Ultra super mega awesome...

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Ultra super mega awesome...

Post by Locit »

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Post by Ritz »

Wow, I haven't read that comic in ages. It's like, sex on a bun.

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Post by Omni Hunter »

Heheh... bone.
I've never heard of any of this, could someone enlighten me?

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Post by Kishi »

Bone is a (cult?) classic comic book that is very enjoyable.

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Post by Grant »

Described by creator Jeff Smith, BONE is "a mix between Bugs Bunny and Lord of the Rings."

Pick up the one volume edition either online or in bookstores. It's excellent, my friend.

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Post by Opa-Opa »

Bone! Man, this game has at least half as good as the comics!
I haven't played a decent point and click adventure game since Monkey Island 3! And the PC version of Spider Man 2 doesn't count (even if it did, it sucked).

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