Full Metal Sonic

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Dr. Watson
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Full Metal Sonic

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I'm well aware that most members on this board are certainly not the kind of Sonic fans that appreciate the Sonic fan community in general and the various flash movies and other tributes to the games that have been made over the years.

But still, i think some of you might enjoy this nice little Sonic/Fullmetal Alchemist flash i stumbled upon today during my daily NG visit. It's really nothing more than the Fullmetal Alchemist opening movie with the characters replaced by the Sonic cast, but it works well and is actually pretty stylish looking:


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Neo Yi
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The characters themselves are animated seemingly well, but not as well animated as the background, which seems to be the only thing I really like in an artistic level.

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Post by Ngangbius »

Like I said on another board, Shmorky's Sonic cartoons blows this away.

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Post by Nova »

Ok, I wont buy the game.

Do the video, dude!

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Shit Twizzler
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