Eggman works for Nissan

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Eggman works for Nissan

Post by Zeta »

A real life Eggmobile.

And it's even named the pIVO.

I want it so bad. Then I can run down forest animals while chuckling wildly.

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Light Speed
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Post by Light Speed »

Too bad it's ugly as all hell.

Oh and if I was running down forest animals I'd like to think I'd cackle manically.

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Post by Ngangbius »

Actually, it sort of reminds me of this:


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Post by Senbei »

It looks more like the cars in Doug, especially with the "Around View technology."

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Neo Yi
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Post by Neo Yi »

So, does the horn play "La Cucaracha?"

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Post by Samface »

You cannot say a car with a big "+" on its accelerator and a big "-" on its brake is anything other than pure, undiluted awesome.

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Post by Ecco »

This reminds me of an interesting fact. There is an actual It's apparently an online electronics distributor that I think is based in Canada. Good to know that the doc has found some honest work outside of the games. This also explains where he gets the money he needs to build all of his crazy contraptions.

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Post by Nova »

Everything a man can imagine, another man can make it real. Yeah, even the stupid things…or something like that.

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