, though...

I also remember having some kind of dream where Knuckles' version of Lava Reef Zone Act 2 ended with a fight with some giant robotic creature, somewhat reminiscent of "The Glitch" from <i>Garfield: Caught in the Act</i>, although I inexplicably keep comparing the creature with a chicken. Also the area you fought him in was littered with spiky stars like Knuckles' path in Ice Cap Zone Act 1, and for some reason Knuckles was flying around in his ball form as if he was in the tubes from Death Egg Zone, only he <i>wasn't</i> in the tubes and you could control his movement via a control scheme very similar to <i>NiGHTS</i>, sans paralooping. At the time I considered it a nightmare. Now... just <i>psychedelic</i>. Also, I suppose it doesn't count since it didn't actually HAPPEN, but Christ, I remember it half-lucidly, so I argue otherwise!

I don't remember if I had completed Lava Reef 2 with Knux at the point I had the dream, but admit it, it'd make for one helluva better conclusion than the existing "just walk of the edge of the screen" one.

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Post by Opa-Opa »

Hmm. Some of the above are really nice. Except the whole AoSTH nonsense.

- The first looping
- Star Light Zone
- Up, C, Down, C, Left, C, Right, A + Start (that is how I memorized "left" and "right" as a kid, and whoever doesn't know what that means go to sleep because it's probably past your bedtime)
- Tails
- Multiplayer
- Super
- Time travel
- Knuckles' entrance
- Magnet barrier
- Lock-on
- Hyper
- The SA1 demo that came with the Dreamcast. I played that a hundred times.
- The Floating Island fall FMV
- Knuckles' story
- Metal Sonic in the green tube
- The SA2 demo that came with PSO.
- Metal Sonic's T-1000 thing

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Post by Frieza2000 »

-Hitting so many dash pads in Chemical Plant that Sonic outran the screen. It was at this moment that I realized how awesome the game was.

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Post by Psxphile »

Hmm, most of <i>Sonic 3</i> was pretty damn epic. Ultimately refined gameplay, toe-tapping background music, the occasional riff with the new rival (back when Sonic having a flesh and blood rival that could go toe-to-toe with him was <i>fresh</i>), discovering hidden routes and rooms you can't <i>believe</i> you missed, a different boss at the end of every act, new ways to use the standard shield power-up, an in-game plot that gradually revealed itself to you as you played (rather than hitting you over the head with it)... shit was EPIC. Would've been moreso if we had experienced it as it was meant to be experienced, in one huge gulp instead of two slightly smaller gulps months apart from each other.

Alternatively, viewing the intro for <i>Sonic Adventure</i> for the first time.

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Post by Senbei »

-SA2 in general.
-Reading the Archie comics as a kid. Right up to about the Sonic Adventure adaptation.
-Sonic CD animations and the OVA.
-Getting to play as Tails and Knuckles in S3&K.
-Realizing I preferred playing as Sonic rather than Tails or Knuckles.
-The Death Egg Zone in Sonic 2. Two bosses. No rings.
-Encountering the Angel Island mini-boss halfway through the first act and watching as he sets the whole fucking zone on fire. I miss having mini-bosses in games.

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Post by Xigz »

Well, is you used the lock-on feature, it was all one.
But those where my thoughts on that game exactly. I loved how Act 1 and Act 2 where different, not just a level layout change.

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Post by Locit »

Senbei wrote:-Encountering the Angel Island mini-boss halfway through the first act and watching as he sets the whole fucking zone on fire. I miss having mini-bosses in games.
Man, I loved that. It was a great way to throw a curve ball in what would've otherwise been a normal, plant-y first level for a Genesis Sonic game. It also helped show just how incredibly huge levels were- until a few years ago I'd never fully comprehended that what came after the mini-boss appearance was still part of act 1. When that hit me I really understood how epic the first stage of S3&K really was.

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Post by Shadow Hog »

Well, technically, as far as level-loading goes, the game officially stores that whole area as Act 2... even the part that is, for all intents and purposes, Act 1.

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