Sonic the Hedgehog 360 defecation station

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Post by Zeta »

Solaris is a gigantic crystalized dark phoenix with humanoid arms. Pretty cool in my opinion.

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Solaris reminds me of thw LoZ: Twilight Princess crest, minut the Triforce.

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Ngangbius wrote:Are you trying to say that it looks dumber than every Sonic final boss so far, because I have this design monstrosity that is known as Metal Overlord, I have to show you...
Not just that. Everything about that fight is the ultimate painful anticlimax. It eats dimensions for lunch! Wow! I'm sure that explains why it throws a grand total of TWO ATTACKS at you the entire time! Well, so did the Finalhazard, but that was under less pretentious circumstances. Solaris allegedly wanted to consume the universe, the Biolizard just wanted to destroy the world. There is nothing threatening nor cool nor enjoyable about Solaris. To top it off, it all occurs amidst a bland and virtually featureless backdrop.

I mean, christ. Any other boss battle in the game is more epic than Solaris. Iblis is a humongous, destructive, angry lava monster that can lift buildings up and throw meteors at you. Mephiles is one of the cooler and more sinister villans the series has seen in a while, and he has all manner of cool stunts up his sleeve. Combine the two and you get the least creative and most simplistic boss in the game? Funny thing is, I would have forgiven the first form if they had tried harder with the second.

There are many things that can Sega get away with introducing into this series that don't bother me. Cream the Rabbit and dumbing the final bosses down so far they push the limit of stupidity aren't in that lot. In short, after playing through End Of The World (getting a Game Over three times in the process), Solaris was like someone spitting in my eyes and kicking me while i'm down.
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Post by SegaSonic »

So is the PS3 version still as crappy as the 360 ver? the japanese PS3 version is already out and...

Someone who's selling the game at auction told me the game can be played Japanese audio with English text unlike the 360 ver.

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Post by WW »

If it means you'll shut up about the god damn voice acting, then for fuck's sake, buy it.

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I don't think his mom would buy something that expensive though.

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Post by SegaSonic »

Nah, I have the PS3 already in the just waiting to see if the PS3 Sonic is better in the American ver.

Sonic Megamix is turning out great! ... 2/S1MM.gif

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Post by Wooduck51 »

I must admit that the throwing of crates and rocks seen every where else throughout the game was kind of disappointing.

Shadow totally agrees with flash though, as a few minutes into the fight he scoffs in Solaris's face.

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Post by Spazz »

I didn't bother reading through every page in this thread to see if this has been mentioned, but <a href="">I found something interesting while fooling with Sonic's abilities.</a> This can enable you to beat parts of the game so cheaply.

Also, I found Blaze to be the only character somewhat fun to play as.

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Post by NEG »

Hello! (friend of Frieza's)

This statement from a few pages back:

I challenge anyone to find a single human being who's not played Sonic games before, but can still manage to get through the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog without getting a game over.

So true. So every true. For a moment I was questioning my sonic gaming skills. Being a sonic fan since the start, it was unbelievable how horrible that first level was.
As much as I like the game for its own little merits, I couldn't help feel sorry for the "new" sonic fans. Are 8 year olds going to bother with a game with a first level like that? With the 30sec load times? With the loose controls? Even my dad said "It seems as if they're purposely trying to kill the franchise, still, better then the last one (heroes).

It is a true thought however that if this game had better loading, less glitches and the side-charecters felt less loose, this is right up there with SA/2.

Loved most of the music. Loved the plot. Loved some of the later sonic levels. Oh, and I'd definetly buy a Silver The Hedgehog game, enjoyed his levels.

It seems to me alot of effort was put in at first, just rushed in after the game was 40% of the way done. In no way does this game be needed to have been titled Sonic The Hedgehog. This is NOT what you represent as a remake/re-imagining of the franchise, Sega.

Wouldn't have minded it being called SA3 though.

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FlashTHD wrote:So you can look at this "interdimensional moose bird"
I'll generate the PHOTON BLAST! >Everybody

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